Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb
  • Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

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Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb – Instant Download!

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

The #1 Media Marketing Course for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to scale their business to $25k+ per month and scale their message into a global movement.

(Yes, even and especially without a big following, team or time.)

My Clients have been Featured In:

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

Your Unfair Media Visibility Advantage

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

If you are a

> purpose-driven entrepreneur

> a type A overachiever born to lead

> a paradigm shifter of heart and soul offering courses, coaching, a book (or want to write one)

> if you’re a podcaster or speak on stages…

then this exclusive program is for you.


When you enroll in the Media Visibility Accelerator you will unlock access to the 6 module course which lays out in detail how to build your message and business using each platform.

You’ll also receive all the templates, contracts, pitch email templates AND the sales pages you need to build a massive movement.

Here’s what is included:

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

  • Module 1: Signature Story Framework:
  • Module 2: How to land top podcasts & attract top podcast guests
  • Module 3: Share to Sell with Instagram
  • Module 4: Share to Sell with Stages
  • Module 5: Land Top TV Gigs
  • Module 6: Marketing Your Message

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb


Kelly doubled her income in just 3 months.

“Run, don’t walk to join this program. She’s a mirror to your own greatness. She believes in you when you don’t. And she shows you a clear path to building a movement.”

Cherie went from $2K speaking gigs to $20k in one week

“Abbey has helped me create an additional six figures in my business without having to make any new courses or products. She teaches you how to work smarter, not harder.”

Fast Facts of MVA Grads

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb



“This woman hands down changed my life. Her talent, her heart and this community are the real deal.”

Bijan went from 0 leads to $480,000 in less than 3 months.

“Abbey is truly a wizard at media, marketing and social media. She lays out a clear step-by-step plan you literally can’t afford not to do. Everyone needs to work with her.”

If you can build your dream alone, you’re not dreaming big enough.

This program is for you if…

1. You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants more visibility for your business. You’re a Type-A Overachiever born to lead who gives a shit about the world and who gets shit done.

2. You’re a Coach, Course Creator, Podcaster, Author or have a product-based business and you know if more people could just hear your message, you could make a massive positive impact in the world.

3. You’re tired of living in fear that you won’t live up to your huge potential. You’d like to wake up excited to live out your life’s purpose . You want a loyal tribe of fans on social media eager for your next post. You want to wake up to an inbox full of paid speaking engagement offers. You want to be a NYT best selling author and a world-renowned TEDx speaker …even reading this gives you goose bumps

4. But you also feel like your dreams are kind of driving in neutral right now. You feel like you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall — you post a little here, get a client there– but there’s no strategic momentum.

5. After 2020, you’ve realized how quickly life can change. You’re done playing small. You’re ready to pop above the noise but you could use support and some freaking guidance. Amiright?!


6. This business, this message, is you. You created it out of the painful and joyful lessons you’ve experienced so far on this human journey. It’s about so much more than money or fame. It’s about fulfilling a burning purpose.

7. You have an offer, book, product and have started selling it, but it’s not really getting the traction you want and need to scale what you’ve started.

8. You’re making some money, but it’s really up and down — you wish your cash flow was more consistent and you know that if more people knew about you– this wouldn’t be a struggle.

9. You’re spread super thin across your business that you’re not really giving anything your full attention. You know you need a global community of entrepreneurs that just “get” you and who can support you going for dreams 99% of your world thinks is crazy.

10. You’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, watched all the webinars and are STILL struggling to know what will and won’t work for you. It seems like everyone else has their shit together but you. You need an expert to just lay out EXACTLY what’s going to get you an ROI.

This is NOT for you if…

1. You are only at the concept stage right now, as this program is for entrepreneurs who have started selling their service or offers already, but aren’t hitting their sales targets.

2. You aren’t ready, able or willing to invest the time, energy and money into stepping into the greatest season of your life so far

3. You have an excuse-oriented mindset instead of a solution-oriented one.

4. You’re not a super nice human who wants to be light in this world

Dear Movement Maker, you are…

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb






We are the leaders called to something greater.

We are the movement makers.

We are bold and brilliant and brave. Together, we are changing the world.

Who are you if not the same? Won’t you join us?


Chris made $10k from just one social post using the strategies you will learn in MMM.

“Abbey has literally changed my life. You need to work with her.”

Keri is now getting asked to speak on stages weekly…even during the pandemic.

“I’m now doing live events with people like Grant Cardone. I’m featured monthly in magazines like Forbes. Abbey is the real deal.”

Meet your Mentor:

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb

Hi – I’m Abbey! We’re about to change your life together!
A little about me…

✓ Built a Six Figure Business in the first 6 months using media visibility

✓ Booked 3 TEDx Talks in 3 months (my most recent talk has more than a million views)

✓ Worked with a team that helped 6 entrepreneurs go from zero to 7 figures in two years

Here’s the thing…

I was on TV for most of my adult life. I’ve gone live in front of millions. I’ve spoken on stages in front of thousands.

Then one day…

I realized I could spend my life trying to become the next Oprah and create the “Me, me, me show”

… OR…

I could empower thousands of leaders –heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you– to understand and harness the power of media so that TOGETHER we could change the world.

After being pitched on average 25x a day for more than a decade, here’s what I know for sure:

> Everyone has a story

> Almost no one knows how to sell it

In order to become the leader you’re called to be, other people have to buy into your message which means you have to know how to sell it across different platforms.

You also deserve to create a lucrative business from that message.

Let me help you get there!

Media Visibility Accelerator 2021 By Abby Gibb, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • interviews
  • LIVE Branding Training
  • Week 1 – Turn your message into a movement
  • Week 2 – Landing Virtual Speaking Gigs
  • Week 3 – Podcast Tour
  • Week 4 – Social Media Growth Hacks
  • Week 5 – Get booked on TV
  • Week 6 – Business Marketing
  • weekly group Q&A