Morry Zelcovitch – Effortless Optimal Weight and Health Program


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Morry Zelcovitch - Effortless Optimal Weight and Health Program

Morry ZelcovitchEffortless Optimal Weight and Health Program

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At Last…

The REAL Solution To
Permanent Weight Loss!

Here’s How You Can Automatically
Download The “Secret Weight Loss Code” Into Your Brain For Good So You Can Finally Achieve A Healthier, Slimmer, Sexier Body!

This is the easiest, most reliable and painless way to jumpstart your weight loss once and for all, so you can finally have the kind of body you’ve always dreamed of without feeling deprived, frustrated, or guilty.

  • Finally free yourself from excess weight in the safest, easiest way possible…
  • Conquer patterns of self-sabotage and procrastination
    so you can reliably achieve your weight loss goals…
  • Eliminate stressors and destructive thought patterns
    that keep you turning to food for relief…
  • Effortlessly dissolve unhealthy food cravings and emotional eating patterns that keep you from achieving your perfect weight…
  • Increase your confidence and feelings of self-esteem
    no matter what your weight may be today…
  • Enjoy finally feeling comfortable in your own skin with more energy, and an increased zest for life with a
    natural shift to more optimal health WITHOUT drugs,
    deprivation, or despair…
  • CHANGE your brain permanently so you automatically transition to your best weight and STAY there once
    and for all…

Congratulations on making a brilliant decision to CHANGE your life with the Effortless Prosperity Program.

It’s been our experience that those who take advantage of Brain Entrainment are a very smart and motivated group who are ready to break through ALL their limiting beliefs.

You obviously fit that description too, since you have already taken decisive action today.

We completely understand how life changing this program will be for you, because we’ve seen it time and time again.

Both Morry and I are committed to making sure you have every advantage for creating your ideal life as effectively and quickly as possible.

And that’s why we would like you to thoughtfully consider the unique opportunity to achieve another goal by unburdening yourself of something we find a huge majority of the people we hear from are struggling with…

The Burden Of Excess Weight

The fact is, a shocking 90% of us want and NEED to lose weight.

And if you are overweight, you don’t need any statistics to prove how awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and downright unhealthy it is to carry around pounds of extra flab on your body.

Perhaps you’ve struggled for years to try and shed the excess pounds. Maybe you’ve even succeeded for a while, but have then found yourself gaining everything you’ve lost back again, plus a few more for good measure!

Do you know why this happens?

Because It’s NOT Just About The Food…

You and I both know there are many reasons for this, and often it is about something entirely different than merely a love of food.

It can go much deeper than that.

Excess weight can often be a symptom of other non-serving thoughts and beliefs. It can be a reflection of negative programming your brain is processing 24/7 including…

  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Discouragement

I’m entirely sure you can assemble a hit parade of negative, non-serving thought patterns for yourself that continually sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Until you CHANGE your brain, and reprogram your deeply held beliefs about your weight, NOTHING you do is going to work because…

Being Overweight Is About
A DIFFERENT Kind Of Hunger…

You need to go deeper into the REAL reasons you have a weight problem. I know that sounds complicated, maybe even a little scary.

But here’s the FANTASTIC news…

  • It doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult, or expensive!
  • It CAN happen faster and more easily than you may think!
  • You can finally be FREE of the guilt, low-self esteem, and embarrassment you may feel about being overweight!

All you have to do is this…

“Feed” Your BRAIN New Programming…
And CHANGE Your Weight For Good!

All you have to do is put on your stereo headphones and start LISTENING to your Effortless Optimal Weight & Health Triliminals!

Your BRAIN Will Take Care Of The Rest

You’ll discover just how easily you can completely turn your health around.

You may even find you dodge a deadly disease as your body responds to the REBOOT of your old thinking and limiting beliefs about weight loss, good health, and your ability to achieve your perfect weight!

I know this may almost sound too good to be true.

But just like your Effortless Prosperity Program Triliminals will CHANGE your financial future…

The same science and Triliminal Technology can CHANGE your level of health and fitness and REDUCE your excess weight.

You Really Can Lose Your Fat & Flab By LISTENING!

No matter how much you need to lose, or how long you’ve been trying without success, it’s not too late!

Here’s What You’ll Get…

The Effortless Optimal Weight & Health Program is a series of Triliminal recordings specifically created to overcome old non-serving patterns of thought and behavior so you can reliably achieve optimal health and your ideal weight in a natural, drug-free and safe way.

Your program Triliminals will include:

  • Weight Loss I & II
  • Emotional Balance I & II
  • Subdue Stress I & II
  • Self Love I & II
  • Happiness I & II
  • Energy I & II
  • Silence the Inner Critic I & II
  • Develop Good Habits I & II

To support you in listening your way to your NEW body, we’ll also include…

THREE More Weight Busting Bonuses!

Weight Busting Bonus #1:

Overcome I & II Triliminals

Weight Busting Bonus #2:

Self-Sabotage I & II Triliminals

Weight Busting Bonus #3:

**Your Craving Killer!

**This recording is a little different than your other Triliminals because there are NO spoken messages.

Entirely created with pure Brainwave Entrainment soundall you have to do is LISTEN any time you want the effortless ability to completely dissolve your cravings. You’ll be amazed at the vibrational power of the Craving Killer!

But that’s not all!

Because we want to deliver massive value to you, we’ll also give you access to FIVE more amazing Triliminals.

This IS how you overcome EVERY challenge you may face!

FIVE Surprise Bonuses:
“Overcome Everything” Triliminals!

Surprise Bonus #1:

Procrastination I & II

Surprise Bonus #2:

Pain Less I & II

Surprise Bonus #3:

Inner Voice I & II

Surprise Bonus #4:

Healing I & II

Surprise Bonus #5:

Goodbye Fear I & II


ALL of these combined bonuses alone are a $1,455 Value.

The TOTAL VALUE Of Your Program Is $2,231!

But today while you are on this page, you won’t pay anything near that. You will get your entire Effortless Optimal Weight & Health Program for just $397.

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And of course, you are still protected by our 60-day “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” Guarantee of Value.

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Give yourself the freedom to finally LOVE your body and live a healthier life at your optimal weight.

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Then start looking forward to all the incredible opportunities and achievements waiting for you when you tap into the most powerful way to literally change your brain, and change your life.

It’s exciting, exhilarating, and entirely possible for you to create the kind of beautiful and rewarding life you deserve.

To your healthiest life yet,

Song Chengxiang

One Payment of $397 Only