Logan Christopher – Secrets of the Handstand Qukkstart 2-0


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Logan Christopher – Secrets of the Handstand Qukkstart 2-0

Discover the Fastest System to Mastering the Freestanding Handstand…Guaranteed.
This book has one purpose – to get you into a 30 second+ freestanding handstand as fast as possible.
I struggled with learning the handstand when I first began. Making slow if any progress and suffering from daily frustration. It took me over a year to reach a 30 second handstand.
But that doesn’t have to be you…That’s why I put together the Secrets of the Handstand.
“If I had Logan’s Secrets of the Handstand I could have made more progress in a couple months than my first 3 years!”
-Tyler J. Bramlett
This is the first time I put together all the information together in a book form.
The drills and exercises you’ll discover in this book will shave months off of your learning curve for the handstand.
Its up to you whether you want to take the path of trial and error and frustration. Or you can follow a proven system that quickly takes you from the start to the end goal.
Look, The Handstand Can Be Frustrating…But It Doesn’t HAVE To Be
The goal of this book is to get you to hold one for 30 seconds. If you follow the steps you will get there. You’ll still have to put in some work, but it won’t be nearly as hard as what I had to go through.
There are tons to drills and exercises inside. You’ll find insider tips that no one else is teaching. This includes:
5 Main Lead-up Stunts you Must Master First
Want to do an Arched or Straight Handstand? Both are Covered here, plus the differences between them.
How to Fix or Circumvent Lack of Wrist Flexibility
Strengthening Exercises to Build Your Foundation
How to Double the Difficulty of Headstands to Gain Balancing Skills
Two Variations of Wall Balancing
The Ultimate Kick-up Drill
What to do next? Find where to go from the 30 Second Handstand.
How to Balance with your Hands
How to Balance with your Shoulders
What to Avoid Balancing with (Don’t make these mistakes)
And so much more.
Get Secrets of the Handstand today and get started on the fast route to handstand success.