Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff – Digital Marketer


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Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff – Digital Marketer – Instant Download!

Media Buyer Bootcamp

Overcome iOS Updates, Crumbling Conversions, & Surging Ad Costs To…

Become One Of The Most In-Demand Media Buyers On The Market
The percentage of businesses that are unhappy with their conversions
Current Media Buying job openings in the US alone.
Increase in US digital ad spend since 2020

WARNING: This Is Controversial…
What I’m about to say is going to be hard to hear but it’s time to face it…

Paid traffic, as we’ve known it, is dead. 

Do you remember when you could spend $1,000 on Facebook ads and make an easy $5,000 without really even trying?

Well, with ever changing algorithms, iOS updates, new privacy settings, and more competition it feels almost impossible to make paid ads profitable these days.

…BUT that is only true if you are using the old playbook.

Let me show you something…

Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff –  Digital Marketer

Spend: $10,734.70
Revenue: $450,000.00
ROAS: 41.92*
(*no that’s not a typo!)

This is a revenue report from a campaign that the instructors of this program are running RIGHT NOW.

I know that might seem impossible.

What most of us don’t remember is that media buying has been a skill set that has been around for much longer than Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube.

The fact is these platforms over the last two decades have made media buying easy and most of us complacent. (Guilty as charged!✋)

The emergence of these platforms, and their ability to gather incredible amounts of customer data for us marketers to use for FREE, turned media buying into a lost art.

These platforms profited solely on our ad spend so they did everything they could to help us create sales with just the click of a button. (And we pushed that button A LOT. 😊)

In essence, the conditions these platforms created made building profitable paid ads as easy as selling water in the Sahara.

Now, with the inability to leverage that 3rd party data to laser target easy sales and ripe customers, most media buyers (and businesses) are lost in that same desert.

The Truth Is, For The 1st Time Since Marketing Has Gone Digital, Media Buying Takes Some Serious Skills.

The “smash & grab” style strategies that characterized the last couple decades are dead. (R.I.P. 🪦)

That means to be successful now you need to know how to:

  • Create an effective strategy to convert cold traffic into red hot buyers
  • Craft a message that cuts through the noise & catches the attention of your ideal prospects
  • Develop kick-a$$ creative to amplify that message in a fun, entertaining, and compelling way
  • Apply the technical skills to create an omnipresent-like echo chamber for your brand or product across multiple platforms simultaneously

So the question is…”Now what do we do?“

If the old playbook doesn’t work then what is the media buying blueprint that will allow you to run profitable paid ads?

Well, of course success can come in all shapes and sizes…

But, there is this one strategy that is privately being used by the biggest brands and celebrity influencers that are experiencing massive success right now.

Strangely, this framework was developed by a university professor and a serial entrepreneur that has now made them one of the most in-demand, sought after dynamic duos in all of paid media.

They are currently being retained by the biggest brands in the biz including…Simon Sinek, Heineken, Jeff Lerner, Agora Financial, Red Bull, and more.

Their approach? It’s called…”The Four Bucket Framework”.

The reason this framework is so powerful is because it uniquely leverages cutting-edge AI with their proprietary process for developing powerful customer insights, killer content, kick-butt creative, and some direct response marketing tactics to help create customers on demand (again!).

It’s been proven that, when this framework is applied properly…

Media Buyers Can Turn Their Failing Funnels Into Profit-Printing Machines

…And that’s exactly what we are going to show you how to do, step-by-step!

During the 4-week Media Buyer bootcamp,these two ‘in-the-trenches’ media buying mavericks will show you how the most successful media buyers master all the necessary skills to turn paid ads into profit in a post-privacy world.

This is truly going to provide you the insider knowledge you need to become one of the most in-demand media buyers in the marketplace today.

Together, we will work to plan, execute, measure, and optimize an integrated paid marketing strategy that drives tangible results…in just 4 weeks!

The Media Buyer Bootcamp

Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff –  Digital Marketer

How It Works

DigitalMarketer’s Media Buyer Bootcamp is as challenging as it is rewarding. This training is taught by industry experts and facilitated (virtually) each week by a live instructor in a true.

Those who successfully complete the Bootcamp will, in just 4 weeks, emerge with the skills, knowledge, and “in the trenches” experience that only a true Media Buyer can possess.

Course Breakdown

Over 4 weeks, you will master the core skills that every Media Buyer must possess. Mastery of these skills is truly the difference between just being a platform specialist who turns the knobs and being a business builder who is essential to businesses and brands right now.

Each session will mix strategy with execution and you’ll get instructor feedback to give you a clear path to success.

Here’s how each week will break down…

Session 0
The Kick Off Call
Get ready for the next 4 weeks! This week we will meet your instructors and get to know the other students in the class. We will cover what you can expect from the training and how to get the most out of your time including grading, participation, and how to achieve your coveted Media Buyer Bootcamp certificate.

Session 1
Who: Avatar (Empathy mapping)
So many people look at their offer and product and say “here’s how I’m going to market it”.

What’s often missed is thinking through WHO this serves, how they think, what drives them, what problems are they facing, and more. There’s a million different things going on in their head and we want to meet them where they are at.

Most media buyers start with the product or offer and then put together their marketing strategy. During this week we’re going to flip this strategy around and start with your customer. Aaron & Andy are going to walk your through their “Empathy Mapping” approach which is the 1st step inbuilding a successful ad campaign. Identifying who your customer is and where they are in their journey are the basic building blocks you need to reach your prospects in a post-privacy world and we are going to walk you through that process step-by-step.

By the end of session who you will know what’s going through your prospects minds and better understand them which, in turn, enables you to sell more effectively to them.

Session 2
Where: Channel Selection & “Paid” Organic
Now that you know who your customer is, it makes it much easier to identify where they are.

Each channel responds to unique audiences and products differently and you want to pick the one that will give you the best return on ad spend right away. But how do you do that? We’ll show you.

We’ll also go through something Aaron and Andy call, “Paid Organic”. This is the same strategy Aaron and Andy has implemented for the biggest names in marketing such as Neil Patel, Frank Kern, Dan Lock, and many more.

Once you understand how to apply this strategy to your ad campaigns you will be able to manufacture celebrity-level authority for your brand or boss.

Session 3
What: Metrics & Modeling
We’re going to show you and give you access to some of our models which is your mathematical roadmap to know exactly what should be happening at every single stage of your funnel so you know where to prioritize your time. We’re going to be walking you through and giving you those so you know exactly how to get where you’re going.

Your key to success starts with pre-planning every element in your camping and the objectives you are shooting for at each stage.

By the end of this session, you are going to have that strategy, the tools, templates, and personal guidance to make your campaign a winner!

Session 4
How (Part 1): Messaging & Creative
You now understand your who, what channel you’ll run ads on, and which metrics matter. Now we’ll go through how to get inside your prospects minds and visually draw people in on each different channel. During this process we’ll also identify the corresponding metrics that should go with that creative to know if you are on the right track.

Session 5
How (Part 2): Facebook, Instagram, & Tiktok
Every ads platform has key fundamentals you must know in order to maximize ROAS. Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are no exception. We’ll give you the roadmap to each platform so your best equipped to not only launch your campaign, but achieve maximum return.

Session 6
How (Part 3): Youtube & Search Traffic
Just as social platforms have key fundamentals, so do YouTube and Search Traffic (Google). Understanding these fundamentals will make launching your campaigns quicker and more effective. We’ll take a deep dive into each of these to assure your campaign is built in a way that draws in your customer avatar.

Session 7
Testing and Optimization
After you launch your campaign, what do you do next? What about four weeks from now? What about after? We are going to walk you through exactly what you need to do at each stage of the launched campaign to continue to test and optimize your funnel so your in a better place to scale.

Session 8
Scaling and Optimization
Making it rain! After you launch a successful campaign, how do you continue to optimize and scale your business? Maybe it’s 7-figures per year to 7 figures per month. Regardless of your goal, we’ll give you the tools and strategy you need to achieve them.

Bonus Session
The 8-Figure Scaling Roadmap: “A Step-by-Step Growth Plan For AFTER Your Ads Are Working”
You can know how to do paid media really well but if you know how to do it too well (which is our goal for you) you can actually break all the systems in the business if you’re not ready. You need to know what to look for, what things need to be put in place, and what potholes to avoid so you can be proactive about that or you will literally blow the business up. You have to know what needs to be put in place. Our 8 figure scaling roadmap will prepare you for rapid success.

Who Should Enroll

  • New Media Buyers
    Looking to get an edge in an increasingly competitive & difficult environment.
  • Seasoned Media Buyers
    Looking to get back on track with the strategies that are working now.
  • Business Owners
    Looking to solve your paid media problems yourself or have us mentor your media buyer to do it for you.
  • Agencies & Consultants
    Looking to create an competitive advantage solving the biggest issue facing business owners today.

WARNING: If you are a crazy-busy business owner who barely has time to check the mail and sign the checks, this program isn’t for you. (But you should have someone on your team go through it, because you, more than anyone else, need this problem solved…)

Meet Your Instructors

Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff –  Digital Marketer

Aaron Parkinson
CEO, 7 Mile Media
Aaron Parkinson is first and foremost a family man. After a failed career as an athlete, he turned to the internet as a means to support his family and raise his children working from home. Since his humble beginnings in 2004, Aaron has built and exited three companies, grown two softwares to mulit-million dollar valuations, and generated over a billion dollars in online sales. His agency, 7 Mile Media, works with some of the most sought after educators on the planet.

Aaron believes strongly in alternative education and has a passion to help experts bring their message to the masses. He believes that we all have a special gift and through sharing that gift we make the world a better place. Aaron and the 7 Mile team consistently help entrepreneurs scale their businesses from 7-figures per year to 7-figures per month through strategic consulting, multi-channel marketing, and content syndication.

Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff –  Digital Marketer

Andy McDuff
CMO, 7 Mile Media
Andy’s main background is in Paid Digital Media, Analytics & CRO but blended with brand marketing since he has worked alongside agencies like Ogilvy and McCann for brands such as L’Oréal, Schweppes and consulted on projects with companies like British Airways and Four Seasons Hotels. He also has a considerable technical background having started his career in C++ programming for trading platforms in London. Later, he moved to building and coding websites where he developed a ravenous appetite for all things marketing & business development which has been his main focus since 1998.

Andy has had the great fortune to have worked on tons of amazing projects: from pan-continental eCommerce (British Airways, Four Seasons Hotels and numerous travel portals) right through to small businesses in diverse sectors such as law & accounting firms and numerous well-known coaching entrepreneurs. He loves teaching and coaching: “there is nothing more satisfying than seeing people grow and reach new goals they never even thought was possible!”

Since 2017, Andy has been an Associate Professor teaching various disciplines in marketing at ESIC Business & Marketing School (international MBA students) and participating in internal developmental programs with Harvard Business School.


Media Buyer Bootcamp By Aaron Parkinson & Andy McDuff – Digital Marketer, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Customer-Avatar-Canvas-Editable-1
  • 01-Customer-Value-Journey-Worksheet
  • 01-Digital Marketer – Head of Marketing Bootcamp
  • 01-Empathy-Map-Canvas
  • 01-Google-Search-Simulator-TEMPLATE
  • 01-Kick Off Call – Media Buyer Bootcamp
  • 01-Media-Buyer-Bootcamp-Session-1-Avatar-Empathy-Mapping
  • 01-Media-Buyer-Bootcamp-Session-2-Channel-Selection-Paid-Organic
  • 01-Media-Buyer-Bootcamp-Session-4-Metrics-Modelling
  • 01-Media-Buyer-Bootcamp-Session-7-Social-Ads-Part-2
  • 01-Media-Buyer-Bootcamp-Session-8-YouTube-Google-Search-Ads
  • 01-Media-Buyer-Bootcamp-Session-10-Optimization-Scaling
  • 01-Media+Buyer+Bootcamp+-+Session+0+-+Kick+Off+Call+-+V1+.pptx
  • 01-Media+Buyer+Bootcamp+-+Session+3+-+Tracking+(BONUS+Session)
  • 01-Media+Buyer+Bootcamp+-+Session+5+-+Messaging+and+Creative
  • 01-Media+Buyer+Bootcamp+-+Session+6+-+Social+Ads+Part+1
  • 01-Media+Buyer+Bootcamp+-+Session+9+-+Testing+&+Optimization
  • 02Who-Avatar (Empathy Mapping)
  • 03-Where- Channel Selection & “Paid” Organic
  • 04-Bonus- Tracking for Success
  • 05- What- Metrics & Modeling
  • 06-How (Part 1)- Messaging & Creative
  • 07-How (Part 2)-Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok
  • 08-How (Part 2 Cont.)- Facebook, Instagram & TikTok
  • 09-How (Part 3)- Youtube & Search Traffic
  • 10-Testing & Optimization
  • 11-Scaling & Optimization
  • 12-BONUS-The 8-Figure Scaling Roadmap-A Step-by-Step Growth Plan For AFTER Your Ads Are Working