Hichem Djouhri: How to Trade Oil Stocks
  • Hichem Djouhri: How to Trade Oil Stocks

Hichem Djouhri: How to Trade Oil Stocks


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Hichem Djouhri: How to Trade Oil Stocks

Learn more about oil stock trading with How to Trade Oil Stocks 

Investing in oil stocks was once a no-brainer. A growing global population and increasingly globalized economy calls for vast quantities of fossil fuels to heat homes, ship items across the ocean, and fuel jet-setters across the world. Business is a lot less certain for participants in the oil and gas enterprise these days. Global oversupply of crude oil and herbal fuel lines, blended with fluctuations in demand, have caused the energy sector to significantly underperform the broader stock marketplace in recent years. But it does not mean oil and oil stocks in overall have become obsolete. There are still thousands and millions of traders out there make a huge fortune through the buying and selling of oil stocks but it required a substantial amount of skills and knowledge. That all can sound rather puzzling if you are new to the financial market but permit Hichem Djouhri to break it down for you through the trading direction How to Trade Oil Stocks.

The trading direction How to Trade Oil Stocks is hosted by Hichem Djouhri and it is below the possession of the net platform ITPM. The buying and selling direction will, through the coaching of Hichem Djouhri, offer to you as a scholar step-by-step framework on the way to trade oil stocks more profitable. What ITPM and Hichem Djouhri will offer to you is the what and the why of the equation as opposed to the how. Hence after finishing the trading direction How to Trade Oil Stocks you may nevertheless be able to apply that knowledge in multiple markets as opposed to just knowing what to do in 1 particular market scenario. No more confusion in trading, no more anxieties and crowd trading after turning into part of the trading direction How to Trade Oil Stocks by Hichem Djouhri.

Your trainer – Hichem Djouhri  

AntonKreil on Twitter: "ITPM Mentor Bio Hichem Djouhri > 2010-2018. Leading Fund Manager in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region based at SHUAA Asset Management in Dubai with 250%+ and 400%+

Hichem Djouhri is the main Fund Manager withinside the Middle East North Africa (MENA) and is based in Dubai. Hichem Djouhri is presently serving as the head of the Asset Management division of Alkhair Capital in Dubai, managing $4Bln in Assets Under Management. Prior to this Hichem Djouhri became a Portfolio Manager at SHUAA Asset Management. SHUAA boasts the longest fairness tune data withinside the MENA region. Hichem Djouhri became recruited through SHUAA in 2010 after spending years trading coins, equities and fairness derivatives for Mashreq Bank. Prior to this, Hichem Djouhri attended the University of New Brunswick finishing a BBA in Finance, Marketing and French. Hichem Djouhri has built an impressive profession withinside the Fund Management industry, possessing an enviable performance and tune record. Additional to his day-to-day roles at SHUAA Asset Management, Hichem Djouhri additionally ran the graduate internship application at the organization and has skilled multiple students who have gone on to become Professional Traders and Portfolio Managers in the economic markets, with Hichem Djouhri proving incremental in building their successful careers.