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How I Went From Struggling To Dominating Online With Facebook Ads
IMG_5554 about pageA few years ago, I was studying in a doctoral program to become a psychologist. I wanted to make my parents proud and become Dr. Ilean but I quickly found out that I was meant for something else. Unfortunately, I had no idea what to do about it. So I did what any scared person does when they are stuck-I kept doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.

I wondered, “Who am I to want more or to be more?”

As the daughter of immigrant parents, I was raised on the notion of living the “American Dream” and having a better life than those who came before me. I worked very hard and not only did I get fantastic grades but I even shared my research at professional conferences.

Despite doing everything in my power to live the “American Dream”, I was faced with a nightmare that I did not know how to wake up from.

I’ll never forget the day when I had finally suffered enough. I refused to come home another day in tears because I was so miserable in my current situation. Despite being afraid of letting down my parents and no idea how I was going to re-create myself, I took a chance on myself.

I decided to help people via my business while building the lifestyle of my dreams.

Needless to say, I had big dreams and a small budget. The only thing that wasn’t small after making the decision to take my business and life to new heights was my mindset. I was ready to win!

My struggles in the beginning…

When I started developing my business full-time I was scared, exhausted, and on a tight budget. I wondered how all of the gurus seemed to have so much time to dedicate to the beach and travel while I barely had time to send out an email!

Thankfully, I invested in my training and learned all about Facebook ads.

When I started my business, I just wanted to keep a roof over my head and be happy.

Today, thanks to the leverage I have with Facebook, I’m doing better than I could have imagined as you can see with these results:
-Spending the summer in the Dominican Republic with my husband
-Road trip all over the US
-Award-winning coach for Digital Products Leader
-Over 20,000 followers online
-Sales in my sleep in 20+ countries
-Almost 30,000 subscribers from 40+ countries
-Coaching at international retreats, cruises, and various exotic locations
-International mission work

How I went from a hot mess to a success:

By developing specific strategies and connecting with my ideal client on social media, I began a marketing campaign.

Soon after, I knew I had done something right when I was making dinner for my husband and received a notice that I had made a sale to a customer in Peru.

Peru?! I have been there, climbed Machu Picchu but definitely did not know anyone there who knew about my product.

My very specific & strategic marketing strategies to find my ideal customer allowed me to sift through the millions of people on the internet to find exactly who I could serve with my product.

The customer was delighted because he finally found exactly what he was looking for and I was thrilled because I knew my systems were working.

Imagine making sales in another country to people you have never personally spoken to. Yes its possible & that’s the power of online marketing.

I am a passionate lady boss that can teach you proven online strategies without that feeling of overwhelm. I know that you are busy (and wear many hats as it is in your business) but I can help you create a strategy that works for your schedule, your budget, and your strengths. I can show you what to do, how to do it, and why it will work.

Are you tired of creating Facebook ads that do not get approved?
Are you worried that you will break the bank by advertising without seeing a return?
Are you frustrated because you don’t know how much to spend or how often to advertise?
Learn how to promote your business on social media with as little as $5 a day. Sound too good to be true? If you’ve been creating ads that don’t work, I can see why. Advertising is all about quality not quantity.


I’m Ilean and I want to share with you my proven system for creating powerful ads that turn perfect strangers on social media into paying customers that are excited to work with you!
It’s not magic- it’s strategy.

Here’s the problem:

As a small business owner, you don’t have a lot of time or money to waste. That is why it is so important to learn how to dominate social ads so that you can increase your return on investment.

The solution?

It’s time that you learn how to dominate social ads so that you feel more confident promoting your business and get the results you desire.

Why You’re Crazy If You’re Not Advertising On Facebook
With over 1+ billion active monthly users, there is no question that your dream clients are waiting for you to show up on their newsfeed so that you can connect. Facebook is undeniably the #1 social media platform in the world! Check out the statistics that Mark Zuckerberg shared recently:


As a small business owner, this is great news! Facebook is the ideal bridge between you and your ideal customers.

Facebook is the perfect platform for you if you are looking to:

Grow your email list
Increase your following & get more likes
Increase registrations/leads to your events
Grow a global brand
Make more sales
If you are ready to make a quantum leap in your business, there is no better place to promote your business than Facebook. It’s easy access to people around the world and market research tools will allow you to grow your business faster than ever before.

Facebook Myths Debunked:
You need a lot of money to succeed. FALSE.
In my most recent webinar, I generated almost 700 leads for $29.15!! While I must admit that these results are not typical, neither are my strategies. I was able to significantly increase my sales without needing millions or even thousands of dollars and you can too. You simply the recipe to get the results you want for your business.

You cannot track a return on investment (ROI). FALSE.
You can build your brand with as little as $5 a day. Investing money on your online marketing strategies is one of the most scientific ways to market and know exactly how much you are paying to acquire your customer. Unlike a TV or radio ad or a billboard, online marketing can tell you exactly what is working and what is not. With a combined little risk and generous data, you will quickly learn what is working in your business and what is not.

In other words, you will have the feedback you need to learn more about your audience and make the necessary adjustments to make your dreams come true.

Facebook ads are too difficult to create. FALSE.
You can create Facebook ads in 5 minutes or less thanks to my easy-to-follow tutorials. You do not need any experience or prior technical knowledge. Think about it this way. Which of these options is easier to do? 1. Randomly buy ingredients at the grocery store and hope you know what to do with them. OR 2. Read a recipe written by someone who knows how to cook what you love and follow it. I vote for option #2. Why waste precious time re-inventing the wheel? You will have more success implementing proven-strategies that work rather than trying to figure things out on your own. Your energy will be better spent on what you are good at- your area of expertise.

You cannot track a return on investment (ROI). FALSE.
Unlike traditional advertising that is difficult to track, online marketing allows you increase exposures to your brand. Whether its with a Facebook newsfeed ad, retargeting ads, or a follow-up email campaign, your ads will be seen by your target customer.

According to HubSpot “The average company saw a 185% increase in sales after crossing the 1,000 Facebook Fans.”

Those are pretty astonishing results!

For my legal friends….results vary, results are not typical…. BUT If I did it, if other businesses are doing it, Why not you?