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Jason Capital – Make Money Want You Now

Jason Capital – Make Money Want You Now

Jason Capital – Make Money Want You Now

The Best Piece of Advice I Could Ever Give You

Almighty Dollar and Let
It Start Chasing YOU!

Ok, time to drop a few truth bombs from yours truly, Jason Capital. Ready

I know why you’re broke

Yeah, I do. And I probably don’t even know you personally.

How do I know you’re broke? Because you’re like 99% of guys out there. Including myself at one point in my life.

You see, here’s the challenge…

99% of the working population is
completely content chasing money…

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about guys killing themselves trying to get get ahead. Trying to get rich. Trying to build wealth. Trying find their fortune.

You know what I say to THAT?


Yeah, that’s right. Stop that right now. (You’ll understand why in a moment and it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks.)

You see, if you’re out there chasing money, then let me tell you…

… you’re working your ass off and making a pittance of what you truly deserve.

You know what money does when it’s being chased?

It runs away. Making it even harder for you to earn it.

Quick story…

So I was working at this shitty restaurant job when I was younger. Bought the whole “chase money” line hard.

I worked my ass off.

I got a lot of praise from restaurant owners. “Jason, you’re an animal. Keep going. It’s going to pay off big time for you.”

I told them to give me as much work, as many hours, as I could handle. I was driven.

So guess what?

Review time comes around and they make me a manager! “Wow!”, I’m thinking. “This is great. Now I’m going to make the big bucks!”

Then reality set in…

As a manager, you work your ass off. You take all the responsibility when shit doesn’t go right. You put in the longest damn hours of anyone.

Here’s the kicker:

Because you’re now on salary, you make LESS MONEY than anyone on staff!

How fvcked up is that!?

All I can say is lesson learned. That’s stuck in my craw for a long time to come. The thing is…

Big business, the media, the government,
they’re all in on selling you The Dream…

They have a vested interest to make sure you never wake up.

Because if the general population of ambitious guys like us ever woke up and discovered there is no pot of gold at the end of THEIR rainbow, there would be anarchy.

Trust me, there’s a better way build your fortune. I discovered it, I’ve documented it and now I’m sharing it with you.

Quite literally, what you are about to be exposed to has made me a multimillionaire.

That’s right, it’s not only possible, thousands of guys like you are doing it right now.

You see, if you spend enough time wheeling and dealing around major amounts of money…

…. if you start hanging out with players who have their shit together when it comes to money like me…

… you’ll start to notice patterns.

While these money-attracting patterns are totally visible to the naked eye, until someone points them out to you, you can’t really connect the dots.

For instance…

  • Why does Gordon Ramsey of Hell’s Kitchen make $25K for cooking a simple steak when the guy at Denny’s is making $10/hour? (No, it’s not because he has a hit TV show.)
  • Think guys who play with big money all day are content to let deals simmer and percolate, patiently waiting for opportunities to come to them? Are you frickn’ kidding me?!The guys like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Trump who grace the front pages of the WSJ *JUMP* on opportunity. When you know this distinction, you’ll not only jump on opportunity, you’ll start creating your own.
  • Why do guys like Jim Cameron (Titanic, Avatar, Aliens), Steven Spielberg (Jurassic World) and even Tyler Perry have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend? There’s one common reason between them and you can start using it in your next conversation.
  • Why does Kim Kardashian and her family West put up with all the bullshit publicity? Yeah, it makes them money, but why?This one distinction you can use when building out your personal brand, and you won’t even need Instagram.
  • While you can coax money into chasing you, you do have to supply this piece of evidence that signals you want it.It’s kinda like when you see a woman wear rich red lipstick and “fuck me” pumps. It’s the telltale sign that causes money to come running.
  • We all know girls love high status guys like George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. But so does money. Why? And how can you amplify the effect? It’s easy and you’re about to find out how…
  • Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen and Kanye West have this one quality which makes money (as well as the rest of the world) stand up and take notice. Combine this with one other quality (you probably already have) and they’re irresistible.
  • Why do only certain musicians, artists and writers like Lady Gaga, Stephen King and Banksy make a killing with their art while the rest live lives of quiet poverty and desperation? (No, it’s not because their famous because at one point they lived in obscurity) The answer is obvious once you know it–and it’s the same answer that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.The reason is the same reason you can use for yourself. This ONE idea changed my life and it’ll change yours.

There’s much more obviously, I just wanted to give you a taste right now so you can appreciate how famous people are using these same principles.

My point is it’s practically impossible to connect the dots on your own. So here’s what I’ve done on your behalf…

I’ve published a brand NEW special report which connects the dots for badass Elon Musks in the making, just like you.

What else could I call it but…

To be straight up honest, I didn’t write Make Money Want You for you. I wrote it for myself.

To remind myself of all the mindblowing strategic gems I’m learning as I’m building out my digital empire.

It’s a living breathing document, one I refer to over and over again.

And now I’m sharing it with you. Why?

The short answer is because money chases those who create enormous value for people. I’m just giving back, paying it forward.

That means you’ll find 3 things for each distinction I make:

That means you’ll find 3 things
for each distinction I make:

  • Each one is articulated as concisely as possible for remembering…
  • Then there’s a description of the strategy to spark immediate implementation and action…
  • Then I share with you ten things you can do, ten things you should do, to apply the distinction in your own life, business and career right away.

There 13 distinctions, total. 13 life-changing, bank account swelling distinctions.

Of course, once you open the report, you’ll breeze through to see what it all is.

Then your jaw will drop as reality sets in. (Kinda like you when you first went online and saw porn.)

Because laid bare, plain as day are 13 distinction which will rock your money-making world.

These are the same money pillars I use to drive my wealth online in the 21st Century.

I didn’t learn all these distinctions at one time, they were meticulously hunted one by one, by studying, modeling, and talking to guys who have made a shit ton more than I have.

(They’d drop these little gems on me over a drink as if they were no big deal, waiting to see my reaction. To see if I caught what they were doing.)

So what’s the price of this special report, you may ask?

I recently shared these distinctions at a one day event in Vegas for $500 a person. A few guys told me these were the biggest mindblow they’ve ever experienced.

The great news is you’re NOT going to pay $500, or $400, or even $300.

The price of the “Make Money Want You” special situation
report is a I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this 39 measly bucks.

$39 bucks to permanently alter the way you think about money? You should be jumping on the buy button with both feet.

But I’ll let you decide.

However, be quick about it, because I’m only going to keep this offer up for a few hours, if that.

If there’s one thing money loves it’s decisiveness. And velocity. And urgency. And action. And especially guys who know what they want and are willing to invest in themselves.

Sure, it’s $39 bucks. But the price of it is not the point, is it? It’s what the breakthrough-busting information inside allows you to become.

You get that, right?

Let’s be clear, I’m NOT saying buy this report and a Brinks dumptruck will back up and dump bricks of Benjamins on you.

That’s wishful dreaming stupid talk. But here’s what WILL happen–guaranteed:

When you start applying some of the simple distinctions I’ll share with you in your daily life…

  • You’ll see through the money machinations of daily life. You’ll see how other entrepreneurs have figured shit out for themselves and how they’re applying these principles. That means you’ll be able to steal pages from their books, like I do…
  • You’ll be able to use these principles to extract the maximum amount of money from every job, every opportunity, every business deal you’re involved in…
  • You attract luck and opportunity…
  • Others around you will think you’re a goddamn Warren Buffet. You’re attracting money, deals, opportunity, literally out of thin air. That alone makes you very attractive…
  • Even if you’re cash poor right now, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Why? Because you’ll know in your heart, gut and soul you can turn it around quickly with just one quality money move.

So go ahead, snap this up right now and click the button below while you can…

Listen, I wish someone would have pulled back the curtain and shared these with me sooner. Now, I’m sharing them with you.

Is there a guarantee?

Yeah, of course there’s a guarantee I’d be
a total chode if I didn’t offer it, wouldn’t I?

So go ahead read the report. When you do, one of two things will happen.

Either you jaw will drop because for the first time, you have a personal road, guidebook, blueprint for how you should conduct yourself to give money the opportunity to take notice of you.

We’re talking nothing that’s difficult or even takes money.

These are daily, hourly, even moment to moment actions that keep you on course towards your financial goals.

They’re easy to commit to memory. I have. When you do, you’ll watch the “autopilot phenomena” kick in as you unconsciously start making the right decisions, the right choices.

And at that point, something magical happens.

This is what is happening to me at the moment…

  • I do big scale product launches that’ll run for a couple of days.
  • I’ll collaborate and do a JV with someone, or speak at their event.
  • I’ll put together little masterminds to help guys solve one particular nagging issue their lives, and that coaching will generate thousands.

Listen, here’s the deal:

The big business owners need someone they can trust who will mind the till. Keep the wheels on the bus. So that they can call the shots and enjoy their wealth.

That’s what you are being groomed for. At best, being their business caretaker.

Fvck that. I mean it.

With this “Make Money Want You” special report
in your hand, with its secrets committed to memory, it
can be YOU calling the shots and banking the big money

Just like I am.

But let’s say you read “Make Money Want You” and it’s not the breakthrough you were anticipating…

Or let’s say you think my ideas are lame and will never work for you…

Or let’s say you think the $39 bucks you just spent would done better for you sticking in g-strings at the Peppermint Rhino.

Then, no problem.

Just hit me up and I’ll refund on the spot. And you can keep “Make Money Want You” as my way of saying thank you for trusting me.

Maybe someday, you’ll dust it off take a second look and give it a chance, make a million or two and realize I was right along.

Listen, I’m like that…

Either way, I want you to get the benefit. Either now, or when it’s time for you to make the money-making shift you deserve.

So go ahead, there’s no risk. Pick up your copy risk free–before time runs out.

Just to Recap:

Make Money Want You’s 13 Fortune-building Distinctions…

  • Banishes self-doubt and implicitly creates certainty of your financial future
  • Forever unlocks the shackles that have made you a working slave
  • Gives you 13 little-understood insights Money Giants use to structure the best opportunities, deals and businesses for you and your empire
  • Leaves even your most enviable competitors in the dust because YOU alone understand things they NEVER will
  • Creates ultimate financial freedom: because financial freedom FIRST exists in the mind long before it can exist anywhere else in your life

With these 13 distinctions, you’re on your way!

One More Cool “Make Money Want You”
Real Life Example and I’m Outta Here…

If you think I’m anything special, you’d be wrong. Listen to this:

I took an Uber the other day. And I’m chatting with the driver.

Now, Uber drivers are totally being screwed over, but if you have a little time on your hands, have a nice car and don’t mind driving, it can pay the bills.

The guy who was my Uber driver, his name is Anton, he knows this.

So what does Anton do when he’s not making Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick uber-fucking-rich?

He’s got this friend at a local car auction who let’s him have first dibs on any car before it goes to auction block.

He buys the car, gives his friend some “thank you” money and the next thing he does is fix up the car up, giving it whatever it needs.

It may need new rims, new upholstering, or some minor dent work. Nothing big like you see on Fast and Loud – Gas Monkey Garage.

Here’s the takeaway: When he buys, he’s using “Make Money Want You” Distinctions #2 and #7. And when he sells the car, he uses Distinctions #3, #4 and #13 brilliantly.

Bottom line? He makes no less
than $5K in pure profit per car.

Auto dealerships don’t even make that much profit on a car.

Do one of those a week, and you’ve got a $260,000 a year revenue stream, doing what you love.

Not bad for an part-time Uber driver, is it?

Listen, this is important. Let me put the
“Make Money Want You” Special Report
in your hands risk-free…

Let it work its magic.

You’ll start seeing the world in a whole new way. And when you do, money will perk its ears up and see who has entered the room.

And it’ll follow you about as you go about your daily life. Quickly, it’ll be calling its friends like equity participation deals… new business startups… and joint ventures.

Plus occasional cash windfalls. All directly into your bank account.

Your copy of “Make Money want You” is waiting for you right now. But don’t delay, ok?

If you do, you’ll total screw yourself over by ignoring Distinctions #2, #7 and #9. Don’t let that happen.

I’ve taken away all the risk. It’s in your hands now.

I hope I’ve I’ve made my case for you being the badass multimillionaire.

You have the vision, right? Click the button below and show me you do…