Molly Pittman – How to Build an Engaging Facebook Messenger Bot!


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Molly Pittman – How to Build an Engaging Facebook Messenger Bot!

Molly PittmanHow to Build an Engaging Facebook Messenger Bot!

In this brand new workshop, you’ll learn how to build a “set it and forget it” Facebook Messenger Bot that drives revenue 24/7, 365 days a year..

What You’ll Learn

  • How to quickly create a messenger bot sequence that converts…even if you’ve never written copy or “programmed” a bot
  • 7 quick steps to crafting eye-catching, engaging Facebook messenger conversations
  • How to stay compliant with Facebook’s ToS (Terms of Service) without giving up exciting content that drives engagement
  • The 5 elements of engaging bot conversations, and how to implement them in your campaign
  • How companies like HubSpot and The Wall Street Journal use Messenger Bot Conversations to move BILLIONS of dollars of a wide array of products, PLUS…
  • How to leverage Molly’s “Acquisition Bot Builder Worksheet” and “Messenger Bot Audit“ to craft “fill in the blank” bot campaigns that the convert the very first time!

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a Messenger bot sequence that converts!

From “what are messenger bots?” to proven strategies for acquiring new conversations, we’ll walk through the complete, step-by-step process of creating a Facebook Messenger bot sequence that engages, informs, and converts your traffic into leads and sales…

Here’s What We’ll Create Together

In this workshop, you’ll work with renowned Facebook and Acquisition expert, Molly Pittman, to build a Messenger bot sequence that accomplishes the 3 objectives you need in order to deliver personalized, 1-on-1 experiences to your customers:

  • Entertain
  • Inform
  • Engage

Your finished Messenger bot campaign will develop and build a relationship with your potential customers, nurture that relationship by expanding your influence, and ultimately convert leads into devoted fans of your brand.

The Most Profitable Skill In Marketing’s New Frontier

This new marketing channel is growing rapidly and completely changing the way customers interact with brands.

Facebook reported that more than one in two people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message, and 67% of people expect to message businesses more in the next two years.

And with over 2 BILLION monthly active users, Facebook would know.

It’s how people are communicating with family and friends. A large portion of our society prefers to communicate via a messenger with quick responses.

By learning how to leverage Messenger bots the right way, you’ll stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors — because you’re reaching people where their attention is already focused…

With an engaging and completely automated message sequence that requires ZERO extra time and effort on your part.

Put simply: Adapt… or waste your valuable time while losing business to your competition.

But it isn’t as simple as just blasting your audience with promos and content like you would with email…

To succeed with marketing on Facebook Messenger, you shouldn’t approach the platform from a marketing perspective alone.

If you want people to engage with your messages and click on your ads, you need to figure out what your potential customers are struggling with or what they’re trying to accomplish…

Figure out creative ways to engage with them…

Focus on your audience and what’s important to them…

Try to drive relationships as well as engagement.

So, how do you do that?

With a little help from world famous Facebook expert, Molly Pittman. That’s how.

Workshop Description

It’s undeniable: Facebook Messenger is the newest frontier of Digital Marketing. This new marketing channel is growing at break-neck speed and completely changing the way people connect with companies online.

Learning how to leverage Messenger bots will give any marketer an edge over the competition.

In this hands-on training, you’ll learn how to leverage this emerging platform to grow your audience and your business with engaging chatbots that deliver personalized, 1-on-1 experiences to your customers.

What You’ll Learn :

  • Learn to identify your audience and expand your influence as your customer base grows
  • Discover the best types of content to use at each step of the Customer Value Journey to maximize your ROI
  • Craft entertaining content that grabs attention like quizzes, coupons codes, and other advanced Facebook Messenger features
  • Understand how to use Messenger bots for any type of business, whether you are selling a physical product, driving leads to pick up the phone, or peddling SaaS and information products
  • Learn how to stay compliant with Facebook’s ToS (Terms of Service) without giving up exciting content that drives engagement

The Anatomy of a Powerhouse Messenger Bot in just 85 seconds.

  • In this quick excerpt, watch Molly cover one of the many powerful messenger playbooks shared in this 4 hour on-demand workshop.

Workshop Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Send A Better Broadcast

Discover how to send messages to your subscriber base and enjoy open & click-through rates that are 200% – 1,000% better than email by following a few simple best practices.

Lesson 2:

Keep Facebook Compliant

Learn exactly how to stay compliant with Facebook’s terms of service — without sacrificing the effectiveness of your Messenger marketing campaigns.

Lesson 3:

Create Advanced Messenger Funnels

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create quizzes, coupon code campaigns, cost/quote calculator bots, “Wheel of Fortune” bots, and more using the advanced Facebook Messenger features.

Lesson 4:

Leverage Live Chat

Set your company up for customer service success with our Live Chat service. It’s a powerful way to connect with your audience and delight your customers by communicating in the way they feel comfortable.

Lesson 5:

Master Growth Tools

You’ll get an in-depth walkthrough of the most effective ways to use various Facebook Messenger tools and how each one can help to grow your audience and subscriber base.

Lesson 6:

Use Chatbots For Every Type of Business

Learn how to leverage Messenger marketing to grow every kind of business out there, from ecommerce companies to traditional brick & mortar businesses and everything in between.