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Jesse Mecham - YNAB System BONUS

Jesse MechamYNAB System BONUS

Lindsay Burgess
Over the years, we have had different slogans and messages, our marketing has tried to describe YNAB in many different ways. But, hand on heart, my favorite is that you never planned like this.

I love it because it conveys hope and opportunity. And I love it because it’s true. Many people tried to manage their money in different ways, and nothing ever worked out-until YNAB. Here’s why:

Real Money, In Real Time
Most budgets are backward. You start by projecting or guessing what your income will be, and then planning how to spend that money. However, the further you go in this exercise, the less accurate your assumptions will be about your income or expenses. (Go on, I’ll let you try to accurately predict your spending even for a week.) What is the result? You are always in the dark, wondering and waiting for the other Shoe to fall.

With YNAB, you only have the budget money you have right now. This is a distribution system, not a forecasting system. So you are on solid ground, fully aware of what you have and where you are going.

When you have only budget money, you can have complete, perfect confidence in the plan you have just drawn up. It doesn’t depend on what may or may not happen. This is Your bonus that is really going to be that big? Is your brother-in-law really going to pay you back? Confidence-whether you knew it or not-is why you need a budget.

Change Is The Only Constant
If it’s not possible to accurately predict your spending, your budget should be flexible and adaptable, right? Except that most budget systems resolutely ” set it up and forget about it.”You make a budget at the beginning of the month, carve it in stone, and valiantly try to twist the fates and laws of the Universe so that the month turns out exactly as you guessed, uh, projected. Oh, and then beat yourself up and feel guilty when you don’t.

This is not a winning strategy.

Ynab budget turns the entire exercise on its head with one simple idea: you can and should change your budget. When your plans change, you change your budget to follow their example. It’s just like everything else. Yesterday I planned to write for four hours until the school called to say that he was ill and I needed to pick him up. It happens in your life, and it happens in your budget.

This does not mean that YNAB’s budget will not hold you accountable. Since you only work with real money that you already have, the bottom line is that you make a profit. You just admit that you didn’t have a crystal ball when you first allocated those dollars. Changing your budget makes you nimble, forces you to make a budget, and as a result, you almost don’t feel as stressed about money. As I said, You never planned like this…

Your Future Self Will Thank You
Most budgets are built on fiction-they pretend to predict possible future revenues and expenditures. They are strict and tough and make you feel bad when you guess wrong (so, all the time). On THE other hand, ynab’s budget prepares you for the future in two specific ways:

Just because you can’t accurately predict your spending doesn’t mean you can’t make a budget for it. These student loans during the grace period must eventually be repaid. Your family will eventually want to go on vacation. Your car will break down. Even if you don’t know exactly how much these things will cost, treating them as monthly expenses and saving money every month (you know, with the real money you have) ensures that the money will be there when you need it. No stress or credit cards required.
Ynab’s budget encourages you-and teaches you how-to get at least one month ahead of your spending. You gradually set aside more and more paychecks this month to Fund spending next month, until-one magic day – you spend money today that you earned at least 30 days ago. And poof! Your stress is gone. When the invoice arrives, you just pay it. Nothing wrong. You have the luxury of time to deal with the unexpected and surprising.
It’s different because it works
Budgeting with YNAB works. Don’t waste any more time on tight budgets that deal with fake money and make you feel guilty. Budgeting is not about feeling guilty, ashamed, or sorry, it’s about knowing what you want and making informed decisions that will help you achieve it.

You know what you want. Now get ready for the fact that budgeting with YNAB can get you there.

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