How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn
  • How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn

How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn

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How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn – Instant Download!

12 actionable classes taught by 10 partner program and channel experts giving away over a dozen internal resources to help you make your program a success.

How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn

“In 71% of cases, your prospects have selected a vendor through channel influence so you may win or lose the deal without ever being at the table.”
– Jay McBain, Instructor and Principal Analyst for Channel at


How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn

Course Curriculum

Understanding Agency Partnerships
What Types of Software ‘Need’ a Partner Program (Jay McBain, Forrester Research) (17:36)
What Your Team Needs To Know About Agency Owner (Clodagh Higgins, Former Agency Growth Team Lead at HubSpot) (42:12)
What Agencies Need From Software Partners (Alex Bass, CEO of CyberBytes) (23:46)
Recap and Homework

Planning Your Partner Program
Partner Program Viability and Strategy (Joseph Fung, CEO of (21:45)
What to Consider When Planning a Scalable Channel Program (Lee Gladish) (41:23)
Creating Your Partner Program Backlog (Lisa Lawson of LPL Consulting) (22:45)
Budget and KPIs for your Agency Partner Program w/ Greg Greenberger
Recap and Homework

Setting Up Your Partner Program
Agency Partner Incentives (Lisa Lawson & Alex Glenn) (31:12)
Choosing a PRM or Tracking Setup (Sunir Shah, CEO of AppBind) (21:32)
How a Partner Directory Converts Site Traffic – Seventh Sense Founder Mike Donnelly (28:48)
How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs (15:51)
Example Documents to Review

White Labeling
Operations and Learnings from a Fully-White Labeled Solution (Matt of GazellaWifi) (43:41)
Creating The Best Product For Agency Resellers (Founders of HighLevel) (30:04)

Understand the nuances of agency partners…

Just like any successful relationship, with software-agency partnerships, they must be built on equal benefits, trust and communication. Yes, you have to give to get. But it’s not that simple…

But even if we look at marketing technology (a great segment for partnerships), we’re looking at over 7400! And they all need to grow, or die. And agency relationships are a necessary factor in that growth for many of them.
The issue is, most software companies have the wrong interpretation of why an agency chooses to ‘partner’ with (align with, refer, resell, co-market, etc…) a particular software provider.
And just like relationships and blackjack, an agency taking the enormous risk of choosing to double-down on any software is only chosen for self-preservation.
Before we get into defining what actually incentivizes software-agency-partnerships, let me first clarify what it means for an agency to ‘double-down’ on any particular software:

  • The agency is exclusive to one software per category / use case.
  • The agency devotes resources in learning that software inside and out.
  • The agency builds retainers around services with this software powering those.
  • And, the agency will even provide you invaluable product roadmap feedback…

This is what we at Partner Programs call an agency-software “Partnership”. And the result of having it can be the lion’s share of your revenue.

How To Launch an Agency-Focused Partner Program By Alex Glenn, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

Optimizing Partnerships Through Alignment And Co-Marketing – Gabriel Marguglio.mp4
Nicolas Scalice – Retainer Sales And Onboarding SOPs.mp4
Jessica Minasian – Selling Time to Selling Value.mp4
Intro and Onboarding into White Label Wifi Marketing.mp4
How to Move from Selling Time to Selling Value – Jessica Minasian.mp4
How You Sell a Wifi Retainer.mp4
Guide to Building Your Agency Retainers – Rachel Jacobs class 4.mp4
CRO and Lead Generation for Your Agency – Rachel Jacobs class 3.mp4
Best Practice Sales Process for Agencies – Rachel Jacobs class 2.mp4
And much more!