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Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – Instant Download!

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth


From the desks of Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

If you’re reading this page, the likelihood is you’ve seen the incredible content we’ve been releasing about this opportunity over the past week, have witnessed the astonishing student success stories …along with all the other undeniable proof that this system really works.

If you are poised and ready to get started right now, head down to the foot of the page and take action immediately…

This page will only be available for a very limited amount of time before we shut the doors and start the training — so time really is a critical factor here.

But if this happens to be your first time hearing about this, or you simply need a little more information, give us just 10 minutes of your time today so we can reveal…

How this breathtakingly simple system has produced life-changing results for many of our founding students…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

…and how we are VERY confident that if you take action, follow the steps and work hard, it could also do the same for you, regardless of your age, background or experience.

What we’re talking about today has got NOTHING to do with Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, AliExpress, Info Products, Crypto or any of the other popular “models”.

This is a PROVEN, rock-solid online sales system that we have been making millions with for years.

It’s easy to set up, suprisingly simple to run… and the good news for you is…

You can see results FAST…
You DON’T need to work 24 hours a day…
It’s rewarding and FUN…

…and most importantly, it has the potential to generate enough money for you to do what you want, whenever you want — FOREVER – if you take the “bull by the horns” and decide that you want to succeed.

However, just before we give you more detail on what this is and exactly how it works, let me give you…

A Quick-Fire Background On Who We Are…

If you don’t know already, I’m Aidan Booth, and my business partner is Steve Clayton.

Steve has been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate job in 2003.

He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K each month.

He then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is still at the core of our business today.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

For me, I started in 2006 with the idea of building a small income stream that would allow me to be geographically independent.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

I knew that I’d never be able to be completely free if I was tied down to a day job in my native New Zealand, so I set about finding a way to make more money.

To cut a long story short, within a couple of years I had managed to build a consistent online income of more than twenty thousand dollars a month.

As a result, I became officially free to live anywhere in the world, was able to quit my day-job and since then have never looked back.

So that is where it all started…

Fast-forward to the present day, our business has grown tremendously…

We now have multiple ventures that collectively generate 8-figures each year and have a team of over 60 employees who are based in the USA and all across the globe.

So… that’s a very brief background on us.

Now that you know who we are…

Here’s why we are exceptionally excited to share this information with you today…

What we are talking about is a business model that is predictable, reliable, scalable and that grows dramatically each year…

It’s something that we have been mastering for years and as you can see, the revenue and profits we make continue to rise dramatically to the point where we are currently generating results like this…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth


Incredible numbers as I’m sure you agree.

So let’s get straight into the meat of this and reveal the core process that stands behind this system.

To give you some context, most training courses which show you how to set up an eCommerce business selling products online, generally advise you to do your market research, choose ONE niche, and then pick (or create) ONE “hero” product to sell in that niche – certainly as a starting point.

Clearly, this strategy can work… and does work… because many people and companies have made a lot of money doing it “this” way…

However, we always saw an issue with this strategy (especially if you lack experience) for one very simple reason…

By choosing just one niche and one product, essentially what you are doing is putting ALL your eggs in one basket.

…and once you have bought your domain name, designed your branding and have ordered your first batch of inventory (which could set you back thousands), you are basically “ALL IN” on just *ONE* PRODUCT.

If there’s demand and you start to successfully sell, then that’s great… you’re making money.

However, if you were unfortunate enough to have read the market incorrectly and your product doesn’t sell, then you are in a whole world of hurt and subsequently could be down thousands of dollars in unsold stock.

That’s why we do things VERY differently.

With our approach, you DON’T need to spend weeks choosing a niche and “hero product”.

You DON’T NEED special permissions, licences or reseller certificates…

…and you DON’T NEED to invest in inventory upfront, or deal with overseas suppliers.

Here’s how it’s different…

  • We don’t search for products based on niche… we search for products based on what will MAKE PROFIT.
  • We test multiple products in multiple niches all at the same time.
  • We implement FREE traffic strategies to target people who are actively looking to buy these products.
  • We get INSTANT traction and sales.
  • We then eliminate products that don’t sell (and keep the ones that do)…

…then we keep rinsing and repeating the process to identify more and more profitable products to further increase our income.

The end result?

We end up with a large number of products that ALL convert to sales and profits!!

In other words, we don’t limit ourselves to selling ONE product, in ONE niche…

We sell 50 profitable products in MULTIPLE niches and make 50x as much money.

(…while eliminating ALL the risk associated with buying inventory upfront).

For us, it’s the easiest, fastest and most rational way of building an online business… and like we mentioned a moment ago…

We are generating thousands of dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY with this approach…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

However, I bet you’re wondering…

If we are making so much money doing this, why on earth wouldn’t we just keep it a secret?

Well, the fact is, most people would…

But the thing is, we love teaching people how to build online businesses.

We’ve been doing so for close to 15 years… and over that time we’ve had colossal numbers of success stories where people have completely changed their lives for the better.

For us, it’s the most satisfying thing in the world.

And that is why over the past 2 years we’ve been teaching other people how to use this incredible model using a training program that we call… THE KIBO CODE.

The fact is The Kibo Code has brought many of our students…


Students who took action, followed the system, put in the effort and were patient, have enjoyed incredible sales numbers. Take a look at these screenshots from the “achievements” section of our private members forum…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
…and check out some of these success stories from another section of the forum:

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Of course, not everyone started generating sales like this — The above examples are a selection of some of our most successful students and are not typical. Some people required more help and assistance… and of course some people never took any action at all! (bad move!)

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we don’t know what the average person has made using the Kibo Code training. We haven’t done any scientific surveys or studies, in part because we don’t know how many students dropped the ball and didn’t even try. However, we have heard from many many happy students through our forum who have successfully earned extra online income…

…and the examples above (and the others that we mention on this page) are from students who have shared their own success with us and others.

The point we are trying to make is that this is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme… this is a REAL way to make REAL money and build a REAL business, if you follow the steps and put the effort in.

Fast-forward to today, the current situation is that many of our founding members are STILL earning great money using the original Kibo system and have built up very successful businesses.

Check out some of these RECENT RESULTS from other successful students who put in the time and effort required…

The below numbers, from 3 separate students, represent their best 24 hour sales periods…Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

As I’m sure you can see, it’s as clear as day that this way of making money online really works, but of course, it only works IF you take action and put the effort in.

But the question remains, why are we telling you about all this today?

Well, even though the success rate has been incredible and the core model works exceptionally well, we are constantly looking for new ways to increase income for both us …and our students.

That’s why we spent a great deal of time in 2021 testing NEW ways to make MORE money with our eCommerce businesses…

…and this is where things get really exciting. Because…

During this period of research, we made a MASSIVE DISCOVERY

A discovery that has made us as much as $35,239 in sales during ONE SINGLE DAY


Well, let’s take a step back for a second and I’ll explain from the start…

I don’t know how long you’ve been looking on the internet for business opportunities, but you may remember a number of years ago, the next “big thing” was Amazon.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Amazon made it possible for literally anyone to sell products on their platform…

…whether that be via branded private label products… or by dropshipping…

…or one of the other paths you could pursue to take advantage of their huge traffic and reach.

When people started realizing the potential, Amazon was a relatively open marketplace for 3rd party sellers… and some of those who were lucky enough to GET IN EARLY started earning absolute fortunes.

However, in recent times, it has become more difficult due to one critical factor…


…In other words, the issue of thousands upon thousands of people all trying to sell the same types of “trending products”… in EXACTLY the same place.

Yes – it is still possible to make a lot of money with Amazon… and we still do so – but it’s certainly becoming increasingly difficult.

Of course, the same competition issue exists in ALL ONLINE BUSINESS MODELS — again, with thousands of people trying to sell or promote the same types of products to the same people using the same handful of platforms and traffic sources!

Well, that was until now.

And believe me – this is where it gets exciting… because…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth


…and the good news is that they have created a marketplace that people like you and I can take FULL advantage of in 2022 and beyond.

In terms of potential?

Put it this way… in our own business, we have used this marketplace to generate some incredible results like this…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

So the question you are obviously asking is…

What is this breakthrough marketplace?… this HUGE source of FREE, TARGETED and INSTANT Traffic?

One word…

Walmart is the biggest retailer on the planet who employs over 2 million people worldwide and generates over 500 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue each year.

Yes – these are facts that are well known by many…

But what VERY few people know is that their online sales platform has grown massively in the past 12 months and has done over $42 billion dollars in product sales during this timeframe.

And the good news?

They have started letting people like you and us sell to the 300+ million people who visit their website on a MONTHLY basis…. Just like Amazon started doing in the “good old days”.

As you can imagine, the potential here is HUGE.

There is a COLOSSAL OPPORTUNITY here to get your foot in the door early before the masses realize what is going on and start piling in.

…and do you want to know the BEST thing?

This is something that pours ROCKET FUEL onto the original Kibo model which so many people have had success with.

Ok, without further ado, let’s run through the main steps of the system and show you how Walmart slots in.

The core process is very simple, only involves 3 main steps… and looks like this…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
Imagine for a moment you were actually moving ahead and doing this yourself…

Here are the 3 CORE STEPS you would take in a little more detail…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

First, you identify a core selection of 10 profitable products.

Like we explained earlier, we don’t search for products based on niche… we search based on what will MAKE PROFIT.

Now, if you’ve done product research before, you’ll know that there are many ways of identifying products that have the potential to make money…

…and I’m sure you’ll also know that actually finding winners isn’t quite as easy as it sounds!

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
But this is something you WON’T need to worry about, as we have a HUGE breakthrough technology you can take advantage of which makes finding winning products fast, simple and VERY effective.

(more on that in a moment)

Ok… so once you have identified your initial set of products to sell (and the suppliers’ who have them in stock), then you…

Load up and activate your products in your super-optimized webstore.

We’ve spent the past 2 years testing and tweaking many many different types of online webstore and have optimized them down to the highest converting version… one we personally use to generate thousands of dollars each day.

The good news is that you can use the exact same webstore as us. Plus, you don’t even need to set it up yourself as we have a 3-click automated system that does all this for you — but we’ll explain more about this “shortcut” later on)!

So at this point you have your products and your webstore and you are set up and ready to sell! Then… you move onto…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
Obviously to start making sales and profits, you need traffic – and sometimes generating targeted traffic can be difficult.

However, another big breakthrough we’ve had recently is discovering a series of NEW sources of traffic that are FREE, targeted and very easy to take advantage of.

To be straight upfront, the sources we’re talking about here are TikTok, Pinterest and Facebook.

Now the strategies we employ for TikTok and Pinterest are essentially “trade secrets” and we can only divulge these strategies to Kibo Code members who are on the inside…

However, we can tell you a little more about on this public page is how we make sales with Facebook and use their massive user base to our advantage.

Now the first thing to know, is what we’re talking about here is NOT “regular” Facebook traffic.

In fact, it’s got NOTHING to do with “Facebook Ads” or “Facebook Groups”… or indeed, any of the other “FB” methods you may have heard about or used before.

This is about taking your products and putting them on the “Facebook Marketplace”, in front of people who are looking to buy them right at that very moment.

In fact, this entirely new approach is a way of getting FREE TRAFFIC and SALES from an active group of…

100 Million+ USA-based “buyers”

Here’s how it works…

You open the Facebook Marketplace and use our special software to list your 10 chosen products in 3 minutes flat (WITHOUT having to do any image work, ad copy or product descriptions)

…and when you get a “bite” and someone requests more information about the product you are selling, you simply send them an “automated” message with a link to the product on the webstore you’ve set up – and they can then go ahead and buy it.

In other words, you use our software and systems to list your products, make fast sales, fulfil the products and count your profits… and the best news is that this entire process is almost 100% automated.

You can target the whole of the USA (no matter where you are located in the world)…and if you’re thinking that the Facebook Marketplace only gets trickles of traffic… think again.

As of a couple of years ago, there were 800 million monthly users of the Facebook marketplace around the world... and that figure is probably closer to ONE BILLION now… meaning that there are mostly likely over 100 million US-based active buyers, as we mentioned a moment ago.

In other words the traffic is FREE and COLOSSAL...and so is the amount of money you can potentially make from using it.

But what are you actually aiming for here?

Well, by choosing your winning products, setting up your Webstore and taking advantage of this incredible source of free traffic, your first aim is to hit…..

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

That’s aim number ONE… Get motivated, take action, follow the steps (which is critical) …and get to $1000 per week in PROFIT.

Let me ask you… how much difference would $1000 extra each week make to you?

For the majority, it would be an absolute life-changer.

Most people would be VERY satistfied with that… and the crazy thing is you only need a handful of successful products to reach this milestone.

But the crazy thing is… this just the beginning…. because the next stage is to move on to…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

You do this by taking your winning products from the Facebook Marketplace…. and adding them to Walmart along with additional mega-marketplaces like Google and Microsoft Shopping.

You ALREADY know these products convert… you are simply putting them in front of thousands more people to dramatically increase your sales and profits.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
And when you make a sale?

Well, it’s the same process with all the marketplaces, but let’s take Walmart as as the example. The way it works is beautifully simple….

1. A person orders a product off the Walmart marketplace
2. The Walmart platform pays YOU
3. You buy the product from the supplier…
4. The supplier ships the product directly to the customer…
5. The difference between what the customer paid for the product on Walmart and what the supplier charges you for it is your PROFIT.

The good news is that the fulfilment process is very hands-off and DOES NOT require you to see or handle any of the products you’ve sold – EVER.

So at this point, if you follow the process, you are successfully selling your initial products and making money…

The aim at this point? With the addition of the other marketplaces, the aim is to hit…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Now you may think that this sounds far fetched – and yes, in order to reach this level… in fact, to make any sales at all, you WILL need to put the work in to get this set up and running. This WON’T happen on its own.

However, DO realize that the potential here is absolutely massive for those who put in the effort.

I mean, just look at some of the numbers we have been doing in our own business in recent months. Over $35K on Walmart, in just ONE day.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
So what next?

Once you have hit this milestone, its all about SCALING…

First, you simply rinse and repeat the 3 main steps by finding NEW winning products, quickly launching them too and increasing the money you’re making on a daily basis.

Then you ramp it up even futher by tapping into cheap traffic sources as well as other free traffic sources as well, such as Instagram, YouTube and others…

The end aim?

To eventually go from $1000/week PROFIT (milestone #1) …to $5000/week PROFIT (milestone #2) …to:

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Of course, and it goes without saying, to get to the $10,000 per week mark, or indeed to start generating any money at all, will obviously require work on your part and you’ll need to follow the system very carefully – AND be patient.

However, many students have done it. It IS possible.

And that’s it.

The system really is that simple – and the reality is that you only need a handful of successful products to start making REALLY amazing, life-changing money.

In fact, and as we mentioned a few minutes ago…

It is possible to hit the first milestone of $1000 per week with just a small handful of products.

Ok – let’s take a step back for a moment…

What about potential obstacles?

Are there any roadblocks that you could run into along the way?

Well, there are three critical elements that have to be nailed in order to quickly and successfully hit these milestones and start making amazing money.

1. You need lots of winning PRODUCTS
2. You need intelligent AUTOMATION
3. You need consistent CONVERSIONS

And that is why we are very excited to introduce…

THREE MASSIVE SHORTCUTS that will help eliminate these potential roadblocks and maximize your chances of making money with this incredible system.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
To begin with you need a way of finding profitable products.

To successfully make money you will need to identify and sell products that will actually make you PROFIT….

The trouble is, that doing this manually is SNAIL-SLOW… and it can sometimes take days to find products with potential.

Not only that, it’s difficult to know whether the products you found will actually be profitable…and even more difficult to locate reliable suppliers who would have them in stock consistently…

Of course, there are plenty of paid tools and services out there… but all the good ones have big monthly fees and still require hours or even days of research in order to dig up anything actually worth selling.

The GOOD NEWS is that after a huge amount of time and investment, we have OBLITERATED these issues with what we call Kibo ORACLE.

Kibo Oracle is a highly advanced software suite that allows you to access MILLIONS of products instantly.

It gives you the ability to analyze thousands of products in a matter of seconds saving literally hours, if not days of laborious research.

Not only that, we have a group of vetted suppliers who have all the products in stock and ready for you to sell.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works…

We’ll go into this in a little more detail later… but all you need to know at this point is that Kibo Oracle will accelerate the speed in which you can find and sell PROFITABLE products.

…which, if you take action and put in the work, will help propel you on to reach Milestone #1.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Next, you need a way to manage all the moving parts of the sales process.

One of the roadblocks we’ve seen people run into in the past is trying to manage their business, especially when they are selling in volume and trying to scale.

Remember, in order to maximize your earnings, you will need your own webstore and to take advantage of all the different marketplaces and traffic sources like we mentioned a few minutes ago.

The trouble is, trying to manage all the different moving parts can be tricky.

But that is why we have invested over $250,000 developing “Kibo HQ”.

With Kibo HQ, you can control your entire eCommerce Empire from a single dashboard.

You can list products on Walmart, the Facebook Marketplace, Google and Microsoft shopping (and others) literally at the click of a button… with all product titles, sales copy and imagery taken care of.

Not only that, you can use the in-built tools to automatically manage your stock levels, fulfill orders, create upsells and adjust your pricing to always make sure that you are selling products at a profit.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Plus, when it comes to launching your own webstore, you can be up and running without needing to pay for Shopify, Wix or other platforms.

With $1500+ worth of built in apps that will immediately be available to you, your domain name, logo and high-converting theme are super-easy to set up…. Meaning you can launch your webstore and be online and ready to sell incredibly fast, even if you have ZERO experience.

Essentially Kibo HQ is your one-stop platform for managing your eCommerce empire and makes it super-easy to start selling and making money, because almost everything is AUTOMATED.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
Finally, you need a way to turn traffic into buyers

So now that your products, webstore and automations are solved, what else do you need in order to scale up to maximize your sales and profits?


To make sales you need targeted traffic – obviously. But you also need to CONVERT that traffic to sales in order to make money.

…And that brings us neatly on to our next shortcut… The KIBO CONVERTORS

The Kibo Convertors are a series of software tools that have one purpose... turning traffic into customers and we have spent tens of thousands of dollars developing these tools to help you do this.

We are going to have to keep some of these tools under wraps for now – as these “trade secrets” can only be released to Kibo members who are on the “inside”…

However, there is one we can talk about now… something that is super-powerful.

You see, one of the key areas of building your business is to take advantage of the Facebook Marketplace and also using your Facebook business page to drive people to ALL the marketplaces that you sell on.

The GOOD news is that the traffic that you get from Facebook is FREE… the BAD news is that the traffic you can generate can be HUGE …and you can literally get hundreds of people on a daily basis asking you questions about a product you are selling …and critically where they can buy it (ie. YOUR webstore)…

And that is why we have created an AI-based software called “KIBO BOT”, part of the Kibo Converter suite… that literally does all the communication work for you.

In other words, when someone asks about a product in the Facebook marketplace messager, the “bot” will reply and will be able to assist the potental buyer with questions they may have… and more importantly… can direct them to the checkout where they can make a purchase.

This will save you huge amounts of time and energy and will allow you to focus on growing your business while your BOT does most of the customer communication for you.

The bot comes with built in responses… however, you can add in as many additional answers that you want in order to cover any common questions you start getting about a specific product.

Here’s how it works…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Can you see the potential here?

We have taken care of your products… your webstore… your traffic… your automations…. AND your conversions.

All YOU need to do is TAKE ACTION and put the system into practice.

But… a question you may be asking is this…

“Have I not seen this type of thing before? Is this not just regular ecommerce?”

No – this is different. Very different.

To explain why, here are…

5 Huge Benefits That Set This Apart From Everything Else Out There…

To begin with you will be using FREE high-targeted buyer traffic from Facebook, Tiktok and Pinterest where you place the products you are selling directly in front of people who are looking to buy them right at that very moment. Then when it comes to scaling up, we will reveal other sources of free instant traffic that you can take advantage of.

We only use products from US suppliers and to begin with we only sell these products to US-based people. We don’t have to worry about communication issues like you often get when dealing with China.

We don’t stock, ship or ever touch any products and we NEVER buy inventory upfront. With many models you need to spend as much as $2000 in inventory to get started. With this method you NEVER need to buy a product until you’ve actually sold it!

You could get very RAPID RESULTS
As you are able to fill your webstore with top-converting, profitable products within minutes, you can test products to see if they sell within super-short time periods.

This system requires very little time to start, and as little as 5 to 10 hours a week to run so you can continue to work your day-job or current online business (if you want to)..

The reality is literally ANYONE could make it work, if they follow the steps and put in the effort.

Remember, unlike other eCommerce models, there is:


…and this is the EXACT REASON why we are so excited to have the opportunity to show you how to run this for yourself and finally build a sustainable and successful online business that you can be proud of.


Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Let’s be upfront and address what the difference is between the first iterations of The Kibo Code and Kibo ECLIPSE.

Put it like this…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

With the breakthroughs and advancements we have made over the past 12 months, we are…

…In other words, we are taking all the guesswork OUT of the process so you can get going with it as quickly as possible, no matter what type of experience you have up until now.

Let’s run through the EIGHT components of the Kibo ECLIPSE training program to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible system…

So as you can see, Kibo ECLIPSE is a massive, ultra comprehensive training program with literally everything you need to start making money using this system..

However we do need to be upfront with you…

To be successful with it will require you to TAKE ACTION – because unless you take action, nothing is going to happen for you.

I know we keep saying it, but it’s a really important part of this.

…In other words, we really are making this as easy as possible for you to implement, even if you are busy with family or work.

All you need to do is to follow the steps to the letter and you can STILL see results and build a highly valuable business even if general “life stuff” gets in the way.

Just like Vaughan, Dominick and others did… folks who worked hard, followed the training and started enjoying incredible results like this…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth


Now obviously, not everyone will have the same success as these students. These are exceptional results, are not typical and while achieving similar numbers IS VERY POSSIBLE… it will require work and effort on your part to get to this level.

…And again, we don’t know what the average person has made using the Kibo Code training. We haven’t done any scientific surveys or studies. However, we have heard from many many happy students through our forum who have successfully earned extra online income using the system.

To cut to the chase…. we are going to do everything in our power to help you succeed.

Now, let’s move on to something else that we are super-excited about.

One thing we know after teaching tens of thousands of people over the years, is that the defining moment when learning a new business model is getting that FIRST BIG WIN. ie. making your first bunch of sales.

The reason why, is that it allows you to see first hand that a system is viable, actually makes money, which in turn builds momentum and gives you the confidence to take massive action.

So We Are Laying Down A CHALLENGE For You.

Get access to the Kibo ECLIPSE training, select your first set of winning products and get them live on your webstore…

Take immediate advantage of the FREE TRAFFIC strategies we’ll show you…

And by using these two elements alone, our challenge to YOU is to successfully pull in 100 sales in the first 30 days.

Obviously, the dollar amount you can earn will vary depending on the products you are selling, but I can tell you one thing… if you hit 100 sales within this timeframe that’ll mean that you are well and truly on your way to hitting milestone 1 – a run rate of $1000/week in profit.

…and who knows, you may even get there within the first 30 days too. It’s definitely a possibility.

If you succeed, we’ll give you a special gold ’30 Day STAR’ achievement badge that’ll appear next to your name in the private members forum.

We are absolutely confident that you can successfully complete this challenge and change your life in the next 30 days for the simple reason that we have seen SO many people do so before.

All YOU need to do, like we said a few moments ago, is to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

Ok, now that we have covered the core components of Kibo Eclipse, there are two additional (and EXCEPTIONALLY exciting) elements to this that we need to mention before you get started.

Firstly, there are the…

The Kibo Achievements system is specifically designed to encourage you to take action.

The more sales and revenue you generate the higher the award you’ll get — and you’ll receive exclusive badges which will be displayed next to your name in the members forum.

This will give you accountability, push you forward and help you build your business as rapidly as possible.

Now let us just repeat one of the most crucial aspects of Kibo Eclipse:
To get started with this system requires absolutely no prior experience

It simply doesn’t matter if you don’t know the first thing about marketing, getting a website online, copywriting or any of the things that might have held you back before…

…if you can read and watch then you are already over qualified... and we provide all the webstores, tools, instructions and training so this is as ‘push button’ as it could ever possibly be.

Essentially, this is the perfect opportunity for either those who are struggling to make money online, people looking for a realistic way to supplement their income… or even more experienced online business owners who are already making a decent income, but simply want to make A LOT more!

ANYONE can do this – and we know this for a fact…

Just check out more AMAZING results from our students…

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth
Again, these results are not typical… They are simply there to show you what our most motivated students have achieved after working hard and following the system.

Remember, there are only 3 SIMPLE STEPS to the process…

..and the best thing is that you can get set up and ready to sell quickly as we have already done most of the “grunt-work” for you.

Ok… so hopefully by this stage you’ll realize just how powerful the Kibo Eclipse system is, how much you’ll benefit and the potentially insane levels of additional income that you could create…

But there is something that I BET you are wondering…

If this system works so well, why on earth would we be sharing it?

We talked about this briefly earlier… but let’s just expand on this a little:

Firstly – we love teaching. We’ve been showing people how to build successful online businesses for over a decade now and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing someone who has been struggling to make things work finally turn it around and build a life-changing income with our help.

Secondly – due to the nature of this method, saturation is not an issue. The reality is there are millions of products out there that anyone can sell, so the chances of you selling the same products as us, is very VERY slim.

Thirdly – we want to get EVEN MORE success stories and testimonials. This will boost our credibility, give people the confidence to learn from us in the future… and in turn will allow us to help as many people as we can in the years to come.

Remember, we reveal absolutely EVERYTHING…

Here’s the bottom line…

If you’re serious about creating a real online business… and one that sells real products in real markets and that makes real money day in day out, then this unprecedented, unique system is for YOU…

This isn’t some sort of “flash in the pan” either…

It is something you can set up, show off to your family and friends (especially the one’s who doubted you.. that’s the fun part 🙂 )

…and more importantly, this is something that YOU will be proud of.

We’ve battled with how to price this for weeks…

After all we are giving away the ENTIRE SYSTEM that allows us and our dedicated students to generate thousands of dollars each day – literally every last secret.

However, we realized that this price-point would put this opportunity out of reach of those who need it the most – especially with all the uncertainty in the world.

Look, even though the plan was to sell this at nearly five thousand dollars, (which, by the way, still isn’t even close to its true value), to give everyone a chance, we have decided to offer you…

To sum everything up about the Kibo Eclipse

The method is simple, fast and highly effective — and we firmly believe that literally ANYONE, regardless of age or experience, can achieve amazing results.

The profit margins and sheer speed at which you can make serious money is UNRIVALLED by any other online (or offline) business models that we know of..

This is a true “lifestyle business” that is fun, rewarding, enjoyable and can be run from the comfort of your own home…

You don’t need to deal with overseas suppliers, or Amazon… or Shopify.. and the competition is extremely low…

You’re getting all the tools, training and resources you need to run this business including your webstores, assets and other custom element.

You DON’T need to do niche or market research, spend money on website development, write product descriptions or create any product images..

You can get rapid results – in fact, it is perfectly possible to generate thousands of dollars per day in a very short period of time.

This is absolutely PROVEN. We use this system to generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis and our best students are making thousands of dollars per day.

If you are just getting started or have failed before, this is the best way we have ever seen to get into gear and hit the ground running…

If you already have an online business, you won’t need to jump ship or shift your focus as most parts of this business can be automated..

As You Sit Here Now, You Have 3 OPTIONS…

Option 1 is to do nothing – but as Aristotle put it best… “say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”. Doing nothing doesn’t just leave you with a problem – the longer you do nothing, the greater the problem becomes. Clearly this is not the best option.

Option 2 is that you could do something else – But why? You know and I know that there is no easier path to financial freedom and building a life changing online business than what we’re discussing here today.

Option 3 is to just DO IT. Yes, it’s an investment, yes, money may be tight, yes, this may be a stretch, – and yes, you’re going to have to step out of your confort zone a bit – but if you don’t, where do you think your growth will come from?

If you want to change your life for the better and come on this once in a lifetime journey with us, then you need to sign up now.

If Resources Are Tight, Frankly It’s Time To be Resourceful…

The truth is that the more resourceful you need to be to get signed up, the more resourceful you’ll be to make this opportunity a big success for you.

Most people think in a “when-then” way, which is why most people end up broke at the age of retirement. This type of approach to life is disastrous.

People say… “When I have more time, then I’ll decide to start my business”.

That’s like someone ill saying, “when I feel better, then I’ll start living healthier”.

Or it’s like saying… “when I have more money, then I’ll start investing and building wealth, and not just worrying about making ends meet”.

Life doesn’t work that way. You’ve been waiting for that your whole life, and if you continue to wait for it, we might as well give up right now.

It’s the ACTION that creates the result, not the waiting.

Most of the 7.5 billion people on this planet will never get the chance to see this opportunity…

But YOU are seeing it, and it’s available to you right here and now.

Now is the time to do this, the opportunity is here, and whatever time you have available is more than sufficient to get started – and make a SERIOUS go of this.

Kibo Eclipse By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Pre-Course Content
  • 02-Module 1
  • 03-Module 2
  • Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – Kibo Eclise UP1
  • 07-Office Hours
  • 08-Documents & Extras
  • 09-Module 6
  • 10-Module 7
  • 11-Module 8
  • 12-Module 9
  • 13-Module 10
  • 14-Live Event
  • 15-Bonus