Julie Renee – Supple Spine Quantum Regeneration and Health Restored
  • Julie Renee – Supple Spine Quantum Regeneration and Health Restored

Julie Renee – Supple Spine Quantum Regeneration and Health Restored | Instant Download !

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Julie Renee – Supple Spine Quantum Regeneration and Health Restored | Instant Download !


Now You Can Experience Quantum Shifts in your spine with a simple hand pump technique!

Is your spine healthy? Does it bend and flex and allow you a firm and strong place to support your core from? I’ve learned so much about the spine. The wisdom it holds for us: the intricate balance of life direction, for example how you meet life with flexibility or unbendable rigidity. This spine has become a physical record of our present incarnations history. It is as if our vital backbone is living timeline ~ right in our physical being!

We delve into the spine from the metaphysical as well and the physical correction and revitalization. We’ll be looking to use our quantum activation techniques to restore great body alignment with the flow of grace and ease in every day.

As I mentioned the spine is a timeline, a document of our childhood through old age. It is a measure of how well we have been able to fully own and live in our body and receive the vital flow of energy from nerves and synovial fluid. As well the spine is particularly accessible to problems of spiritual interferences that cause bone pain like the entire grouping of Demons we have just mapped in our spiritual interference training.

In this 4-hour training we’ll address both the actual spine, bone and nerve structure with all its parts allow with the aspect of the spine that is our bodies timeline. We’ll in each training do both a powerful clearing using a chart created just for this particular group of 2018 students clearing right permission and ability, nature of, programs brands labels, realms and timelines, emotional and mental anchors, anchors and spiritual interferences 1-40. Thousands of items cleared in our 4 hours of focused restoration of the spine.

We’ll also be doing cellular neo genesis for the spine in all it’s wonder and function.

Your spine is connected to everything. How your body and musculature function, how your nerves flow and even if you’re going to have good sexual experiences. All are directed from a healthy or challenged spine.

In a down hill skiing accident I broke my spine. I endured the pain of an L1 compression fracture where 35% of one side of the L1 was crushed. The option of filling the area with cement went off the table as I was put in a full body brace for 4 truly unpleasant months. The brace made my back worse, my spine developed a strange crookedness and the doctors said that’s all we can do, saying I would likely lose my ability to walk at some point as the area of the spine affected controls walking.

I have in more recent times had my spine x-rayed to the wonderment of the doctors who see the fracture and the missing element, yet, it is relatively straight, gives me no trouble and no pain. How can that be? You should be in a lot of pain all the time…no, I assure you I am not. And I was told I would never be able to lift more than 10 pounds. I tote Little missy around all day long she is 27 plus ponds with zero problems.

We don’t know what our perfect healing and restoration will be, sometimes things grow back while other times as if by magic, we are well even though the appearance says otherwise. What do you need to heal? Imagine no stress or pain in your back, your spin supple, strong and sure. It would reflect a new stronger more confident you with a strong determination for living life fully.