Nutrition Guide Phase 1 Fat Shredder By Tom Hopkins
  • Nutrition Guide Phase 1 Fat Shredder By Tom Hopkins

Nutrition Guide Phase 1 Fat Shredder By Tom Hopkins

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Nutrition Guide Phase 1 Fat Shredder By Tom Hopkins – Instant Download!

Nutrition Guide Phase 1 Fat Shredder - Tony Horton - Books Covers

PLEASE NOTE: this is not full Tony Horton P90X Workout PRogram DVD set, this is only downloaddable PDF eBook from it.

1rd Stage: FAT SHREDDER – A high-protein-based diet designed to help you strgnthen muscle while repidly shedding fat from your body.

This takes up the first 4 weeks and is mostly focused on higher protein and less carbohydrates. This is so that you muscles have enough protein to repair and rebuild through your initial first workouts. The energy youre using comes form stored fat in your body intead of high carbohydrates consumption. Great protein examples are salmon staks, tuna, Lean meat, tofu and low-sugar vegetables usually green.

Shredding those excess pounds through fat burning workouts is not easy it requires patience and a whole lot of determination. although fat shredding workouts are hard, it is possible and attainable for all body types even if you can’t lift a dumbbell. So if you are serious about eliminating those bulges then you better stick around and read the top 5 fat shredding wourkouts to learn how to lose weight fast with exercise and will also help you again back your confidence. For you women it will get back yoru sexy curves and for men get cut. That is why there are 5 different killer workouts here to accomodate your style, body, type and gender.

Also known as the Power 90 Extreme, the P90X is Tony Horton’s home exercise system. This exercise regimen claims to improve physical fitness and eliminates excess fats in just 90 days. This intense training program offers full body fitness by combining various exercise styles. Combined with right nutrition and proper diet the P90X workout can be achieved through a 6 days per week work out. The one hour daily workout is recommended for busy people that include cardiovascular training through using intervals, plyometrics and circuits. Divided in a series of workouts, this exercise routine includes stretching exercise, yoga, body weight exercise and core since the program emphasizes on the concept of “muscle confusion”.

All three systems include a nutrition plan to support achieving the lean body I wanted. The P90X Nutrition Plan “Fat Shredder” phase got me to 17 percent body fat–within the elite athlete range for women. And I’m 48 years old now. I’m never hungry and enjoy a flexible menu. I even eat out at restaurants and many convenience foods are not off limits.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not full Tony Horton P90X Workout Program DVD set, this is only downloadable PDF eBook from it.

About Author:

Anthony Sawyer “Tony” Horton Jr. (born 1958 in Westerly, Rhode Island) is an exercise instructor best known for the P90X home fitness program. His direct-response ads are the most frequently aired infomercials on American television, making him one of the nation’s most-seen personalities.

In contrast to “as seen on TV” fitness and weight-loss products that are touted as virtually effortless, Horton promotes vigorous exercise routines paired with detailed nutrition plans. Most of his programs include a progressive series of workouts, demonstrated on multiple DVDs, that are designed to be performed at home with little equipment other than dumbbells or resistance bands.

When you see someone like Tony Horton in action you immediately assume that he has great pre-disposition for a buff body. You might be quick to think that “bringing it” has always come easy for Tony. The truth is that Tony Horton had to work for that beach body just like the rest of us. Like many kids, Tony grew up loving fast food and dreading exercise. Horton was a typical bony “weakling” and probably never thought he would bring a fitness phenomenon like Power 90 or P90X to the world. Not even interested in sports, being a fitness icon was never at the front of Horton’s mind.

One thing Tony did like was acting, so no one was surprised when Horton moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream after graduating from the University of Rhode Island. He quickly realized in Los Angeles, it pays to be fit. That’s when Tony’s quest for fitness began. Horton joined the famous World Gym in Venice and began transforming his body. Studious by nature, Tony read books and asked questions of the pros at the gym gaining insight into what would one day become his own claim to fame.

After growing up in Trumbull, Connecticut, and attending the University of Rhode Island, Horton moved to Los Angeles with the intention of becoming an actor. He was also interested in fitness, and began working out at the World Gym in Venice, California, which was frequented by bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.[4] Disliking the bulky, stiff bodybuilder look, Horton focused on exercises for speed, flexibility, and balance, as well as muscle growth. He studied with world-class triathlete Mark Sisson, who introduced him to interval training.

Preferring a lean strong look to the stiff compact body builder image, Tony Horton stuck to activities that would improve his cardiovascular fitness while giving him the flexible streamlined but muscular look he desired. As Tony transformed his body dramatically, he also started transforming his life and outlook. People noticed!

It was the attention Horton got from his personal transformation that led him to become a sought after personal trainer. Tony Horton has trained celebrities such as Sean Connery, Tom Petty, and Shirley MacLaine, Ewan McGregor, Emily Deschanel, Bruce Springsteen, and Usher, and developed workout plans for magazines such as Men’s Fitness. His on camera work began when he represented the face of the Nordic Track in the late 1990s. Following that he transformed the cast of the action film The 13th Warrior, creating bodies worthy of the “warrior” title. Tony Horton was also a spokesman for NordicTrack exercise machines and the host of 360, an entertainment show on the Playboy Channel.

Amidst all of the attention, Tony met Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody. The two immediately recognized the potential for a life changing relationship and joined forces. Since that time, Tony Horton, has gone on to create some of the most successful at home fitness programs available.

Power 90: The first in the P90 series, Power 90 Boot Camp brought easy to incorporate but high powered 30 minute workouts to people craving better health around the world.

P90X: For those who wanted to really “bring it”, P90X was developed as the ramped up, intense progression from the original Power 90. The workouts and nutrition plan push people to really encounter their fitness limits and push past them in a successful effort to get ripped!

P90X+ : Yet another step into peak physical performance, P90X Plus pushes graduates of the P90X series past new plateaus. In P90X+new driving music and more intense workouts send even the physically fit into higher levels of athletic performance.

10 Minute Trainer: Capitalizing on the busy fast-paced lifestyle of many modern adults, Tony developed 10 Minute Trainer to get people moving and fit in just 10 minutes a day. By stacking cardio, toning, and body sculpting, no time is wasted and transformations are on the horizon.

Taking what changed his life, combining his winning attitude and the dream that propels all of the products that carry the Tony Horton name, Tony has become the face that thousands associate with their fitness success. Through hard work and dedicated passion, Tony has realized his own dream and continues to lead others to reach theirs.