Jeff Augen – Weekly Short Butterfly
  • Jeff Augen – Weekly Short Butterfly

Jeff Augen – Weekly Short Butterfly

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Jeff Augen – Weekly Short Butterfly

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SMB is recognized for teaching new and semi-experienced traders how to profitably trade equities.

SMB was founded by two well-educated, experienced, and active traders, who have collectively traded for 25 plus years. During these years we have learned and utilized different trading styles to become well-rounded, self-directed, consistently profitable traders.

A few years ago we realized that the market was harder to navigate than when we began.

It was more difficult for a new trader to become profitable without advanced training and mentoring from professional traders.

And thus there was need for a training program and trader mentoring that considered these changes.

SMB created a world class training program so that new traders are given the best chance to succeed. And now all the training that we offer our professional proprietary traders is offered to you.

SMB’s Options Tribe is an online community of options traders dedicated to sharing successful options trading ideas with all of our members worldwide.

Each week the community will meet online for the primary purpose of watching live presentations made by veteran options traders and experts in the world of options trading.

On August 20 renowned options educator Jeffrey Augen introduced the Weekly Short Butterfly Trade Course that he produced for the SMBU Options Strategy Series.

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