How to Quit Being a Loser with Women by Marc Summers
  • How to Quit Being a Loser with Women by Marc Summers

How to Quit Being a Loser with Women by Marc Summers

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How to Quit Being a Loser with Women by Marc Summers

It’s Not Your Fault You Suck with Women

If you’re dealing with any of the problems I mentioned above or anything close to it, it’s important to understand it’s not your fault. Seriously. It’s not your fault you’ve been given bad advice about women and dating throughout your life. It’s not your fault you weren’t born with the ability to snap your fingers and attract women. It’s not your fault that the actual secrets and shortcuts behind attracting women are not common knowledge. The truth is, VERY FEW MEN ACTUALLY KNOW THESE SECRETS and even fewer talk about them. That’s what makes this opportunity so special.
It’s also important to know that starting right now, IT ACTUALLY IS YOUR FAULT if you consciously decide to move forward from this page and not do something about your problems with women.

Learn EXACTLY WHAT TO THINK, SAY, AND DO to Create Real Attraction

The powerful information in this book, How to Quit Being a Loser with Women, when you actually read it and put it into action, makes women want to talk to you, spend time with you, date you, and even become your girlfriend. I completely understand that sounds like bullshit, lol, but I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. I’ve used what’s in this book hundreds of times to quickly, easily, and successfully meet, attract, and date one beautiful woman after another. You’ll learn how to improve your mindset, behavior, and habits to get women’s attention, build attraction, and avoid the embarrassment, heartache, and frustration you’ve been experiencing. You can finally stop victimizing yourself with the constant and clueless mistakes you’re making with women.

Here’s What’s Inside…

how to quit being a loser with women mindset for better results with women
Pg. 23 – Why there are so many divorces and failing relationships
Pg. 29 – How long it takes to actually get better with women
Pg. 33 – How to handle “failure” with women and why it’s not as big of a deal as you think
Pg. 39 – Figuring out your current level of competence with women
Pg. 47 – Why improving yourself is important and how it attracts more women
how to quit being a loser with women women's thinking and behavior
Pg. 50 – My cat and dog theory that helps you understand women’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior better than most men
Pg. 52 – Why women can be complex, contradictory, and hard to understand
Pg. 54 – Why women say they are into and want nice guys but then do the opposite and date jerks
Pg. 56 – How attraction really works and what happens when you flip her “attraction switch”
how to quit being a loser with women a different way
Pg. 63 – Why old methods of getting women’s attention no longer work and actually hurt your ability to attract them
Pg. 66 – Logical methods of attracting women vs. what ACTUALLY works to attract women
Pg. 67 – The most important mindset to have when you’re single and how it saves you a lot of trouble
Pg. 71 – How often you should think about getting laid and how it affects your ability to attract women
Pg. 73 – Where women should stand in your mind in relation to everything else happening in your life
how to quit being a loser with women common misconceptions about women
Pg. 79 – Why no woman is ever out of your league and how to change your mindset about which women you can and cannot attract
Pg. 82 – Why the “bitch shield” or her “wall” doesn’t make her a snobby, mean, or stuck up bitch and how to easily get past it
Pg. 85 – The truth about tall, handsome, rich, and famous men, what makes a lot of women see them as different, and how you can have the same effect on women
how to quit being a loser with women training your mind
Pg. 93 – Overcoming shyness, nervousness, fear around women
Pg. 105 – Properly handling rejection from women
Pg. 117 – Controlling your emotions and composure around women
Pg. 124 – Handling feelings, drama, conflict, and tough situations
Pg. 138 – How to stop getting jealous and ruining things
Pg. 156 – The one thing you should never accept from women
how to quit being a loser with women behaviors and habits for better results
Pg. 180 – How to avoid looking weak, wimpy, and scared around women
Pg. 184 – When it’s appropriate to apologize and what to apologize for
Pg. 186 – Manipulative behavior to avoid altogether
Pg. 189 – One word that gets women’s respect and makes them trust you
Pg. 195 – Where to draw the line with her and avoid the friend zone
Pg. 204 – How to think more like a bad boy instead of a nice guy
how to quit being a loser with women interacting with women
Pg. 215 – Signs that show women you “get it”
Pg. 217 – Approaching women – what to say and do and when and how to get her phone number
Pg. 223 – What to do when women say or show they’re not interested
Pg. 244 – Using eye contact, body language, standing, speaking, walking, gestures, and movements to create, build, and amplify attraction
Pg. 259 – Becoming, funnier, more fun, and more relaxed around women
how to quit being a loser with women what to do on a date
Pg. 279 – What to do and what to avoid when asking her out
Pg. 289 – What to do before a date to ensure you’re cool and relaxed
Pg. 297 – Where to go on dates – places women like going
Pg. 301 – The right time to touch her, kiss her, and tell her how you feel
Pg. 302 – Conflict – what to do if something goes wrong on a date
Pg. 303 – How to properly end the date and leave her excited for more

Change the Way Women Look at You, Talk to You, Respond to You, Treat You, and Feel About You

  • Train your mind to get better results with women
  • Avoid the the rookie mistakes other men are making over and over
  • Avoid looking creepy, weird, sketchy, and even psycho
  • Learn how beautiful and hard-to-get women think, feel, and why
  • Learn how to make yourself more mentally, emotionally, and physically attractive
  • Learn which mindsets, behaviors, and habits get better responses from women
  • Learn how to intelligently and effectively interact with women, get dates, and move the relationship from one level to the next


  • You think women are too complex and hard to understand
  • You’re struggling to meet women, get a date, get a girlfriend, or keep women around
  • You keep failing, getting rejected, women don’t call or text back, and they quickly lose interest and run away
  • You want to become more confident
  • You want women to see you as cool, fun, and a great guy
  • You think most women are out of your league, only date jerks, and aren’t interested in you

You Want a Lame Dating Life or a Better One?

Look, I know how it feels to get rejected by one woman after another and stare in the mirror wondering why women don’t like me. I know what it’s like to go to bed pissed off because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life going through this cycle.
If you think it’s not possible for you to do better with women, you’re wrong. I thought the same thing before I learned the powerful and highly effective information in this book.
You can keep complaining to yourself and others about how women are too hard to understand and how you’ll never be good enough for them OR YOU CAN GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. This is your chance to turn everything around and find the answers you’ve been needing in your life.