James Pollard – Appointments On Autopilot 2023
  • James Pollard – Appointments On Autopilot 2023

James Pollard – Appointments On Autopilot 2023


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James Pollard – Appointments On Autopilot 2023

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If you want to set more appointments with qualified prospects, read this story about a financial advisor named Zach…

Zach loves helping people and he’s always had an interest in personal finance.

Topics like budgeting, getting out of debt, and saving money have always fascinated him.

It brings him a tremendous amount of joy to apply his skills to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Yet, there’s a problem…

Zach is a slave to his business. If he doesn’t prospect like a madman, he doesn’t get new clients.

And you know what?

A Lot Of Financial Advisors Have This Problem…

They want more flexibility but don’t know where to start. That’s why Zach felt so…

Frustrated.Confused.Disheartened.Sure, he was doing okay but he wanted to step things up a notch.He wanted…

Appointments On Autopilot…

Imagine checking your inbox on a Monday morning and seeing two, three, or even five appointments already set for the week.

Sounds great, right?

It used to be that to set appointments, financial advisors had to give up control to “lead-generation companies” (who sold nothing but crappy leads)…

Or run like hamsters on wheels following up with uninterested prospects…

Or cold call a hundred venom-spewing people only to set appointments with two.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a better way.

It can work for you 24/7…

It can develop instant rapport with your prospects…

​And it can set appointments for you on a regular basis

What is this magical client-getting tool?

It’s the humble email.

Oh, and I should mention…

It Returns $44 For Every $1 Spent, On Average…


Email marketing returns an insane $44 for every $1 spent, on average…

Hard to believe?


But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself.

All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous.

Now, let me explain how you can use email to get more clients… 

But First, Read This Disclaimer… 

Please understand that my results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

The average person who buys any “how-to” information gets little to no results. As with all of my products, my references are being used for example purposes only.

I’ve had years of experience setting appointments through email. Even though I’ve been able to replicate my process with financial advisors from all walks of life, my results should be considered exceptional.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS.

With that said…

Here’s Exactly How I Can Help You…

I’ve put together an exclusive collection of videos detailing how financial advisors can leverage email marketing to get more clients.

Altogether, these videos – which are explained below – add up to 4 hours and 49 minutes of video content.  You can watch, take notes, share with your staff, and so on.

You’ll be able to recognize the method behind my madness and why my appointment-setting emails work so well.

Here’s what I’m revealing in those videos…


I was even featured in the Journal of Financial Planning for my thoughts on email marketing…

Video 1: Why Email Is So Powerful

  • How to immediately capture attention and break through the noise as a financial advisor. (Do it right and prospects may set an appointment right away.)
  • An irrational way to manufacture trust with your prospects. (Doing this can make your prospects feel as if they’ve known you for a lifetime.)
  • A controversial marketing technique only the world’s most successful financial advisors use. (Not only do they use this method, but they take selfish pleasure in doing so.) ​

Video 2: Most Advisors Are Too Afraid To Do This

  • One strategy which has given more financial advisors the heebie-jeebies than perhaps anything I else I teach about email marketing. (Courageous financial advisors who implement this strategy often find themselves with too many prospects instead of too few…)
  • The exact phrase to put on your website to ensure only the most qualified prospects filter through to you. (This cuts down on wasted time with prospects who are unqualified to do business with you.)
  • Why you can’t rely on surveys to figure out what your prospects want in your emails. (Once upon a time I surveyed my own email list and asked how I could improve my emails. However, when I implemented their feedback, my unsubscribes doubled. I’ll help you avoid making the same mistake.)
  • One change to your email marketing routine which can increase revenue up to 45%. (An insurance company made this change and received 304% more clicks and 48% more requested insurance quotes.)
  • How to write an email in ten minutes or less that prospects thank you for sending. (This type of email is also proven to be especially potent for getting skeptical prospects off the fence.)
  • The unorthodox method for making your prospects eagerly anticipate your emails. (Adopting this method means even if your prospects never open your emails, they’re still thinking about you.) ​


Three appointments set in one day… all from a simple email…

Video 3: The Email Marketing Trump Card

  • Why talking about personal finance, investments, or other money-related topics is a huge mistake. (Despite what most advisors assume, you should never discuss these things in your emails. I’ll reveal what you should talk about instead.)
  • The #1 best thing to put in your email to make your inexperience or lack of certifications irrelevant. (This allows new financial advisors to humiliate the “seasoned pros” by generating more appointments in two months than they could in two years.)
  • How to elevate yourself above all other financial advisors in your area. (This strategy is NOT fair… and it’s NOT logical… but it doesn’t matter. It gets results and it’s backed by neuroscience.)
  • A strange – yet powerful – way typos can boost response. (This doesn’t mean to be sloppy with your email… but if you include typos the way I describe, your prospects should have a favorable response. Take that, grammar Nazis.)
  • 4 specific words to eliminate from your emails right away. (Merrill Lynch even did a study on this and found prospects hate when advisors use these words.)
  • Why trying to provide “value!” in your emails leads to fewer appointments. (Most financial advisors think they need to provide lots of “valuable” content to create authority, position themselves as thought leaders, or impress their clients somehow. This is dead wrong, and I’ll prove why.)

Let’s take a second to unpack that last tip…

I’ve discovered that providing “value” (in the form of teaching) is one of the worst things you can do in your emails. It causes your prospects to unsubscribe faster than you can hit “send”.

One reason for this is because when you do nothing but teach, you force your prospects to lump you in the same category as the hundreds of other financial advisors who do the same thing.

When that happens, it’s game over. You will no longer have your prospect’s attention and the chances of getting an appointment are virtually zero.

Video 4: The Secret Sauce Behind The World’s Most Effective Emails

  • One thing to inject in your emails to make them irresistibly persuasive. (Marketing legend Eugene Schwartz – regarded by many as the greatest ever – said he was astounded at how readily people were persuaded by this hush-hush technique.)
  • My favorite way to produce credibility in emails. (Most people are pleasantly surprised at how well this works and how quickly it sets appointments for financial advisors.)
  • How to make your emails 22X more memorable than your competition’s. (This strategy is backed by cognitive psychology and has been validated in multiple tests. Yet, I estimate fewer than three in a hundred financial advisors know what it is.) ​

Video 5: How To Structure Your Emails For Maximum Impact

  • Why my “ugly” emails convert more prospects than emails loaded with images and HTML. (Plus, these emails are easy to create too. All I do type them up in a Word document, copy-and-paste into my email software, and hit “send”.)
  • The biggest mistake financial advisors make with their subject lines. (Make this mistake and prospects won’t even bother opening your email.)
  • How to “hook” your prospects in the first two lines so they can’t help but continue reading your message. (After all, you could have the best email ever written but if your prospect stops reading after the opening sentence, it doesn’t matter.)
  • The right way to use a P.S. in your email. (Most financial advisors ignore the power of a well-written P.S. and miss out on dozens of potential appointments.)
  • An advanced writing technique nearly all hit television shows use to make sure viewers stay glued to every episode. (You can apply this psychological tactic to your emails so prospects can’t wait to read the next one.) ​

Video 6: How To Build An Unbreakable Bond With Your Prospects

  • 12 questions you must be able to answer about your prospects. (Fail to answer any of these questions and your marketing will be rendered ineffective.)
  • How to find unlimited content ideas with a few clicks. (If you follow this advice, you will never suffer from writer’s block as long as you have an internet connection.)
  • The most dynamic rapport-building email you can send. (This email is responsible for the majority of appointments set using my system.) ​


Imagine checking your inbox in the morning and seeing several appointments already set for you…

Video 7: How To Write Subject Lines Prospects Can’t Ignore

  • A “top secret” critical thinking approach used by the world’s richest people. (Charlie Munger popularized it, but it has been used by the elite for centuries to gain an unfair advantage over others.)
  • How to see if you’re hitting your prospect’s spam folder in five minutes or less. (Nothing else matters unless your email gets delivered… and I’ll show you how to find out quickly and conveniently…)
  • 5 of my most opened subject lines, which you can adapt and model for your niche. (I’m pulling these subject lines from my own “email vault” for you to use as you see fit.)
  • Why “stock market commentary” emails never work as well as the emails I recommend. (I double-dog-dare anyone and everyone to prove me wrong.)
  • 5 subject lines which used to work well but fail to get opened anymore. (Unfortunately, the “experts” and “gurus” still tout these subject lines as working miracles. I have a sneaking feeling they haven’t tested as much as I have…)

“Experts” and “gurus” recommend lots of theories but few tested and confirmed strategies. In many cases, they recommend tactics which used to work well but fail to deliver today.

Case in point… one-word subject lines. They used to work well. All you had to do was put “Hey” or “Question” in your subject line and it was almost guaranteed to get opened.

However, a bunch of “experts” found out this tactic was working well, so they started using it and telling their friends… who told their friends… and it became overused.

Now, when prospects see this type of subject line, they think “spam” and delete it right away. That’s one of the many myths I’m shattering inside “Appointments On Autopilot”.

I’ll share some more myths financial advisors believe in a moment. But first, let’s get back to the videos…

Video 8: Mastering The First Impression With Your Onboarding Email

  • The finest way to craft an onboarding subject line which gets immediate attention. (Most “experts” get this wrong, too. It turns out there’s a specific type of subject line which works better than anything I’ve ever seen.)
  • 2 things to include in your first email to ensure your prospects read your second one. (Most financial advisors see a stark drop in open rates after their initial email. Insert these two things in your email and watch your open rates increase…)
  • How to ask for an appointment in your beginning email without seeming pushy. (In my tests, a large percentage of appointments are set from the first email, as long as the financial advisor follows my advice here.) ​

Video 9: The Must-Have For Making Your Emails Irresistible 

  • The best performing email I’ve ever used for qualifying prospects and bringing them closer to an appointment. (This type of email can double your productivity because it ensures you only spend time with qualified prospects.)
  • How to perform a “brain bypass” on your prospects. (Doing this allows you to persuade with no “facts” or “logic” necessary. However, you must promise to use it for good and not evil…)
  • 2 phrases which can hypnotize your prospects into booking an appointment. (I thought this was total B.S. but when I tried it out, I was amazed at the results.) ​

Video 10: How To Make Your List Ultra-Responsive

  • How I can set more appointments with a tiny 300-person list than most financial advisors can with lists in the thousands. (The “trick” is in a simple, easy-to-master game plan I include in every email.)
  • Why deleting your subscribers is sometimes the greatest thing you can do. (If you’re paying for an autoresponder software, this one tip alone can save you thousands of dollars throughout your career.)
  • 3 ways to justify your fees and melt price resistance on command. (In fact, by implementing these three things, you’ll find your clients will pay more to work with you over anyone else.)
  • How to achieve total outcome independence by eliminating all neediness from your marketing. (Once you do this, you’ll be like a magnet for clients.) ​

Video 11: The “Stealth” Way To Rapidly Build Trust Through Email

  • 4 questions your prospects are asking themselves when they opt-in to your list. (If you answer these four questions, it’s usually not a question of “if” you’ll set an appointment, but “when”.)
  • How to use your pets to get a flood of prospects into your office. (Seriously, if you have a dog or a cat, you don’t want to skip this one.)
  • The only time you should be self-centered in your emails. (Normally, you shouldn’t talk about yourself in emails. However, there’s a specific time where it can be extraordinarily effective.)
  • The “nuclear option” for generating appointments through email. (I can’t guarantee it will work every time… but I do know it can sometimes create “miracles” and get even the most indifferent, skeptical, and downright cold prospects to perk up and pay attention.) ​

Video 12: How To Achieve Exponential Growth In Your Metrics

  • 13 of my best-performing subject lines with winners and losers revealed. (I’ve already done the testing for you, so you can adapt and model to your own business.)
  • 7 things you can test in your email subject lines to skyrocket open rates. (This is like a Swiss army knife for getting your emails opened, every time.)
  • The #1 most overlooked area all financial advisors should be split-testing. (I’d estimate nearly all financial advisors could see an instant 30% increase in appointments by testing this one thing… and no, it’s not the subject line.) ​


While I can’t guarantee the same results you see in this graph, email marketing can regularly generate appointments for financial advisors…

Video 13: Email’s Secret Weapon – Obliterating Objections

  • 4 ways to handle objections in email. (Once you start doing this, you’ll notice how prospects move through the process like a hot knife through butter.)
  • How to handle the “I’m not interested” objection… without saying a single word. (This can get otherwise uninterested prospects clicking, replying, and engaging in no time flat.)
  • A “sneaky” way to convert prospects who already have a financial advisor. (This will make some people upset… but those with the guts to do this will steal clients from their competitors.) ​

Video 14: The Holy Grail Of Email Marketing – Using Email To Strengthen Everything Else

  • The fastest, easiest way to get more referrals using email. (A financial advisor in my Inner Circle did this and got seven referrals in less than a year with this one tip alone.)
  • How to use your emails to get booked on podcasts in your niche. (Not only is this a great way to build your list but it can build tremendous credibility with your current clients and prospects.)
  • The #1 easiest way to achieve omnipresence in any niche. (And I do mean any niche… I’ve seen this work in multiple niches from retirees to teachers to fast-food franchise owners. Apply it in your niche and your prospects won’t be able to stop thinking about you.) ​​

Video 15: How To Build Your Email List

  • The strange (but effective) way to use direct mail to build your email list. (A lot of people dismiss this “sleepy” tactic but, as I explain, it can get you highly-targeted leads on the cheap.)
  • Why I would PREFER to have a smaller list when trying to book appointments. (However, don’t let a small list size fool you because you can still get several appointments per month.)
  • 2 problems all financial advisors face when trying to build their email lists. (Solve these two problems and watch your email list swell.)
  • The #1 biggest mistake financial advisors make when creating their lead magnets. (After doing countless website reviews for financial advisors, I’ve seen this mistake nearly every time an advisor was building an email list.)
  • 7 places financial advisors can share their opt-in pages to get more subscribers. (It turns out financial advisors can build their lists faster than they thought possible as long as they take advantage of these seven pieces of “online real estate”.)
  • My “secret sauce” which allowed me to get leads for $2.98 each through Facebook ads. (I realize not every financial advisor will want to advertise on Facebook. However, if you’re able to advertise there – I got 497 leads in thirty days – then this option is available to you.) ​

​​And there’s more. A LOT more. I could go on for another five pages, but if I haven’t convinced you this is a must-have by now, I never will.


A screenshot of my own Facebook account, showing how I got 497 leads in 30 days for $2.98 per lead.

One of the biggest reasons why financial advisors don’t convert prospects into clients is because they don’t have a proper follow-up sequence in place.

According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of all sales (booking an appointment, in this case) are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.

Yet, only 10% of people make more than three contacts.

See the dilemma here?

A solid email sequence is the solution because it’s possible for email to make five contacts in a week. That’s why integrating an email marketing sequence is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ratchet up your business.

Now, let’s assume that my email follow-up sequence is absolutely terrible and only books appointments with 3% of those 497 leads in the above photo. That’s STILL 15 booked appointments.

​That’s why email crushes everything else when it comes to getting more clients.

Plus, I’m Giving You 20 Sample Emails You Can “Plug And Play” Into Your Business…

You can model these emails to get a steady stream of appointments. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

​Will you use them all? Probably not. If you’re anything like other financial advisors I’ve helped, you’ll choose a few of your favorites and adapt them to generate appointments consistently and reliably.

The reason these twenty sample emails are so powerful is because each email template is color coded to explain the hidden psychology backing the email and how to tweak it for your personal use.

Being able to model these emails and adapt them based on your business, your background, your niche, etc. will help you hit the ground running. This also ensures that your emails will be unique to your business because you’re modeling them, not copying-and-pasting.

The 4 hours and 49 minutes of video content shows you how to create appointment-setting emails and these templates will give you a proven path to follow. ​

Here’s Why This Unique System Works So Well…

The reason “Appointments On Autopilot” is so effective is because I leverage several different client-getting secrets most financial advisors don’t even know exist.

What’s my first secret?

It’s selling with emotion.

This is contrary to the “experts” who tell people to load their marketing with tons of facts, figures, and statistics.

Most financial advisors are surprised to discover my most profitable emails have very few facts, figures, and statistics. Most of the time there’s none whatsoever.

In fact, I’ve been “selling” with stories, humor, and drama for ages.

Even Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman agrees with me. He found that 95% of consumer decisions are subconscious. Plus, neuroscientists have found people with damage in the emotion-generating area of their brains are incapable of making decisions.

Which means without emotion, it is literally impossible for your prospects to decide to work with you. Most people don’t know this and it’s one of the reasons they fail to set appointments with their prospects.

My second secret is I keep everything as simple as possible.

That’s why my emails are uncomplicated plain text emails.

No images. No fancy scripts. Nothing complicated.

All I do is type out the email and hit “send”.

(It takes less time than taking a shower and getting dressed every morning…)

Most people assume you need to be a tech-savvy computer whiz to master email. It’s not true. All you need is the ability to use a keyboard and a mouse. If you can use those two things, you can generate a tsunami of appointments with these emails.

My third secret is I have been tracking all of my emails for years.

This gives me an advantage virtually nobody else on the planet has. Because while other people may have “theories”, I have proof. And lots of it.

Because I’ve sent and tested more than two million emails over the past few years alone. 

I know what to say in an email to get prospects clamoring for a meeting…

I’ve figured out which subject lines work better than anything else…

I’ve spent thousands of hours exploring every detailed nuance of using email to turn prospects into clients…

In other words, I’ve done the hard work for you.

I’m unmasking every little detail inside this program, including scores of concepts I’ve never revealed anywhere else.

I don’t know anyone else on the entire planet who has studied and scrutinized email marketing for financial advisors with my level of precision.

For example, I’m constantly pitting subject lines against each other to see what gets more opens, and why.

In many ways, the subject lines I give you are the most beneficial pieces in this system because they’re proven to work. For example, I’m giving you several of my best performing subject lines in video 7… and revealing even more subject line secrets in video 12…

Here’s an example of one of my subject line tests…


An example of how easy it is to double your email’s open rates…

The above subject lines are similar, yet a simple change (“are leaving” vs. “leave”) allowed subject line 1 to double subject line 2’s open rate.

Which means with one painless tweak, twice as many people will open that email. If twice as many people open it, there will be twice as many appointments, all else being equal.

Pretty cool, right?

That’s why I believe…

“Appointments On Autopilot” Can Pay For Itself Many Times Over…

I just showed you how easy it is to double your email’s open rate.

Now, multiply that across several emails with your entire prospect list. Are you beginning to see how lucrative this can be?

Once you get “Appointments On Autopilot”, you will have immediate access to all of the videos and sample emails, so you can start applying the information right away. 

​Even if you only use 10% of the information inside…

It’ll Be Hard NOT To Set More Appointments Than Ever Before… 

One reason why is because your prospects will begin to feel a deep, intimate bond with you.

This is because of something called “the mere exposure effect”.

It’s a psychological phenomenon by which people feel a preference for something merely because they’re familiar with it.

This means once you use the email marketing techniques explained in this program, your prospects will be psychologically wired to prefer you over everyone else. 


Once you follow my system, it’s not unusual to get emails like this from prospects…

Years Of My Hard Work, Handed To You On A Silver Platter…​

Because not only have I spent years of my life perfecting this email system, but I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own cold, hard cash.

You’re getting the “shortcut” because you’re getting all of my hard work condensed into a step-by-step, proven program designed specifically for financial advisors. 

You can watch the videos in the morning and have your email marketing system in place by sundown.

And like I said, I’ve included twenty word-for-word templates you can model to create your appointment-setting email sequence, from start to finish.

This is as close to “push button” as you can get because all you have to do is follow the instructions and hit “send”.

In fact…

Not Only Am I Teaching Financial Advisors How To Fish… I’m GIVING Them Fishing Poles…

Because “Appointments On Autopilot” contains 4 hours and 49 minutes of rock-solid video training explicitly showing you what to do and how to do it.

Once you check out these videos, you’ll be amazed at how easily (and fast) this can work for you. You’ll be able to design an email marketing machine which will crank out appointments for you on demand.

This means you can fill in the blanks so you’re up and running in a few hours.

With all that said, I’m throwing in some special bonuses to sweeten the deal…

Bonus #1: Email Marketing Critique ($1,000 Value)

Figuring I charge $1,000+ for marketing critiques, this is one of the most valuable bonuses (in terms of dollars and cents charged) I’ve ever included with any of my products. 

This is not some made-up “value”. It’s not a number I pulled out of thin air. It’s real, actual value people willingly pay for… and you get it for free with this program.


I know a lot of people make up “values” for their bonuses, so here’s proof people actually pay $1,000 for my email marketing critiques…

In this critique, I offer a sample email similar to what most advisors use when trying to set appointments with prospects. Then, I break it down piece-by-piece to show you what works, what doesn’t, and how to make it better.

However, fair warning…

This critique is not “nice”. Nor do I pull any punches. Yet, if you can absorb the lessons, you can send emails which generate qualified appointments for you.

The best part is I’d like to give you this valuable resource free of charge.

​I’ll show you how to get it in a second…  but first I want to show you the next big bonus you’re getting with “Appointments On Autopilot”…

Bonus #2: “Look Over My Shoulder” Video (Value: Priceless)

I got the idea for this bonus because a financial advisor wrote to me and said:

“Your emails are intoxicating. I want to see you write one.”

So, I sat down, hit record, and then wrote out an email. It took me 24 minutes to write the email and explain the “magic” enabling it to get appointments.

You get to observe this email growing from conception to birth, one word at a time.

You get to hear every question and idea that comes out of my brain.

You get to see every letter typed on the screen and precisely how I structure an email for maximum effectiveness.

This is the only place where you can get exclusive access to see me write an email from start to finish. You can see how I turn an ugly lump of clay into a meticulously sculpted masterpiece. 

I’ve never released anything like this before. Even my private clients have never gotten this much of a “behind the scenes” look.

Yet, you get it free of charge with “Appointments On Autopilot”.

How Much Does Everything Cost?

If you were to hire me to craft a similar email marketing campaign for you, I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $25,000.


Two reasons…

Reason number one is because a good email campaign is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars to a financial advisor.

The second reason is because a well-built email marketing machine can free up a financial advisor’s time to do other things.

I know one financial advisor who wanted me to set up an email campaign so he could go golfing all day and let the “machine” do the prospecting for him. Here’s the photo he sent (below). He writes:


Financial advisor golfs all day while his emails do the prospecting for him… lazy bum! Lol.

“I used to struggle with taking time off. I was always the go-getter, who was constantly prospecting and working. It feels good knowing that I can take time off to golf and build my business at the same time.”

​Believe me, nothing makes me feel better than receiving notes like these.

Now, this idea of letting the machine do the work brings me to a worthwhile point…

Because if your business-building efforts are chained to your time, your earnings will invariably hit a ceiling. Remove time from the equation and… poof! Your income ceiling disappears. 

And to be transparent, that’s what I’m doing here. I’ve painstakingly packaged my proven email marketing program and I’m delivering it to you separate from my time.

Because in addition to nearly five hours of video content, I’m giving you twenty sample emails to help get you started.

If you were to hire an email copywriter, you would pay between $100 and $2,000 per email. Which means replicating these sample emails alone would cost you between $2,000 and $40,000.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay. That’s why I’ve included proof below… ​​


If you were to hire an email copywriter to write your emails, you would pay between $100 and $2,000 PER EMAIL.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend that much.

Because you can own this entire program for only $1,995.

(It’s important to note it may be tax-deductible for you anyway…)

I’ve priced it at $1,995 so…

Getting Just ONE Client Can Pay For Everything In Full…

I’ve priced “Appointments On Autopilot” so you can make your investment back as quickly as possible.

For example, most fee-only financial planners charge between $1,500 and $3,000 for a comprehensive financial plan. That means getting one financial planning client could pay for this entire system in one fell swoop.

Other financial advisors charge a monthly retainer of a few hundred dollars. Let’s say you charge $300 per month as an ongoing retainer fee. That means one client will pay for this entire system in seven months.

Or let’s assume you charge based on AUM. At a typical 1% AUM fee, all this program needs to do is help you get one client with $200,000 in assets.

Let that sink in…

All I need to do to earn my keep is to help you get one client.


I’ve also turned down requests to make this information exclusive to a few major financial advisory companies. I’d rather put this information in the hands of anyone who wants it.

After all, only through this program do I reveal my entire strategy for getting prospects to eagerly set appointments with you... something which has taken me many moons to perfect.

You just follow the steps… implement the information… and watch the appointments come in.

Plus, when you factor in the sheer time savings you’ll receive – well, the value of this information becomes immeasurable.