Joel Bauer – Profit Point Mastery


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Joel Bauer – Profit Point Mastery

Joel Bauer – Profit Point Mastery

In 90 Minutes Over 35% Of The Room Wants To Buy Whatever You Have! This Is Realistic After Two Intense Days…

Joel Bauer has been a Platform Closer for over 27 years with a consistent sales record of 27% to 73% of the buying heads in virtually any room.

His skills are transferable…

Joe Polish & Mitch Carson asked Joel to expose precisely how he builds a pitch from creating instant rapport/attention to herds rushing the paper table signing on your dotted line. Bauer agreed to December 9th and 10th in Woodland Hills California for a group no larger than 35 paid professionals to tip all. Participants were able to build and present their closing pitch following this two-day intensive hands-on training boot camp.

This is the ultimate transformational training for aspiring or professional communicators, platform closers and master persuaders.

Anyone who needs to negotiate effectively with the hearts and minds of an audience is going to be able to generate massive gains and massive transformation through the Profit Point Experience.

You will be able to do what you’ve never done, one-on-one, one-on-50 and one-on-50,000 on television, radio, newspapers and magazines!

Differentiation Tactics That Make All Of Your Competition Minor League And YOU The Only And Obvious Choice In Your Market
Jaw-dropping techniques to build immediate credibility and rapport so that people will believe in you from the first few seconds
Simple transformation mechanisms to gain the instant attention of those who normally wouldn’t give you the time of day, who don’t care if you live or die. Strangers will hang on your every word and move you make…
How to identify your prospecťs biggest problem and concerns… and how you can give a solution and exceed his expectations
How to get customers begging you for the solution and only reveal your system at the right time
How to qet the applause, kudos and results in people approvinq of you, ravinq fans wantinq to do business with you
How to build your arsenal of testimonials to secure attention and credibility… how you qet the riqht words from people who believe in you
Learn to retrain your voice, intonation and modulation…I will turn you into a master communicator, able to separate people from their money and also impact them in chanqinq their thouqhts.
The Secrets to use Movements and Touch to make people love and adore you… You will learn the science of kinetics, body lanquaqe, lanquaqe skills and vocabulary… and how to connect with the audience at the riqht time with personal eye contact.
I will teach you how to motivate people to do thinqs they would never do… without even uttering a word.
How to build your product, system and service in its entirety at a fraction of what you miqht think it would cost. When you distribute it, you’ll make a fortune
How to identify your passion, what it is you love and convert it to a messaqe that matches the market
How to create PowerPoint presentations that are unforqettable, impactful and brinq in the results. You will build your closinq presentation and desiqns from scratch with my wealth-buildinq templates
How to interpret an imaqe, tie it into a presentation and make that emotionally compellinq
How to set up the room correctly when you do have an opportunity to communicate to a massive group versus just one. You will know exactly the riqht audio and visual equipments I use… and the type of qraphics to have in the backqround. It will have your personal DNA…. your thumbprint
Discover your level of enerqy and intensity with the audience. Learn about the meet and qreet in the room. I will show you how to be sincere and speak from the heart. You will learn how to let go of your baggage and your ego to be with the audience
How to target the audience that specifically you want to penetrate. You will learn how to create exposure and connect with them emotionally so they end up investing in you.