M21 Videos Courses With John Locke by SMB
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M21 Videos Courses With John Locke by SMB

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M21 Videos Courses With John Locke by SMB

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How to Identify Changing Market Conditions So You Can Apply The Best Monthly Strategy

Imagine placing the same trade month-after-month and the market perfectly cooperates with your strategy. The Greeks, price action and volatility all behave to expiration.

Each month you execute the same strategy, you can see it clearly like a movie playing in your mind. As an experienced market neutral trader, you were trained to apply the exact same trade, or set of trades, with the same rule-based adjustment strategies regardless of what’s going on in the market.

That is, after all, the beauty of an options strategy designed to produce monthly income. Execute the same strategy each month and earn a living.


Why You Never Want to Plan for This Perfect Scenario



  • The concept may feel good, but the reality is market conditions will change and to make a living you need more than one strategy. Without more knowledge, you will feel trapped and frustrated.
  • Many options traders with promising careers mistakenly trade a good strategy at the wrong time.
  • Your instincts know this, but you’re a one trick pony. Deep down you know it’s the wrong trade for the current conditions, but you have no choice but to make it because you’re doing this for income. You want to get back in the driver seat but you don’t know what to do.

The M21 program takes income trading to the next level by teaching you multiple ways to analyze the market. We use many of the same technical analysis techniques as directional traders and then add advanced options configurations which result in new trades with improved probabilities for profit which, when executed properly, reduces drawdowns.
To begin feeling good about the right trade each month, our short-term objective together is to develop guidelines and concepts which result in an awareness of when to use the proper strategy. Having the ability to custom design monthly trading plans means your options toolbox has the most effective modifications you could make to allow it to perform well.

  • How will my basic trade react in the expected environment?
  • What are the most effective adjustments I could make to allow it to perform well, reduce drawdowns, and make it as easy as possible to manage in the current and expected environment?
  • How do I know if the market is not acting as expected and how will that movement change my opinion of the market and my trade?
  • Given my new expectations, am I my going to exit the trade restructure the trade or do nothing?

Having full control of these answers, allows you to craft an options trading business that has the potential to earn money regardless of market conditions.


Strategies Included to Make This a Reality


The strength of the M21 system is knowing which positions to utilize and which positions to avoid in the current and expected market environment.
In order to accomplish your long-term options trading goals and to effectively answer the above questions the M21 guidelines are centered around three unique strategies: the M3, the Bearish Butterfly and The Rock. Please note that the Bearish Butterfly, the M3, and the Rock Options Video Series are sold separately. If you wish to purchase the M21 course as well as these three specific trading strategies at a discount, please click here
Also included is a comprehensive technical analysis section that teaches how to set price targets, pattern recognition, time-frame analysis, cross market analysis, cycle recognition, volume analysis and support and resistance.
The unique M21 technical analysis component will also introduce how to project the future range of prices likely to trade over the next 30 to 60 days. This is important for options traders executing a directional or market neutral strategy including directional vertical spreads and Iron Condors. You could, for example, use this information to know when to avoid trading an Iron Condor because it is not likely to work out or when to avoid trading the vertical spread in a certain direction or how to time your entry into a particular market cycle.
To build yourself a long-term trading career, understanding how to reduce or eliminate low probability trades is just as significant as understanding how to hold a winner.

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