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Entrepreneurs and business owners

Are you ready to learn the secrets to turning a website into a flawlessly designed digital masterpiece that generates sales?

without the need and expense of hiring a designer


A self-paced course, with unlimited access, so you can master the branded website design YOU need for your business, attract better clients, and charge more for your products and services.

Some websites nail it.

You land there and you instantly know they were created by a professional.

Polished, captivating, and let’s face it, they look AH-MAZING.

Other websites?

Let’s just say they feel like the business hired their neighbors’ high-school son who “can build websites”… and you end up with what feels anything but professional.

Nothing feels cohesive, there’s no brand, and they’re hard to navigate. Most people bounce away as soon as they land on them.

You CAN learn how to turn your website into a client-magnet machine, that converts visitors into raving fans of your business.

That’s where I come in.

I’m going to teach you ALL the secrets and ALL the techniques.

Have you tried, over and over, to get your design-act together?

  • You’ve got severe ‘design-envy’ whenever you see gorgeously designed sites.
  • You’ve watched endless tutorials but your designs still aren’t cutting it.
  • You’re having trouble ‘getting started’ on building a website and keeping it ‘On Brand’.
  • You’re struggling with lack of inspiration and spend hours stuck staring at a blank screen.
  • You’re frustrated with the amount of time it takes to decide on a design direction.
  • You’re embarrassed and reluctant to show your website to clients and colleagues.

Learn my straightforward, no-fluff, tested and proven systematized process, for building beautifully polished websites that convert.

Here is the thing.

Design is a problem-solving process.

If you learn the principles, and know the processes you should use, you can create a solution with the knowledge and tools that you’ll get in the DesignClass course.

The days of being stuck in endless hesitations and confusion are OVER, and this is why:
  • You will learn the foundations of great design!
  • You will learn the rules and principles of branded design!
  • You will learn how to create and present a brandboard!
  • No longer embarassed, you will be proud to showcase your work!
  • You will learn to pair fonts like a pro!
  • You will learn to create converting color palettes!
  • You will learn how to lay out pages so your visitors are guided to your call-to-action!
  • Gorgeously designed websites will finally make sense!

It’s very simple

Having the right knowledge, tools, and processes means easier and quicker website creation, more time for your own business = higher ticket clients, and increased revenue.

This course will pay for itself within the first project you book after completing it. Boom.

What you’ll learn in the DesignClass Course

• Generate the perfect color palette for any website, centered around each specific audience and customized for any brand.

• Understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of font usage and learn how to implement the rules and techniques of precise and professional font pairings.

• Learn practical steps to creating consistent and cohesive design by learning the laws of contrast, spacing, visual hierarchy, and white-space.

• Learn to create a brand style guide, the foundation of flawless user experience, and translate it into a completely branded website.

1. Foundation and Background

A close look at the challenges and obstacles entrepreneurs, business owners, digital marketers, web developers and agency owners face when building websites.

The foundations of every design project. You’ll learn the principles and guidelines of designing to fulfill exact brand requirements.

Why is having a systematized design process so important? You’ll learn tried-and-true methods of designing to increase conversion rates.

2. Fonts and Font-Pairings

What makes great typography? You’ll learn how improved readability affect conversion.

Font-pairing is essential to the creation of beautiful and engaging websites.

You’ll take a deep dive into the process of selecting and pairing fonts. You’ll learn the tools and resources that will make these tasks effortless.

You’ll learn practical and detail step-by-step methods to styling and formatting typography, for enhanced user experience and increased retention.

3. Color and Color Palettes

This is a comprehensive and detailed deep-dive into the important and significant role of color in digital applications. You’ll learn methods and techniques that will enable you to make precise color selections.

A detailed process for generating the perfect color palette centered around your audience and your brand. You’ll learn how to define and pick colors to enhance brand awareness.

A close look at how powerful is the impact of color on the user experience. You’ll gain tools and systems that will enable you to expertly select color to increase conversion and retention.

4. Layouts and Spacing

What are the components of branded layouts? Are branded layouts important to the overall functionality? You’ll learn how composition and hierarchy affect the user experience and conversion.

A detailed examination of the principals of component placement. You’ll learn how to place various elements to enhance cohesiveness and order.

You’ll learn detailed and practical steps to creating consistency and cohesive design, so your website is looking premium and polished.

5. Brand Boards Presentation

The anatomy and application of brand boards. What are brand boards, and how can they expedite and systematize the website creation process.

Learn the step-by-step process of curating and collecting the elements of your brand board. You’ll have the exact same tools and resources used by professional designers.

You’ll learn how to use and utilize your brand board as a roadmap when building a branded website. You’ll also learn how to enhance your own marketing efforts using a brand board.

6. Bonus Content

Lifetime access to guides, templates, and references that will expedite your design process. More tools and resources are being added often.

Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder premium layout packs. You’ll get a look “under the hood” into proper elements and spacing placement, that you can use as “starters” for many projects.

Badge and certificate to showcase your newly acquired design expertise, impress your visitors, and acquire more clients.

But wait! There’s more! You also get:

  • Lifetime access and unlimited updates
  • Access to my secret “Tool Box”
  • Bonus course material, worksheets and cheatsheets
  • Private Zoom “Office Hours” coaching call for each student
  • Exclusive templates and layouts
  • Exclusive Canva templates
  • New modules, lessons, and bonuses frequently added
  • Feedback from me on your designs
  • Badge and certificate to showcase your design expertise
  • Private Facebook group where you can get support from me and other members

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