Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley
  • Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley

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Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley – Instant Download!

Make Money With No Website, No List And No Startup Costs!

If You’re Finally Ready to Start Making Real Money Online, This is EXACTLY What You’ve Been Looking For…

If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to make money self publishing on Amazon.

Let me give you a quick run down. I promise, I’m not bragging for the hell of it, I just want you to understand why low content publishing had me at hello. 🙂

I’ve written over 150 books and dominated some of the most competitive genres on Amazon.

I landed on the New York Times bestsellers lists more than once when featured in romance anthologies.

I ended up on the USA Today bestsellers list under every pen name I’ve ever launched.

My books consistently generated over $25,000 USD a month just from the Kindle USA store for many years.

And here’s the most important thing…

I was so burned out and exhausted that I walked away from it all, so I could take a much-needed break from the rat race.

And that’s what led me to publishing low content books.

Low Content Publishing… huh?

I’ll be really upfront with you. Those 3 words could change everything you know about making money online.

Because this incredible opportunity eliminates all of the usual costs, confusion and hassles.

What Would You Do With An Extra Few Thousand Dollars Every Month?

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley


It just doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • Low Content. You’ll never have to pay writers! If you can write a couple of paragraphs, you can do this yourself.
  • No Paid Ads. You can choose to set & forget or build a brand. It’s entirely up to you. Either way, you’ll make money.
  • No Traffic. Amazon will take care of pumping traffic to your book page if you inject it with powerful sales triggers.
  • No Following. You don’t need to pin, tweet or like anything! A social media presence isn’t necessary.

The truth is, if you can follow a simple set of instructions, you can make money just like this:

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley
With low content publishing, you can create products within minutes that go on to sell for years to come!
In fact, the process is so simple, it can be broken down into just 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Create low content books. This takes less than 15 minutes with my pre-created toolbox.
  • Step 2: Upload your books to Amazon KDP. (You can also sell on Lulu, Etsy, etc!)
  • Step 3: Inject your listing with powerful sales triggers.
  • Step 4: Rinse & Repeat to maximize your income!

Are you starting to see why people are so excited about this business?

Low Content Publishing is the NEW Kindle Goldrush. If you were around for the start of self publishing on Amazon, then you know how incredibly profitable this opportunity is!
So, I want you to get in early and start dominating those insanely profitable niches.
That’s why I created a fully-loaded course that gives you EVERYTHING you need to start making money on Amazon.

Low Content Publishing Mastery

Insider Training Shows You Exactly How To Make Money With Low Content Books!

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley

Low content publishing is something anyone can do, even if you’re a beginner or you’ve struggled to make money online up until now.

In fact, It’s one of the easiest money-makers that I’ve ever seen!

You’ll never have to spend money on hosting, traffic, content or even build a website! So if you’re someone who just wants to build a profitable business that runs on its own, this is for you!

With Low Content Books, You’ll be Able To:

  • Flood your bank account with royalty payments!
  • Make insane money in evergreen niches that always sell!
  • Set & Forget! This is truly passive income!
  • Get started with VERY little upfront cost!

We’re going ALL the way with this hot new course because unlike others, I’m not afraid to reveal the underserviced niches that are generating thousands of dollars every single month!

Module #1: Quick-Start Profit Guides

You want to start making money right away without having to spend days learning the process?
No problem!
I’ve created a full series of comprehensive training guides that will teach you everything you need to know to go from newbie to expert in just a couple of hours!

Eliminate the learning curve and start making money faster!

  • No “Googling” for answers only to end up confused.
  • No self-doubt or procrasinating. You really can do this. I’ll show you how.

Module #2: Ready-To-Upload Books

I’m making it as easy as I possibly can so you can get right down to the business of making money.
I created all of the tools needed to create low content books that are making thousands of dollars a month, and now I’m handing over the keys to the Kingdom.
All you have to do is download the carefully crafted packages and upload them to KDP!
Literally all of the work has been done for you!
And while I’ll also show you how to easily make your own interior templates so you can be in full control, if you want to start making money while you’re still learning, I’ve got you covered!
Plus, I include templates in all sorts of sizes, so you’ll have everything you need to start publishing hundreds of profitable low content books in a matter of minutes!

Templates Come In Both Powerpoint and PDF Formats

Module #3: Premade Journal Covers

I want you to have everything you need to start making money publishing low-content books on Amazon, so I’ve created more than 20 high quality covers for your journals and planners!
These covers come in PDF (which is what Amazon requires), but I’m also giving you the source files so you can easily edit the background colors.
Oh, hey. Do you suck at graphic design and Photoshop makes you break out in hives?

No worries! I’ll show you a free tool that makes it drop-dead easy to edit book covers in a matter of minutes!

Covers Come In Both PSD and PDF Formats

Module #4: Instant Profit Reports

You’ll also gain access to 4 niche research profit packs making it easy to uncover scorching hot niche markets where there’s a growing demand for low-content books. These are some of the most profitable niches on Amazon.
In fact, many low content books in these niches are generating over $3,000 a month in profit for a single journal!
These reports also come with categories, keywords and examples of top-selling books in every category!
All you have to do is create similar books using my training program and you’ll be able to instantly cash in on these evergreen niches!

  • Profitable Niches: Create low content books in these markets and quickly maximize your income!
  • Keywords: Carefully researched keywords and categories to drive in more buyers!

Module #5: Video Training Collection

Watch closely as I show you exactly how to create low content books that sell!
From cover creation, to taking you through the entire publishing process, you’ll be able to watch over my shoulder every step of the way!

You’ll be in great company!
Look at what course creators, thought leaders and customers are saying about Low Content Mastery!

“This is a fantastic course. Just the resources alone are worth the price. Great job Kate!” – Gene Pimentel

“I would have paid triple for this information and I’m so excited to be part of the FB group Kate has set up for ongoing training! She even reveals the top niches she’s making money in which very few people do!” – Maureen Oliver from Color Me Positive.

“This course is absolutely hands down the most complete course on this topic I have seen. She covers every aspect of getting your self publishing empire up and running. Keywords and research are the hardest thing to get right in this business, and Kate nails it.” – Rebecca Holman of Journal Tsunami

“Kate did a dynamite job with her course. What stands out for me is how much training she shared on doing research and finding keywords the right way. This is what people need to know to increase their sales!” – Candace Chira of The Creative Slide

“Hi Kate, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Low Content Publishing course! High quality materials, information and resources! I’ve barely scratched the surface on digging into it, but have learned so much already! Thanks so much for what you’ve shared! Just like others have said, IT’S WELL WORTH THE MONEY–and MORE!” – Sheri Prest-Herman from ColoristCafe.com

Here are just a few low content book niches that are generating insane profits:

Appreciation Journals
Relationship Journals
Wedding Guestbooks
Generational Journals
Artist Sketchbooks
Prayer Books
Social Planners
Personalized Journals
Specialty Adult Books
Fitness Planners

And here’s the kind of money these can make!

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley
And this isn’t even scratching the surface!
If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, I completely understand.
I’ve been working online since 1999, and believe me, I’ve only seen one other money maker that was as easy as this.
Before that, whenever I heard “easy money”, every warning bell rang off in my head and I ran as fast and as far away from it as I could.
But every once in awhile an opportunity comes along that’s the real deal.
One of the first massive money-makers I discovered was what we called the Kindle Gold-Rush. Despite being skeptical, I took a chance, got in early and it paid off in a huge way.
In fact, that opportunity changed my life. I bought a house, paid off all my debt and put my kids through school, just from that one business.
I can tell you that low content publishing is the print on demand’s new version of that Kindle Goldrush.
So get in early, join our community, and dominate those evergreen, in-demand markets.
It’s yours for the taking. 🙂

For Those That Have Purchased Courses That Left You Disappointed, Confused or Broke…

Trust me, I’ve been there. When I was trying to figure this all out, I hit a brick wall at every turn.
Then I started analyzing what 6-figure sellers were really doing, and believe me, it’s easier than you may think.
It all comes to down to a simple, yet very specific action plan. Sadly, most courses only teach you how to create the journals, and while I cover all of that as well, the reason why Low Content Mastery is different is because I focus on how to make real money with your books.
The kind of money you could live on.
Because once you inject a handful of powerful buyer magnets into your publishing system, you’ll be able to flood your KDP account with unstoppable royalty payments!
And that’s what Low Content Mastery is really all about: going beyond creation and getting to what really matters: making money!
I expose the real, proven strategies that I’ve personally used to generate thousands of dollars month with simple low content books. And between you and I, I like to keep things simple, yet my journals been flying off the shelves.
In fact, one of my embarassingly basic journals sold over 300 copies within 24 hours just because I targeted a very specific market.
And yes, I tell you exactly what that niche is inside of the training center.

I told you, I leave nothing out! 🙂

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley

Low Content Mastery By Kate Riley, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Covers
  • Niche Reports
  • Templates
  • Videos
  • Module-1 Work Smarter Not Harder.pdf
  • Module-2 KISS and Tell.pdf
  • Module-3 Low Content Templates.pdf
  • Module-4 Creating Covers.pdf
  • Module-5 Uncovering Niches.pdf
  • Module-6 Finding Hot Keywords.pdf
  • Module-7 Choosing Categories.pdf
  • Module-8 Choosing Price Points.pdf
  • Module-9 Publishing your Books.pdf
  • Module-10 Maximizing Exposure.pdf