Maya Fiennes – Kundalini Yoga – A Journey Through The Chakras


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Maya FiennesKundalini Yoga – A Journey Through The Chakras

Product Description

In this series Maya takes you on a journey through the first 3 Chakras, introducing a new Kundalini Yoga practice for each individual Chakra. Chakras are energy centers which absorb life force or prana from the universe and are distributed through the nadis, energy channels to the nervous system, endocrinal glands adn cicrular systems. In this 3 DVD box set, Maya will guide you through the yoga practices for the first three Chakras: Courage, Creativity and Willpower, know as the lower triangle. The lower triangular chakras focus on elimination and are balanced by the upper triangular Chakras, which accumulate, create and recline.


Maya Fiennes is one of the true examples of a pioneer in the field of yoga – Deepak Chopra –Deepak Chopra

About the Actor

Maya is a K.R.I certified Kundalini Yoga teacher born in Macedonia and now based in both Los Angeles and England. Having practiced a variety of yoga methods for years, Maya trained to be a Kunalini teacher under Shiv Charan Singh at teh Karam Kriya School in London. Her philosophy of good health and living with inner peace and confidence has made her one of the most in-demand teachers in both London and LA.