Laurie-Anne King – Extended Orgasm Partner Training


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 Laurie-Anne King – Extended Orgasm Partner Training

Laurie-Anne KingExtended Orgasm Partner Training

Archive : Laurie-Anne King – Extended Orgasm Partner Training

Laurie-Anne King is a coach and energy healer specializing in principles of abundance and the law of attraction. She is trained in multiple healing modalities including Reiki, Vortex Healing™, and Biofield Healing Immersion™. Over one thousand students have participated in Laurie-Anne’s training programs and healing sessions.

Class Curriculum


Welcome & Introduction

Extended Orgasm Overview (12:14)

How to Do Extended Orgasm Practice

Getting Set Up for the Practice (3:10)

Connection, Presence & Activation (5:05)

Activating the Pussy & Applying Lubricant (2:49)

Stroking (4:27)

The Come Down Process (2:23)

Tips for the Receiver & the Stroker (4:19)

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Customer Satisfaction/Testimonials

Customer Satisfaction/Testimonials