Netzero Video Series by SMB
  • Netzero Video Series by SMB

Netzero Video Series by SMB

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Netzero Video Series by SMB

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Netzero OptionsTM 

Learn zero-based thinking, the 60-40-20 options trading strategy, and how to use Netzero OptionsTM to manage a portfolio of reliable options trading strategies.

This training course gives you:

  • An options trading style that removes complexity to reveal a simple and elegant solution to generating high risk adjusted returns.
  • The specific trading strategy that won the Top P/L spot in the 2016 SMB Options trading competition as well as the highest 12-month return on the SMB Options Desk.
  • A new trading mentality that will change the way you think about options strategies.
  • A specific trading plan for the 60-40-20 Broken Wing Butterfly Netzero OptionsTM Strategy.
  • The steps to construct your customized portfolio of Netzero OptionsTM trades.

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