Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop
  • Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop

Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop

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Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop

Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop

Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop

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Design and Develop Trading Strategies For ANY Market…Plus Trade Confidently and Fearlessly!

  • Have you ever developed a terrific looking strategy, only to lose money trading it live? ​
  • Do you know if your trading systems really have an “edge?”
  • Do you keep testing – adding rules and filters – until your backtest looks awesome?
  • Do you struggle to find new trading ideas?
​​The Strategy Factory Workshop now includes IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all
​material, PLUS an invitation for ALL future LIVE online workshops!

The Strategy Factory® Is The Answer!

If you said “yes” to one or more of the questions above, my “Strategy Factory®” workshop may be just what you need.  After getting instant access to over 20 hours of instructional videos, followed by a one-day 8 hour live online class and 2 months of one-on-one e-mail support, you’ll have the know-how to start up and operate your own “Strategy Factory” – a repeatable process to successfully develop multiple algorithmic trading strategies and automated trading strategies.

This is not your typical trading course: This is a complete workshop on proper algorithmic strategy development, taught by award winning full time trader and best selling author Kevin Davey (that’s me!).  PLUS, you’ll also receive fully disclosed code for 7 automated trading strategies – identical or nearly identical strategies to ones that I actually trade.

Join traders from across the world who have benefited from the Strategy Factory Workshop!

Does This Describe Your Trading?

My “Strategy Factory” Can Help You Avoid This!

I compare creating trading strategies to manufacturing a product in a factory.  In any kind of factory, raw material comes in one door, various machines and people transform the material inside the facility, and the finished product goes out the exit door.  The same idea applies to trading strategies.  Trading ideas come in one door, you (and your trading tools and software) evaluate the idea, improve it, assemble it, polish it, etc. in the factory, and then a finished strategy exits the factory, ready to trade.Creating strategies is NOT easy work, but doing it yourself – designing and developing strategies the right way – is MUCH, MUCH better than buying strategies from unscrupulous vendors, or subscribing to signals.  Why?

  • No strategy lasts forever.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask stock market “buy and hold” advocates about that strategy.  It worked great, until 2008-9 when the market gave back 25+ years of gains.
  • No matter what strategy you use to trade, your best bet is to assume it will stop working, and plan accordingly.  Having new strategies waiting to be traded is the best way to survive the trading game.
  • Another reason to have multiple strategies is diversification.  Diversification is key.  If you trade one strategy, you are at mercy of that strategy.  If it starts doing poorly, as all strategies do, you are in trouble.
  • If you add one or more uncorrelated strategies to your portfolio, your equity curve will get smoother, and drawdowns typically will decrease.  Having a strategy factory allows you to develop, implement and trade multiple, uncorrelated strategies.
  • Finally, as your account grows, you’ll want to trade more strategies.  With larger accounts, you might run into trade size issues.  Having more trading strategies, developed with a Strategy Factory, will allow you to add new strategies, diversify your portfolio and keep your size manageable as your equity grows.

Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop

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Why Am I Called “A Little Rat” In This Review of My Workshop?
5 Star Review – “Kevin Davey continues to produce stellar trading results. 100% verifiable. 100% transparent.​”  Read the review to find out why I am called “A Little Rat” !!!

This Course Can Be Free!Through a special program I have with Tradestation, if you fund a new account at Tradestation, you can receive 20% commission rebates until the course is 100% paid for!  Click here for more details.

Proud and Active Members Of The Strategy Factory ClubIn September of 2017, 25 Strategy Factory students – Club members who previously attended the online workshop – traveled to Cleveland Ohio for a long weekend of trading collaboration, advanced instruction and lots of good meals (group dinner at my house is shown below).
Think about that for a minute – these traders all paid for the online workshop, concluded they received a ton of value, THEN decided to spend more time and money to travel to Cleveland to collaborate with other Strategy Factory students.  That to me shows you the value of the workshop – traders are actively using the Strategy Factory process in their daily trading!
These traders are all active in the Strategy Factory Club, so as you submit strategies, you will be sharing with some of these traders.
How Does the Strategy Factory Workshop Work?First, a week before the all day workshop, you can have a 15 minute online meeting with me, one on one (or you can save it for later).  I want to understand your experience, your likes and dislikes, and your learning style to help me present the right info to you during the class.  Remember, there are limited new students in each workshop, so you’ll end up feeling like I am talking to you, and you alone!
During the class, over the course of 8 hours, you’ll learn:

  • How To Find Trading Ideas
  • How To Properly Test a Strategy
  • How To Evaluate – 10+ Ways to Evaluate a Trading System
  • How To Build a Strategy
  • Why Goals and Objectives Are CRITICAL to Your Success
  • How To Test the Wrong Way
  • Why You Need a Strategy Factory
  • How to Select a Trading Software Package
  • How To Recognize Testing Pitfalls
  • How To Avoid 9 Terrible Mistakes I’ve Made in Trading
  • Why You Won’t Get Burned Again By Snake Oil Vendors
  • How To Separate Trading Fiction From Trading Fact
  • Who to Believe in Trading, and Who Not to Believe – And Why
  • How to Look at an Equity Chart And Tell if it is Fake
  • How To Test – 4 Ways of Testing a Strategy
  • Why Monte Carlo Testing Can Rescue Your Trading
  • How Incubation Helps Make You a Professional Trader

Here is what the workshop day will look like:

  • Session 1:  Overview of Process, Discuss the Foundation of the Strategy Factory
  • Session 2:  Discuss Details of the Strategy Factory
  • Session 3:  In-Depth Strategy Factory Walk Through, Develop Strategy #1
  • Session 4:  Developing Strategy #2,  Reveal Strategy #3 and #4, Wrap Up

From Other Strategy Factory Traders…

“I was a decorated derivatives broker and a former Wall St trader. I rose quickly over the years at the firms I worked. As a Wall St trader, I closely watched and studied every trader I met. As a broker, I observed the strategies and PnL’s of well over 35,000 traders and their accounts. Yet in all this time, I never observed a trader as consistently successful as Kevin Davey. Kevin’s secret sauce is his process. I never saw a trader who had a process as thorough and well-developed as Kevin Strategy Factory Process. Therefore it should be no mystery why I never observed trading success that was as consistent and reproducible as Kevin Davey’s. This stuff can be learned, but it is seldom taught. Kevin’s Strategy Factory Workshop and its support are pure Gold.” – Ali F., Nebraska, US

“I have been trying various coaches, newsletters and the like and it is really refreshing to find someone with a process that makes sense and has some “meat on the bone” so to speak. Thanks again “ – Gary C, Florida, US – January 2016 attendee

“Absolutely fascinating day! Really, really good stuff. Sincere thanks, Kevin for an idea-enriching workshop!! “ – Luc V, Brussels, Belgium – January 2016 attendee

“This has revolutionized the way I develop strategies and given me the structure to follow through on my ideas.” – Jim W., New Hampshire, US

“Kevin and the Strategy Factory can help you make the leap from trading as a hobby to trading as a profession.” – Bryan, Omaha NE, US

“I really sense that you care about your students succeeding, its very refreshing, I just want you to know I appreciate that and realize how rare it is in this business.” – Jeff R, Vietnam

“Kevin’s support is excellent. The email replies were usually within an hour. That is great service. The support after the seminar is invaluable. Great job Kevin!” – Nov 2014 attendee

Instant Access To All Material, Plus A Live, Online, 8 Hour ClassWhen you sign up, I provide you with a full package of material.  It will take you a while to get through it all, but once you do you will be able to start developing strategies.  Plus, you are invited to the full day, live online event, so you can ask questions live and hear the questions of other students. The combination of recorded material, followed by a live class, has been shown to be a great way to learn new material.

The Workshop Is Fully Recorded, Plus You Can Attend More Than Once!This is a live online event, but don’t worry if you have to step away and miss some of the workshop.  Each workshop is recorded, so you can review the material over and over.  Plus, as long as space is available, you can attend later workshops for a “refresher,” to ensure you absorb all the information – at no additional charge!
My goal is to get you developing good trading strategies!​Added Bonus Benefit:
I have created a FREE optional addition to the Strategy Factory, utilizing the combined effort of the Factory students.  Basically, you can benefit from all other students who produce winning strategies.  I call it the “Strategy Factory Club.”  You get 3 strategy entries into the Club as part of the class.

This free membership is pretty simple:

  • Develop an algorithmic trading strategy, using the Strategy Factory process and principles
  • Have your trading strategy pass an evaluation phase (live simulated trading)
  • Share your trading system with other students
  • In return, you get verified strategies from other students

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