Max Steingart – The Scripts Book For Social Networks


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Exclusive access to more than 100 Proven, Field Tested, Can’t-Fail Scripts and Questions to easily recruit leaders, customers, and reps!

Always know exactly the right words to use with every prospect!

Watch this short video to get a FULL TOUR of THE SCRIPTS BOOK! Be sure your sound is ON.

Comprehensive Collection of Scripts

This comprehensive collection of practical, targeted, and powerfully effective transcripts have been field-tested and proven to work for decades. You will want to have it by your side every time you chat with a prospect online to keep your conversations flowing, focused, and productive.
The SCRIPTS FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS provides you with proven, field tested sales strategies, texting tactics with copy and paste templates, transcripts and precise message content that will enable you to talk to anyone with confidence. They can be used in private messages on any social network, when you’re on the phone with a prospect or when you’re face to face with someone.

When you know what to say to a prospect in any profession that will have them enrolling in your business on a daily basis your confidence will soar. With this information at your fingertips you’re on your way to becoming an unstoppable closer and top recruiter.

The Scripts Book contains step-by-step actions and word for word copy and paste content that provides you with multiple ways to talk to people.

THE SCRIPTS BOOK is your ‘Secret Weapon’ to achieving success quickly!

It contains clever opening lines to start conversations and make the right connections with anyone, qualifying questions to identify perfect prospects, transition lines to introducing your business and dozens of additional sales strategies with the appropriate words to use to engage your prospects and close them.

It walks you through the process of building your business on a social network by simply following the scripts and adhering to a few basic sales concepts.

The texting tactics provided will maximize your online activity and effectively work with both your warm market and the huge cold market of prospects that are out there waiting to hear from you.

When you’re able to dive into an endless supply of free social network leads the smart way with these scripts and talk to a never ending list of ‘crème of the crop’ prospects and achieve predicable results your confidence will soar.

You’ll have more fun with these scripts than you can imagine when you know you can create recurring online conversations on your terms that end with a new customer or sales partner.

The enthusiasm for building your business online is guaranteed to soar as you increase momentum in your business that can be duplicated by everyone on your growing team.