Gregory W. Lester – Personality Disorders Certification Training
  • Gregory W. Lester – Personality Disorders Certification Training

Gregory W. Lester – Personality Disorders Certification Training


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Gregory W. Lester – Personality Disorders Certification Training

The most difficult population in mental health…

The manipulative and possibly violent clients with Antisocial Personality Disorder

Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder who are out of control, have explosive emotionsself-harm tendencies, and cravings for chaos

The perfectionist clients with Narcissistic Personality Disorder who are quick to blame and combative to overpower you in session

Clients with Histrionic Personality Disorders whose intense emotions and need for attention test your patience and compassion.

Traditional psychotherapies and medications don’t work for these clients, and they can leave you feeling frustrated, trapped, and even wishing you’d picked a different profession all together!

But I have good news — after 50 years of intensive global research, we now have proven, empirically validated models to effectively treat personality disorders.

Now, in this online certification course, I’ll provide you with a step-by-step plan that’s proven to help you accurately diagnose and successfully treat all 10 personality disorders.

Uncomplicated and easy to understand, my structured training will tell you exactly what to say and what to do when treating the disorders — so you can quickly master the skills you need to improve your clinical outcomes.

You’ll end this course with everything you need to become a Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Provider (C-PD).

So join me today to advance your career, gain new understanding, and acquire the most powerful interventions for the management and treatment of your difficult and frustrating cases.

Designed for practitioners who know very little about the phenomenon, as well as those with highly developed assessment and intervention skills, expert trainer Dr. Gregory Lester uses passion, humor, and wisdom from his 38 years of treatment experience to make you an expert at working with personality disorders.

Using real-life case examples and easy-to-follow training sessions, you’ll not only learn the neurobiological, genetic, and developmental roots of personality disorders — you’ll discover how to successfully rewire a person’s sense of self so they can function more effectively and build better social connections.

1. Module One

Part I | Advanced Assessment & Treatment Effectiveness
Gain a foundational understanding of personality disorders — including the 10 types of personality disorders, the common behaviors associated with each disorder, and the underlying structure that makes them different than all other areas of therapy.
  • The Distinction “Personality Disorder”
    • Why traditional models of mental health don’t fit
    • What makes a personality disorder a chronic condition
    • Why personality disordered people think “it’s everybody else”
    • Why “normal” talking with personality disordered people is ineffective
  • The Effects of a Personality Disorder
    • How personality disordered people create difficulties for themselves and others
    • The difference in life patterns between “normal” and “disordered” personality
    • How to predict the behavior of individuals with personality disorders
    • The types of chaos created by Cluster A, B, and C personalities
Part II | Advanced Assessment & Treatment Effectiveness
Begin the step-by-step process of effective diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders. Dr. Lester will guide you to an in-depth understanding of the causes of personality disorders and teach you how to set effective treatment strategies and goals.
  • Assessment and Diagnosis of Personality Disorder
    • Why diagnosis is EVERYTHING in treatment of personality disorders
    • 5 steps to identify and diagnose a personality disorder
  • Why the Etiology of Personality Disorders Matters in Treatment
    • The single biggest mistake clinicians make regarding etiology
  • Treating vs. Managing Personality Disorders
    • Predicting “treatability” of a personality disordered client
    • How to choose an intervention approach
    • The structure that makes all interventions effective
    • Developing effective treatment goals for Cluster A, B, and C personalities

2. Module Two

Part I | Advanced Intervention Approaches in Action
Master the foundation for an effective and appropriate treatment plan by reviewing the benefits and risks from a variety of empirically validated approaches used to treat personality disorders. You’ll learn to identify the treatability level of your clients so you can properly match your intervention technique with their therapeutic goals.
  • Optimal functioning methods
    • Mentalization-Based Treatment
    • Transference-Focused Psychotherapy
    • Interpersonal Reconstructive Psychotherapy
    • Object Relations Developmental Psychotherapy
  • Adequate functioning methods
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    • Schema-Based Treatment
    • Personality-Guided Psychotherapy
  • Targeted behavior improvement methods
    • Tactical Therapy
    • Strategic Therapy
    • Structural Therapy
  • Limitations and risks of the psychotherapeutic approaches
Part II | Advanced Intervention Approaches in Action
Get step-by-step plans for effectively treating and managing personality disorders — including the three must-have interventions that all therapists need for working with this population. In this session, you’ll get access to…
  • 4-Step Approach to Effective Personality Disorder Treatment
  • 3-Step Approach to Effective Personality Disorder Management
  • 3 Must-Have Intervention Techniques for Personality Disorders

3. Module Three

Part I | Special Issues with Personality Disorders
Learn essential insight for working with comorbid conditions in all 10 types of personality disorders — including how to work with your client’s medications. Then Dr. Lester will prepare you with strategies to use when working with cases of self-harm and suicidality.
  • Interventions for Co-occurring Conditions
    • Typical co-occurring disorders for the 10 subtypes
    • Sequencing interventions for co-occurring conditions
    • Medication dos and don’ts with personality disorders
  • Crisis Management: Self-Harm and Suicide Interventions
Part II | Special Issues with Personality Disorders
In this final module, Dr. Lester will guide you through the process of working with personality disorders in special client cases, including young clients, couples, and families — so your treatment effectiveness can continue long after your client leaves your office.
  • Personality disorders in children and adolescents
  • Special procedures for couples and family therapy sessions
  • Working with significant others of a personality disordered individual
    • Methods to help them stay out of difficulties
    • Coaching for effective management
    • Self-care for significant others

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