Money Vibe Wealthy Tribe By Hey U Human
  • Money Vibe Wealthy Tribe By Hey U Human

Money Vibe Wealthy Tribe By Hey U Human

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Money Vibe Wealthy Tribe By Hey U Human – Instant download!

Money Vibe Wealthy Tribe By Hey U Human 

Money Vibe, Wealthy Tribe is all about getting activated into the new paradigm of abundant wealth.

Our society has evolved. We’ve become more enlightened, more connected, more conscious, but when it comes to wealth, so many of us are still stuck in the pursuit. It’s time to have the wealth you desire. In the Money Vibe. Wealthy Tribe. Mastermind, we’re creating a group of collective energy that magnetizes wealth in a way we’ve never been given access to before. Where money follows our command.

Where we decide what we want, & money shows up in massive amounts to support our every pleasure & desire.

It’s time that you are enveloped in in abundance. How do we get there?

  • By surrounding yourself with people in the magnetic energy of wealth, you calibrate to a higher vibration.
  • Money doesn’t come from DOING. It comes from who you’re BEING, and those you surround yourself with have an enormous impact on that way of being.
  • DOING is just the actions we take so that we can believe we are worthy of money. In this mastermind, we are rising to the vibration of MAGNETIZED MONEY. Without burnoutWithout 12 hour days. Without sacrificing our values.

It’s our mission to activate this beautiful money magic in the lives of as many humans as possible. We want you to access my energy, to soak it in until lack is a distant memory. It’s time to own your power over money once & for all.

Money Vibe Wealthy Tribe By Hey U Human, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)
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  • Supplemental Video: Introduction to RRT
October 2020
  • Getting Started
November 2020
  • Letting Love In
  • Potential and Possibility
  • Inviting in the Energy of Money + Meditation
December 2020
  • Spending Time in the World of Creation
  • Adoring Your Human
  • Anchoring into the Material World + Clearing
  • How to Make Money Work for You
January 2021
  • Time Collapsing
  • Energetic Standard Work
  • Consciousness and Shifting
  • Our Language Around Money
February 2021
  • Guilt
  • Dropping the Money Struggle
  • Money, Time, and Perfectionism
March 2021
  • Magic Money – How to Use Your Manifesting Superpowers
  • Money and Ego
  • Inner Child Work Around Wealth
  • Guilt and Shame Around Money
  • Money Dynamics
April 2021
  • Privilege, Worth, and Guilt
  • Money Routine + Activation
  • Energetic Standards
  • Having It All
May 2021
  • Clearing Mediation and Activation
  • Wealthy Decisions
  • Money Blocks vs Patience
  • Keep Your Money House Clean
June 2021
  • Manifesting Money
  • All Things Debt
  • Chakra Clearing and Activation
  • Total Money Reset Tapping
  • Money Q&A
July 2021
  • Money Comes in Unexpected Ways
  • Using Astrology for Wealth Creation
  • The Perceived Value of Things
  • Bringing in the Money
August 2021
  • Getting What You Want Without Compromising
  • Religion and Money + Expansion Meditation
  • Trusting the Process
  • The Act of Receiving + Meditation
  • Feeling Bad about Wanting Money
September 2021
  • Hidden Things that Knock You out of the Wealth Vibe
  • The Tangible and Weird Stuff about Money
  • Wounding Money Motivation
  • Power Over Money
October 2021
  • The Abundance Mindset
  • Money Talk and Activation
  • Security
  • Let’s Talk about Debt
November 2021
  • Certainty with Creating Money Tapping
  • Judgements and Vulnerability
  • Thankfulness
  • “Ask Me Anything” Q&A
December 2021
  • Nervous System and Body Reset
  • Money As Your Teacher
  • Making, Receiving, and Having Money
  • Worth, Quilt and What We Surround Ourselves With