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MarketLife – TradeCraft

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MarketLife – TradeCraft

MarketLife – TradeCraft

MarketLife – TradeCraft – Adam Grimes – Your Path to Peak Performance Trading

TradeCraft is a brand new training program. There is nothing like it – anywhere. TradeCraft is your guide to honing your full potential as a trader.

TradeCraft rests on four strategic pillars:

Life Lenses: Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions is the first step of finding solutions.

Skill Sequences: How to get better

Wouldn’t you love to know where to spend time to improve yourself?

Market Blueprints: Develop insightful pattern recognition

A master hunter studies and stalks his prey…

Inner Architect Sessions: The key you’ve been looking for

Change is hard. Most attempts to create lasting change fail…

All of these pillars lead to the construction of a fully professional and personalized two-part Trade Plan that can power you through a decades-long trading career.

What TradeCraft Does

  • Empowers you with new tools to understand the markets and yourself.

  • Changes how you think about trading, removing roadblocks to peak performance.

  • Guides you to a refined understanding of your own goals and beliefs. When trading becomes part of your overall quest for significance and meaning, magic happens.

  • Puts trader psychology in the right place and gives you new tools. The proper role of trading psychology is in support of a solid trading methodology with an edge. No other training program makes this reality as clear as TradeCraft.

  • Gives you a method for how to take a trading idea from conception to production (actual trading). This work culminates in a trading plan that is a unique expression of your approach to the markets.

  • Teaches you skills and techniques that will benefit your life outside of trading, in addition to advancing your trading.

Where does this program come from?

I’m Adam H. Grimes, and I’ve been trading professionally since the mid 1990s. I’ve traded every asset class and timeframe. My work is both discretionary and systematic, which gives me the best of both worlds—discretionary wisdom structured by quantitative insight.

I’m not just a trader. I genuinely love to teach.

I’ve created industry-leading educational material on discretionary pattern recognition that has helped thousands of traders, with a special focus for institutional and floor traders who wanted to move to trading their own accounts. I offered most of that work as a gift to the trading community, available for free. I have also done extensive work training and mentoring traders on aspects of system development, risk management, and broader topics such as health, lifestyle, and life design.

I have worked as a hypnotherapist for 25 years. My study of NLP and Jungian psychology meld with my daily experience with financial markets, giving me a unique perspective on how traders think and why trading is so challenging.

I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly

of how traders learn, how they succeed, and why they fail. Many of the traders I have worked with have tried everything before coming to me, from purchasing courses to working with trading psychologists to buying “guaranteed” systems. I’ve seen the limitations of other approaches, many of them advocated by famous names on Wall Street. I’ve heard, over and over again, what does not work.

Trading is hard, yes, and there are some mathematical reasons this is true. But the core insight here is that trading is hard for traders because they don’t understand that success is as much about the trader as it is about the market. It’s as much about our behaviors and beliefs as our methodology.

This is why I created TradeCraft.

I knew I had access to knowledge and know-how, to real insight, that could change the game for developing and struggling traders.

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