Mike Reinold – Champion Performance Specialist


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Mike Reinold - Champion Performance Specialist

Mike Reinold – Champion Performance Specialist

What if there was a proven system, that once learned, could take all the guesswork out of how you assess people move and help you develop your therapy and training programs?

A system developed over the last 20 years for both rehab and fitness professionals…  and successfully used daily to help 1000’s of people, ranging from weekend warriors to professional athletes, restore, optimize and enhance their performance?

A comprehensive program to help you get started fast for those early in their careers…  or to show you how to refine what you are currently doing to get even better results for those already established in the middle of your career?

A simple system that you can follow…  so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ll always know what to do so you aren’t overwhelmed with how to assess, treat, and train people?

And at the end, if you could use this system to grow your expertise…  become the go-to person for people with more advanced goals…  have a blast going to work every day knowing your schedule is packed with these people…  and even grow your revenue and take back a little control of your schedule?

When we started Champion PT and Performance, one of our biggest goals was to develop a standardized approach to how we look at movement, and then easily determine the best treatments and training programs for that person.  We wanted to create a comprehensive system that could be consistently performed by our physical therapists and strength coaches.  But it had to be simple to implement and scalable as we learned new things.

This helped us so much.  And now I want to share this system because I know how much it’s going to help you.

That’s what The Champion Performance Therapy & Training System is here for.

A trusted source of education…  in a clear, understandable, self-paced learning format that suited your schedule.…  and with real-life advice to help guide your professional development.