Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program
  • Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

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Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program


Lesson #1: The “Secret Side Door” to Financial Copywriting 

This lesson is all about why there’s so much opportunity in the financial industry and how YOU can be a part of it. You’ll also discover why you do not need to be a financial expert to become a financial copywriter.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get an insider’s view of the Agora Hierarchy—including their publishing funnel
  • The top 3 things beginners should do to get good at financial copywriting
  • Why the biggest misconception about financial publishing doesn’t apply anymore
  • All about the financial industry’s avatar- and why “Grandpa Kurt” is phasing out as the financial world’s most prominent buyer

PLUS see an exclusive BONUS Q&A with Aaron DeHoog, Executive Publisher at Banyan Hill 

(who said these questions were so good he felt like he was being interviewed for a job)

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Lesson #2: How to Write A Million-Dollar Promo

During this lesson, you’ll start to dive into what makes financial promos work and bring in the big bucks. You’ll see exactly how Banyan Hill and Money Map publishers recommend you avoid making a very common (and critical) mistake with your financial copy.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at Banyan Hill’s Next Gen Coin: one of the top front-end promos in all of Agora right now
  • Get a live look at one of Joshua Lee Henry’s newest promos
  • Hear how “Big Ideas” are born (and which ones succeed)
  • See the start-to-finish system for crafting a financial promotion (front and backend!)
  • Learn the proven process Agora writers use to create new promos
  • See what you can do today to start planning your first financial promotion
  • Check out a successful backend promo breakdown from Money Map Press, start to finish
  • Get specific examples of current successful sales pages and VSLs

Plus, a bonus Q&A with writers and publishers from Banyan Hill and Money Map Press.

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Lesson #3: How The Pros Turn Research Into Riches

It’s time to figure out who you’re writing for and how you will speak to them. This avatar has changed quite a bit recently so having an insider’s perspective, like your mentors will give you, is critical to your success. You’ll also see how the best copywriters and publishers perform research that is thorough and effective.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • See how 7-figure copywriters do research effectively, from new promo start to a complete launch
  • Discover where to look if you want to find “golden nuggets” of interesting information for your promo
  • Find out why you should stop obsessing over the “big idea” – and instead hone your researching skills
  • See how to turn boring facts, stats, and data points into compelling benefits
  • Learn how to make legal review a breeze by researching right
  • See why you should never delete anything
  • Learn how to craft a story using the research you’ve done
  • Get a fail-proof guide for organizing your research and ideas
  • And more!

Plus a bonus Q&A with Carolynn Ananian, Copywriter at Stansberry Research

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Lesson #4: Creating Great Leads and Hooks for Financial Copy

This is where you will learn about the most important part of your copy – the lead. In the financial copy industry, there are certain rules that our experts recommend you follow and they want to show you each and every one of them in this powerful lesson.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Hear the Carrot Top Copywriting Secret for Telling Your Story
  • Discover what copywriters can learn from successful visual comedians
  • Learn the art of writing visual copy.
  • See how to use callbacks and memetic devices to sell products effortlessly
  • Learn how to supercharge your big ideas (instead of forcing them)
  • See why tangible visual representations are an expert copywriter’s pocket ace
  • Find out to avoid “cute” copy and instead write fewer words masterfully
  • Discover how one simple visual can make or break your entire message

Plus a bonus Q&A with Kevin Rogers

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program

Lesson #5: Compliance and the FTC

There are a lot of BIG do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing copy in the financial industry, and our experts will share everything you need to know to pass any compliance tests.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Receive simple guidelines to follow when writing compliant copy
  • Discover why compliance is NOT what A-list copywriters focus on (and what to set your sights on instead)
  • Learn why the FTC crackdown is good for the financial publishing industry
  • See the biggest difference between good and scammy copy
  • Come away with tips to leverage compliance restrictions so you can beat the competition every time
  • Get the “cheat code” that turns working with legal into a dream instead of a nightmare
  • Find out how to switch your mindset and see the freedom regulation gives you as a copywriter

Plus a bonus Q&A with Tim Diering from Banyan Hill and Dave Maswary of Next Phase Media

Lesson #6: Pro Tips for Breaking Into the Industry

You’ve put in the reps and learned what it takes to write high-performing financial copy, now it’s time to get hired. This lesson is all about the steps you need to take to get hired and break into the industry.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get The Financial Copywriting Field Guide for getting good and getting hired quickly in an industry that can’t hire copywriters fast enough
  • See which companies you should research to rapidly absorb the best of the best in the financial industry (and which ones to avoid)
  • Discover the best way to get in front of your dream clients and start conversations (even if you’ve never had a financial copywriting job before!)
  • Learn how to get publishers to chase after you(Joshua will show you his exact process you can easily replicate)
  • Find out what to read to get up to speed and remain knowledgeable in a rapidly changing industry
  • See how to interview like a “pro” and get paid what you deserve
  • Get the best way to follow up with potential clients after you’ve contacted them (don’t approach anyone without learning this method first)

Plus, a bonus Q&A with Joshua Lee Henry and an “all-star” WOFC panel. 

(This is where you can hear the entertaining “whiskey bottle” story with Agora copy chiefs, from the 2019 Copy Chief Live event.)

Lesson #7: Advanced Financial Copywriting Training

How to Recession-Proof Your Financial Career – Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of financial copy, it’s time to polish that diamond even further with more advanced tactics including how to continue your education and continue to grow your new career path. No matter what’s happening in the economy or on Wall Street.

In this lesson you’ll…

  • Get tips from an executive financial publisher for landing financial copy gigs when the markets are down
  • Receive strategies for leveraging your Copy Chief membership to build your financial career
  • See why the financial world will always be a lucrative opportunity for dedicated writers
  • Discover how to set yourself apart so your career always stays steady even if a downturn hits
  • Find out how the best financial copywriters still pull in the big bucks even in a bear market
  • Find out how to stabilize your copywriting career and prep for the next big bull market on Wall Street
  • Hear how financial publishers are making plans to succeed if a recession hits.

Plus, see a bonus Q&A with Aaron DeHoog, Kevin Rogers, and Joshua Lee Henry

BONUS Lesson #8: Financial Copywriting Experts Panel

6 Female Financial Copywriting Pros Talk About Life in the Most Competitive Career Field (and how They Succeed)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it in financial publishing- one of the most competitive fields in copywriting? There are many paths to success in the world of financial copy, and not every path looks the same. But there are a few key factors that make financial copywriters successful—no matter what path they choose.

In this BONUS Lesson, The Financial Copywriting Experts Panel, you’ll hear from these copywriting pros…

  • Carolynn Ananian—Copy Chief badassador. Copywriter at Stansberry
  • Renee LeMire—Senior Retention Manager at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Angela Jirau—Former Publisher in charge of The Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Sarah Glassman—Business Growth Consultant with decades of experience in financial publishing
  • Jennifer Somerville—Director of Product Development at Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Lindsey Sprute—Chief Marketing Officer at Banyan Hill Publishing

In this Q&A panel, you’ll …

  • Learn career success strategies from these top-performing women of the financial copywriting world
  • Hear answers to so-called “taboo” questions of the financial copywriting world
  • Get answers to burning questions about life as a woman in financial copywriting
  • Learn how to succeed massively in copywriting… even when the odds are against you
  • Get pro-level secrets for making a name for yourself in the fin-pub space
  • Learn what to do (and what not to do) if you want to break into the financial copywriting world successfully regardless of your background or where you’re coming from.

Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program