Kori Meloy – Freely Rooted
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Kori Meloy – Freely Rooted

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Kori Meloy – Freely Rooted

What if I told you that

Your metabolism doesn’t have to slow down with age?

Remember those early years when your metabolism was on fire?

You weren’t preoccupied with thoughts about your weight, & you ate what you craved.

What happened to that freedom?

Diet culture. Soil depletion. Pharmaceuticals. Stress. Estrogen dominance. Toxic load. Moving further & further away from our physiological design.

We’ve been told to just eat less & exercise more to fight our “inevitable” slowing metabolisms.

We’ve been told to try “this detox” or “that diet” to address our symptoms.

As a result…

We have restricted our calories & damaged our metabolisms.

We have lost our connection with food & trust in our bodies.

We have jumped from fad diet to fad diet, only to “fail” them when our will-power gave out.

We have cut one food after another thinking that dairy or carbs must be the issue.

We have fought our own God-given instincts and biology.

We have made health + wellness COMPLICATED.

The aftermath?

Fatigue. Stress. Irritability. PMS. Hair loss. Hormone imbalance. Low libido. Thyroid disorders. Autoimmune conditions. Sleep issues. Loss of appetite. Digestion issues. Mineral depletion. Food sensitivities. Inability to gain or lose weight. Food fear.

What if you could get it all back?

What if you could see food as nourishment again?

What if you could feed your body nutrient-dense, delicious food that you love?

What if you could finally learn to eat in a way that’s sustainable for life?

What if you could prioritize your health over an unrealistic number in the scale?

What if you could finally reach your body’s healthiest weight?

What if you learned how to listen to, honor, and trust your body again?

What if you could reclaim your youthful energy, freedom, & vitality?

What if your normal state of being could be calm, cool, & resistant to life’s stressors?

What if you could set the strongest possible foundation for your overall health to thrive?

What if you could build strong, beautiful, feminine curves through the right type of exercise?

What if you could finally shift from how you look to how you feel?

Hey guys! I’m Kori.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, but God showed me that chronic disease was not going to be my story.

The Endometriosis was reversed and healed through the help of a holistic practitioner, but it still begged the question of how my body regressed into “dis-ease” in the first place.

We cannot get back into balance in the same environment that created the imbalance.

That idea led me to learning about the metabolism, the sum of every cellular process in the body. Through the information I learned, I realized that nearly every single part of my lifestyle back then (my food choices, the water I was drinking, my habits, my exercise routine, my job, and my toxic load) was trashing my metabolism and sending me down a path to imbalance, symptoms, & dysfunction.

80% of chronic disease is not genetic as we’re told, but it’s environmental. That means that our daily habits & choices directly impact the health of our future.

By nourishing & supporting your metabolism, you are actually supporting every process of the body: digestion, detoxification, hormone production, and more. The function of your metabolism is actually a perfect indicator of your overall health.

Would you guess that most of us have thriving metabolisms or trashed metabolisms? If you guessed trashed, you’re exactly right.

So what happened to those thriving metabolisms of our youth? Diet culture is one of the leading culprits. Diet culture told us that our metabolisms slow down with age and there’s nothing we can do about it, when it’s the exact habits + practices that diet culture sells that drives down our metabolisms in the first place!

I coached women 1-1 out of these habits for 4 years, but I finally reached a place where the demand for this message was greater than what I could provide as a 1-1 coach.

As a solution, I created this self-paced course to help you learn what your body actually needs, kick diet culture to the curb, reclaim the metabolism of your youth, and take charge of your health, your hormones, & your vitality!

The course includes…

7 engaging modules [$1200 value]

3-5 hours of video lessons [$950 value]

Private facebook support group [$150 value]

Pro-metabolic exercise education + guide [$250 value]

Supplement education + guide [$75 value]

Grocery shopping education + guide [$125 value]


Metabolism journal

Pro-metabolic food lists

Workout templates customized to your available time + equipment

Pro-metabolic exercises lists

Workout guide

Lifestyle guide

Supplement guide

Shopping guide

Sourcing guide

Label reading guide

Meal prep guide

Discount codes for supplementshousehold items, & Fallon’s Table metabolic meal plans

Total value: $2,750

Module 1: Welcome!

In the first module, I welcome you guys to the course by sharing my story & my heart for you. Once you guys are ready to make the commitment to your health + wellness, I have you take a personality test that explains how you respond to new information. Through your results, I explain how to approach this course in a way that brings the most balance & the least amount of stress to your life. Have you ever wondered why you’ve started something then suddenly stopped? You will find out exactly why in this module, and how to avoid that pattern entirely!

Module 2: Metabolism 101

Have you ever normalized PMS, low libido, & fatigue? By the end of this module, you will identify what your body is really communicating through these symptoms. You will understand the metabolism & the role of the thyroid, and you will have the tools to assess your current health, nutrition, & wellness at this moment. You will identify your specific problem areas, and I provide you with the blueprints to restore those areas. After going through these lessons, you will be able to clearly answer the question “Am I nourished right now?” You will track your progress throughout this course in the metabolism journal that I provide at the end of this moduek.

Module 3: The Diet Culture

Before we can get back to food freedom, we have to unpack where things went wrong in the first place. In this module, I take you all the way back to birth & explain how modern culture suppresses our ability to eat intuitively with each life stage. You will work to re-parent your thoughts & habits throughout this module, as well as identify common diet culture myths. This module exposes & dismantles those myths. I teach you exactly what happens on a physiological level during a diet, and how it prepares your body to gain weight over time. You will kick dieting to the curb once and for all after learning the truth.

Module 4: Nourishment

Say goodbye to being confused about food! In this module, I break down each macronutrient: protein, carbs, and fats. I empower you with education about metabolically supportive vs metabolically suppressive foods for each macronutrient, based on our biology & physiology. I provide simple, practical steps to reconnect with our food, understand our digestive systems, and know what we need in order to thrive. By the end of this module, you will understand what real food truly is, and you will be able to clearly compare your current habits to metabolically-supportive habits.

Module 5: Module Eating to Thrive

This module is nonstop life application. I teach you how much to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat in a way that brings the most balance to your life, gets your metabolism on fire, & allows you to feel your best. I teach you how to balance your blood sugar, maximize digestion, minimize fat storage, & reach a place where you finally feel satisfied & nourished by your food. You might even find yourself saying out loud “I FEEL SO NOURISHED RIGHT NOW.” I provide specific examples & illustrations so you can easily apply the information you learn through the options of tracking or mindful eating. You will know how exactly how to listen to & feed your body well by the end of these lessons.

Module 6: Moving to Thrive

This module will make you question everything you thought you knew about exercise. I teach you how different types of exercise impact your hormones & metabolism (in good ways & bad ways), I give you my personal, hormone-supporting formula for creating workouts that optimally grow muscle & burn fat, I provide you with user-friendly workout templates that allow you to effortlessly create your own workouts with any available time & equipment, and I educate you on how to fuel your body for exercise. By the end of this module, you will know exactly how to move your body for life!

Module 7: The Lifestyle

This module covers everything you need to know about living a rooted & free lifestyle that honors your health from the inside out. I cover the 4 roots of health to allow you to set the strongest foundation for restoring your metabolism, I provide supplement education + recommendations, I cover everything you need to know about grocery shopping & sourcing, I answer my most frequently asked questions from working with hundreds of clients, & I end the course with a chat about our ideal body weight. I also provide all of my favorite additional resources!