Marlon Sanders – Ockham’s Razor Income System


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Marlon Sanders – Ockham’s Razor Income System

Marlon SandersOckham’s Razor Income System

How to turn dead or burned ebooks, info products, and podcasts into cash cows.

I don’t have room to cover all 37 secrets here. So I wanted to give you a sample of just 5 of things in store for you…

• Secret One: Focus on these two big Razor Factors and TRIPLE your growth

Most people I talk back and forth with in the comments on my blog struggle with FOCUS.

And focus boils down to not knowing what to focus on. We all know HOW to focus. The problem is we try to focus on too many things at once or in quick succession.
This is where Ockham’s Razor kicks in. See, based on scientific research conducted on 524 companies, there are only TWO factors that you need to focus on to triple your results. And this applies whether you’re a small guy or gal or a big corporation