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HunterFX Video Course


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HunterFX Video Course – Instant Download!

HunterFX Video Course

Most Woke Trading Methods

HunterFX Video Course

HunterFX’s Most Woke Trading Methods
Learn the basics along with advanced concepts and various strategies


This Course is the first of it’s kind! Written and recorded 100% by HunterFX. I will teach you the exact methods in which I was able to develop my own strategy, along with my ACTUAL STRATEGY!

Have you been looking for a proven system that is able to offer you to offer a minimal drawdown and to make you money each and EVERY MONTH!

5 Institutional Strategies
You will get a step by step guide including images and instructions on how to execute the exact methods we use to make multiple 6 figure earners. Each method can be used in different situations.

Proven By Data
All strategies have been live tested for the past 4+ years by our mentors. You will get data on which pairs and time frames work best with each method. Along with exact expected results.

Naked Trading Knowledge
Pre-reading knowledge to teach you how to understand the fundamentals of trading without indicators. True price action trading.

Create Your Own
A guide on how to expand what you have learned into the future. You will end by learning how to create and test your own strategies.

How It Works
It’s Not Enough To Just Give Information

Unlike most courses that just give you the knowledge and then send you on your way to do things for yourself. HunterFX’s Most Woke Trading Methods provides proven process(backed by years of data), mental reprogramming.

Step 1
Educate yourself on the prerequisite knowledge we offer within the course.

Step 2
Follow the easy, step by step, guide on how to find, execute, and manage each of the proven Forex trading methods.

Step 3
Repeat these methods over and over while withdrawing your huge profits.

Does the Most Woke Trading Methods really work? There’s only one way to find out, by seeing whether our

students actually succeeded in the real world. Here’s the numbers to date (we’re just getting started).

Active Students

Revenue Earned From Our Strategies

Profitable Traders

HunterFX Video Course

HunterFX Video Course

Elite Trading Method Course Content
In just 4 weeks, you’ll be trading profitably

Pre – Knowledge
Intro & expectations
Tools I use
Risk Management
PA trends
Accumulation and Distro
PA based trends
PA trend detailed
PA trend mistakes
more examples
Where could price change trend?
Where are there resting orders 1 & 2
Supply and demand zones 1 & 2
More resting limit order areas
How to spot Liq Zones

Trend Trading
Supply and Demand
Sweep and Reclaim
Sweep and Reclaim 2
Sniper 1-3 (Most Powerful)

Daily Bias
Monday Retest

Post knowledge
Example charts
Private Discord
Free Book!

HunterFX Video Course, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Pre – Knowledge
  • 3. Strategies
  • 4. Bonus Extra
  • 5. Books