Jay Bailey – 9 Day Calendar Deep Dive 2023
  • Jay Bailey – 9 Day Calendar Deep Dive 2023

Jay Bailey – 9 Day Calendar Deep Dive 2023

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Jay Bailey – 9 Day Calendar Deep Dive 2023

What you can expect to learn from our new short course: The 9-Day (Actually 10-Day) Calendar a Deep Dive.

Class Description: We are excited to continue in our new On Demand Video Series, which will take a “Deep Dive” into many of our most Popular and Successful Option Strategies! Our next release is the “The 9-Day (Actually 10-Day) Calendar. Jay Bailey, veteran Options trader and long time Mentor at Sheridan Options Mentoring, has developed a new On Demand Deep Dive Class. This class Laser focuses on The 9-Day (Actually 10-Day) Calendar. Jay dives deep with his Trade Basics, Setup, Position Delta & Break evens and so much more. Join Jay in this On Demand Class, as he share this Calendar Strategy with you!

As with all our courses, you will have a dedicated Class Page with the Videos and Power Point Slides which you will have access to. The most important thing on the student Class Page in my opinion, is the Q and A Button you can click on to Ask questions about the Class Material. This way, you get the teaching, and also the ability to ask Jay questions if you don’t understand something!

In this course you will learn:

– The Greeks: Monthly vs Shorty
– Principles of Short Term Trades
– Conditions for placing a 9-Day Calendar
– Jay Breaks Down: Setup, 2 Adjustment Options, and the Exit Plan!
– Calendar Profit and Loss
– Adjustment Notes
– And Much More!

Class Specifics:

  • 1+ hour of recordings archived for your review.
  • 16 Powerpoint slides in PDF format.
  • You can email questions directly to Jay with your “Ask Jay a Question” button on your archive class page.

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