Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options
  • Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options

Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options

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Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options

Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options

Embark on a journey to real estate success with Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options course, a comprehensive course designed to teach you the ins and outs of lease options in today’s competitive market. 

This course is a goldmine for anyone looking to dive into real estate investment, offering strategies for immediate cash, cash flow, and future cash gains.

Course Overview

Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options course is a meticulously crafted course that provides a deep dive into the world of lease options. It covers everything from the basics to advanced strategies, ensuring you understand how to succeed in this niche.

 Whether a beginner or an experienced investor, this course has something for everyone.

Course Insights

  1. Introduction to Lease Options: Gain a comprehensive overview of lease options, including sample deals and essential tips for getting started.
  2. Marketing for Sellers – Part 1 & 2: Learn the best marketing strategies to find sellers for lease option deals, including creative and ‘ninja’ tactics.
  3. Talking to Sellers: Master the art of communication with sellers, knowing exactly what to say and what questions to ask.
  4. Making Offers to Motivated Sellers: Discover how to make compelling offers and present them effectively to sellers.
  5. The Simple Contracts: Learn how to craft the right contracts to close deals quickly and efficiently.
  6. Wholesaling Lease Options (Assignments): Explore Joe McCall’s signature method of wholesaling lease options and assigning contracts.
  7. Advertising the House / Finding Tenant-Buyers: Once you have a house under contract, learn how to advertise it and find the right buyers.
  8. Land Contracts and Subject-To’s: Expand your knowledge with alternative strategies like land contracts and Subject-To’s.
  9. Scaling, Systems, and Outsourcing: Build systems and hire the right people to work less and earn more.

Exclusive Bonuses

The course also includes several valuable bonuses:

  1. 30 Days FreedomSoft: Get a business-in-a-box with all your marketing and automation needs covered, with a reimbursement for the first 30 days.
  2. Automated Offer Pro Software: Access REI Simple, a custom software built for lease options and wholesaling, with 3 months free.
  3. Coaching Support: Enjoy 90 days of access to Joe’s Inner Circle, including onboarding calls, weekly coaching calls, and a private Facebook group.
  4. Review Your Offers & Partner On Deals: Get an expert review of your offers and partnership opportunities on deals.
  5. Seller Leads: Receive 4,000 free leads from Zillow & FreedomSoft.
  6. Fast Start Bonus Courses: Start immediately without waiting for all modules to be released.
  7. Virtual Assistant Resource Center: Hire a pre-trained VA with 10 free hours or get training for your VA.

Who Should Enroll?

Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options course is perfect for:

  • Real estate investors are seeking to expand their portfolios with lease options.
  • Beginners are eager to step into the real estate market.
  • Experienced investors looking for new strategies in a competitive market.
  • Is anyone interested in generating multiple streams of income through real estate?

Why This Course?

Joe McCall’s course stands out for its practical, real-world approach. It’s not just about learning theories; it’s about applying them in real-world scenarios. 

The course is packed with actionable insights, innovative strategies, and expert advice that can significantly improve your real estate investment strategies.

Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options course is an essential course for anyone looking to master the art of real estate investment through lease options. With its comprehensive coverage of strategies, hands-on techniques, and expert insights, this course is a valuable resource for anyone serious about excelling in the world of real estate. 

Enroll now and transform your approach to real estate investment with the guidance of an industry expert.