Marketing Agency Insider By Paul Roetzer
  • Marketing Agency Insider By Paul Roetzer

Marketing Agency Insider By Paul Roetzer


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Marketing Agency Insider

Session 1—Hybrid Professionals: How to Recruit, Train and Retain Top Agency Talent

When all else is equal — processes, services, pricing and infrastructure — it is talent that cannot be
replicated. Your agency will be defined by its ability to recruit and retain the best.

Session 1 Highlights and Details

When all else is equal — processes, services, pricing and infrastructure — it is talent that cannot be

Intrinsically motivated professionals who are driven to be great will redefine marketing agencies and the
industry. They derive fulfillment from being a part of something greater than themselves. Their success
is not defined by money, fame or power, but rather by the pursuit of purpose. They challenge
authority and quickly tire of tradition, seek autonomy and flexibility, desire balance and value the
freedom to pursue their passions outside of their careers.

These professionals excel in agency cultures that reward collective success over individual
achievements. They care less about “why,” and more often ask “why not.” Theirs is a world of endless
possibility, and they are the future. Your agency will be defined by its ability to recruit and retain the

During this 60‐minute session, you’ll learn how to:

• Develop processes to identify and recruit A players.
• Establish a grading system to rank candidates.
• Qualify and capture inbound candidates.
• Assess and engage top social candidates.
• Forecast workflow to determine hiring triggers.
• Build a powerful employee training and education program.
• Unlock the potential of entry‐level talent.
• Avoid costly mistakes when hiring senior‐level professionals (i.e. the free agents).
• Establish a highly effective system for talent evaluation and professional reviews.

Session 2—Agency Infrastructure: How to Build to Scale and Prepare for Perpetual Change
Session 2 Highlights and Details

Opportunity is everywhere for unique and innovative agencies that bring real value to customers.
However, opportunity can be overwhelming if you do not adapt to changing markets and increasing
demand, and build a scalable infrastructure capable of effectively accommodating growth.

We will delve into the structures and systems that facilitate the production and delivery of your
agency’s services, and discuss the core infrastructure components required to run and grow your
business — financial, IT, management systems and HR.

This session is ideal for small‐to‐midsize firms with aggressive growth goals. You’ll learn how to:
• Focus on building a stable operational foundation with nimble management systems.
• Make calculated investments in hardware, software, staffing, partnerships, advisors and office
• Evaluate and select trusted service providers.
• Integrate core agency solutions, including CRM, CMS, project management and time tracking.
• Activate an internal social network to encourage collaboration, continuously transfer
knowledge and perpetuate your culture.
• Understand the impact of growth and success on human resources, and cash flow.
• Create a funding runway to enable growth and innovation.
• Build more agile and cost effective systems “in the cloud.”

Session 3—Services & Pricing: How to Grow with Integrated Services and Value‐Based Pricing
Session 3 Highlights and Details

The demand for digital services is immense, and growing. According to the Ad Age 2011 Agency Report,
digital services accounted for an estimated $8.5 billion, or 28 percent, of U.S. agency revenue in 2010.
And Forrester has reported that interactive marketing spending on mobile marketing, social media,
email marketing, display advertising and search marketing will near $55 billion by 2014, representing
21 percent of all marketing dollars.

However, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate these dollars. Every agency, or at least the ones
that will still be relevant in the coming years, is a digital agency. While the resources dedicated to
social, search, mobile, web, email and other digital strategies will vary, interactive marketing should be
fully integrated into every program and budget.

As services evolve, so too should pricing. Pricing strategy is a key component to disruption. Agencies
motivated to change will shift away from the inefficient legacy system of billable‐hours, and move to
more results‐driven, value‐based models accessible to the mass market. This presents the opportunity
for agencies and independent consultants to disrupt the industry with lower prices, and potentially
higher profit margins.

During this fast‐paced session, you’ll learn how to:
• Integrate content, search, social, mobile and other digital services into your solution offerings.
• Resist the dark side of digital services.
• Understand your role in the marketing services ecosystem.
• Expand your capabilities and value through outsourcing and collaboration.
• Establish value‐based prices for your services.
• Develop strategies to combat the biggest drivers of inefficiency.
• Use transparency to build trust, and remove the friction from the client‐agency relationship.
• Achieve economies of scale in the production and delivery of services.
• Calculate revenue efficiency rates by project and by client.
• Maximize efficiency and performance with accurate time tracking.

Session 4—The Agency GamePlan: How to Market Your Brand and Sell Your Services
Session 4 Highlights and Details

The marketing world is full of thinkers, talkers and self‐proclaimed gurus, but after awhile they all start
to sound the same. What we need are more doers — agencies and professionals that drive change by
practicing what they preach.
Inbound marketing has given agencies the power to differentiate by doing. Model firms are using blogs,
social networks, online video, email marketing, webinars, podcasts and ebooks to generate leads and
build loyalty, while connecting with prospects and clients in more meaningful and effective ways.

At the same time, agencies are activating more sophisticated sales systems to manage new business
development efforts. The key, for many firms, is a balanced and organic growth process. If you grow
too quickly, without the proper infrastructure and personnel in place, you run the risk of failing to
deliver on promises to clients, stretching account teams too thin and inflicting irreparable damage to
your brand.

Meanwhile, if you struggle to maintain a strong pipeline of qualified leads, you may face difficult
challenges that can lead to cash‐flow crunches, cutbacks and talent turnover.

This session is built on the premise that you are always selling. You are selling an idea, vision, service,
agency brand, personal brand, and belief that your firm is more capable and qualified than the next one.

You’ll learn how to:
• Tell your agency’s unique brand story.
• Tap into the collective power of your employees’ personal brands.
• Use search, social, content and public relations to differentiate your agency while driving
acquisition (leads) and retention (loyalty).
• Create a sales system that meets your current needs for lead generation and is scalable with
your long‐term growth goals.
• Assess and train effective sales people.
• Secure the essential sales‐system tools.
• Establish sales processes to help define responsibilities, set performance expectations, and give
professionals the knowledge and resources to excel.
• Understand the five stages of the buying cycle.
• Integrate the six core elements of an effective new business proposal.

Session 5—Performance & Purpose: How to Deliver Results and Unlock Your Agency’s Potential
Session 5 Highlights and Details

Marketing agencies must take action to survive and thrive in the new ecosystem. They have to make
difficult choices to break from traditional agency‐centric pricing models, invest in technology, recruit
and retain hybrid professionals, build scalable infrastructures and transform their services.

Leading firms turn information into intelligence, and intelligence into action. They build campaigns
that consistently produce measurable outcomes, including inbound links, website traffic, leads, and
sales. They staff account teams with A players who are analytical, confident, creative, detail oriented,
highly motivated, and strategic — all traits that consistently translate into success for your clients — and
they achieve strength and stability through retention and growth of core accounts.

Most importantly, model agencies are built to pursue purpose.

The final session in The Blueprint Series will concentrate on ideas and methods to unlock your agency’s
potential, and help your employees realize theirs. You’ll learn how to:

• Create deeper, more personal relationships with clients.
• Develop internal client advocates who ask the difficult questions, challenge campaign
strategies, push for improved results, and critically evaluate the agency’s value and
• Install systems designed to encourage creativity, accelerate innovation and push professionals
to realize and embrace their potential.
• Maximize ROI for clients.
• Assemble a team of talented and intrinsically motivated employees, build partnerships with like‐
minded organizations, and surround your agency with clients who value your professionals and
• Unplug to improve efficiency and productivity.
• Experiment with service offerings and pricing.
• Spend less time planning, and more time doing.
• Make it safe for employees to fail.
• Discover your agency’s purpose.

Marketing Agency Insider By Paul Roetzer, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Marketing Agency Insider
  • Session 1—Hybrid Professionals How to Recruit, Train and Retain Top Agency Talent
  • Session 2—Agency Infrastructure How to Build to Scale and Prepare for Perpetual Change
  • Session 3—Services & Pricing How to Grow with Integrated Services and Value-Based Pricing
  • Session 4 – The Agency GamePlan How to Market Your Brand and Sell Your Services
  • Session 5 – Performance & Purpose How to Deliver Results and Unlock Your Agency’s Potential
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