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  • Kara Andretta – Screw Cake Pricing

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Kara Andretta – Screw Cake Pricing

The secret strategy to finally selling your cakes for what they’re worth even if you hate quoting prices!

Welcome to SCREW CAKE PRICING: The secret non-cake strategies to finally selling your cakes for what they’re worth even if you hate quoting prices

Your cake selling is about to get easier, and your cake pricing is about to get bigger!

Selling a cake (at any price) ISN’T ABOUT THE PRICE AT ALL! It’s not about your competition, or the undercutting garage sale bakers, or customers who don’t understand the work that goes into a custom cake like yours. You’ve been focusing on the wrong things.

And that’s why I want you to say SCREW IT!

The fact that you’ve found this page is because you aren’t confident in your cake pricing and selling as you want to be. They probably even make you uncomfortable.

You’re unsure of what marketing is and how it works.

You’ve even cringed when quoting a cake price even though it was lower than what you wanted to say…

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I know – and that’s why I created this course. You’ve been doing it wrong all this time, but it isn’t your fault, because you simply haven’t been show how to do it better than the rest!

What if…

What if I told you that you could be only one small tweak away from unlocking the customers you want who will happily pay you what you deserve?

What if you never had to worry about stating a price or defending why your cake costs what it does (even when you actually charge the right amount)?

Imagine no more “educating” your customers because you attract the right ones to begin with, weeding out the “Champagne taste on a beer budget” crowd before they even contact you for a quote…

Imagine charging what you are worth, taking home a paycheck, building a comfortable nest egg in your business so never have to take money out of your pocket to cover costs again…

What would it feel like to work less, make more money, and have time for a LIFE outside of caking once again? One where you don’t obsess about caking while you’re living?

What’s waiting for you…

But if you want to know a bit about what’s inside, here’s a preview of what you’ll get once you’re part of the revolutionary community of truly stealthy caker marketers (yeah, you’re gonna be that cool!):

  • 5 weeks with Live video lessons* for you to discover a new topic and ask your questions live afterwards. Topics include, but are not limited to: attracting the right clients, storytelling in your marketing, the science of buying and selling, how to price your cakes easily (and to save your sanity); how to communicate effectively with a customer, and how to close a sale and be sure they come back and bring their friends… and more!
  • After the Live Webinar, you’ll have access to the replay as well as printable transcripts
  • BIG ONE HERE: additional mini-lessons built to address all questions that come in during and after the webinar. Your situation is slightly different from everyone else’s and needs to be addressed. So you ask, I create a lesson to cover it. YAY for customized solutions!
  • LIVE Open Q&A group coaching call
  • BONUS: The exclusive Facebook Screw Cake Pricing hang out where we’ll continue our journey, transformation, and support. Because everyone hangs out on Facebook, we might as well meet there, too 🙂
  • BONUS: On April 4th you’ll get access to the most life changing portion of our course and one that will serve you well beyond the boundaries of caking: the Cake Brain Mini-Course.
  • BONUS: After the course has completed and been revamped for 2.0, you will get automatic access [FREE] since you helped me refine and finish creating this first release of the course. I always take care of my Pro Cake University Alum family! 🙂
  • Most importantly: A new lease on your cake career and life with confidence you’ve never experiencedfreedom to chose how you run your business rather than reacting to what it needs from you, and a renewed passion for your caking.

*Worried about attending live? DON’T! You get the replay right away and all questions will be answered. While I would love to see you live, you will miss out on nothing at all if you can’t watch them at that time. I’ve created this course to work with your schedule.

I wonder if you realize how powerful this one time investment can be for you and your business…

You’re probably think about whether this course will be worth the money… And I’m glad you brought it up.

–> What if this single investment paid itself back in the first month? And then repaid itself multiple time every month, multiplying over and over through your caking career?

–> Would it be worth it to not have to deal with the clients who want to nickel and dime you and negotiate a better price no matter what you quote?

–> Would it be worth the $197 to be able to finally charge what you are worth CONFIDENTLY and without worry?

–> What if you had more time to live YOUR LIFE doing non-cake things and not obsess about cake the whole time?

–> And what if you had a coach to guide you to all of these things who has a proven track record of coaching cakers to new BIG levels of there careers, and more importantly their LIVES?

I’m going to be honest here, that’s a steal, and one that I won’t be offering at this price again. The next enrollment for Screw Cake Pricing will cost more.

So you can do one of two things: join me right now by enrolling with that bright button just below, or wait until more of the clients you want have passed you by and the course costs more.

Sooner or later you’re going to realize that you need to learn how to sell and market like a successful business owner.

If you don’t, you’re guaranteed to burn, resent caking, and out and go out of business.

Not selling your product + not making the right money = no more business.

That goes for all businesses – your cake business included.


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