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Patrick Prohaska – Good Sex Online Course

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Patrick Prohaska – Good Sex Online Course

What Makes Sex “Good”?

In one sense, “good sex” is intensely pleasurable and fun. In another sense “good sex” follows a strict set of moral principles. Sadly, we’re often taught that these are mutually exclusive – that moral sex is bland and boring, and that hot sex is inherently sinful. In this course I teach that both definitions can hold true at the same time. Sexual expression can follow a set of uplifting spiritual principles and still be massive fun.

Good Sex explores the pain and suffering that grows out of sexual shame, guilt, repression, and trauma. Imagine living your life completely free of the traumatic imprints of rejection, betrayal, and sexual abuse. Imagine interacting with others with boundless charisma and confidence, free of jealousy, resentment, shame, or grudge energy. Imagine loving yourself exactly as you are right now.

Does excessive shame or block you from connecting intimately with other people? Does the trauma of brutal past breakups echo in your mind with each new relationship? Does your romantic life feel like an endless stream of rejections, betrayals, and broken promises? In romance, do you sometimes feel there’s no point in trying because you’ll just be rejected anyway? Do you drive romantic partners away by being overly obsessive, jealous, or suspicious? Or attract partners who treat you this way? Are you a healer or life coach looking for a powerful set of tools to help people recovering from sexual trauma?

What You’ll Learn In Good Sex Online Course?

Module 1: Killers of Sexual Joy

Discussion Topics include:

  • Dogmatic Beliefs and Limitations: Have you structured your sexuality around someone else’s rigid set of rules and regulations? Do you live your life burdened with phony expectations and limitations? Break free and live your truth with confidence.
  • Sexual Abuse and Trauma: Understand how traumatic experiences can scar you deeply, causing you to relive them over and over again. Plus, learn tips, tools, and techniques for releasing traumatic memories.
  • Self-Disgust and Warped Body Image: In a beauty-driven society where shame is weaponized, self-esteem is easily crushed. We’ll discuss the consequences of low self-esteem and the power of self-love.
  • Sexual Shame and Guilt: Shame and guilt lead directly to sexual repression and despair. Learn how to purge them forever.
  • Sexual Repression: Repressed shame, guilt, and self-disgust never just disappear. They become pressurized until they explode outward in unhealthy ways.

Module 2: Unhealthy Sexual Expression

Discussion Topics include:

  • The Shadow and Projection: The people we attract into our lives can be like walking mirrors who reflect our true nature. We often project our brokenness onto others and punish them for it. Learn how to recognize this pattern and purge it from your life.
  • The Desperate Quest for Validation: Everyone needs to feel seen and affirmed, but for those burdened with sexual trauma and shame the need for validation can become self-destructive.
  • Addiction to Sex and Romance: We’ll explore the mechanics of emotional addiction so you can reclaim your authentic confidence.
  • Obsession and Jealousy: Understand basic jealousy as an essential component of your emotional guidance system, and recognize the triggers that can cause jealousy to explode into a painful storm of anger, suspicion, and mistrust.
  • Toxic Masculinity and “Power Over”: An exploration of the mechanics of sexism, and toxic masculinity, in both their overt and subtle forms, including internalized misogyny. Learn how to not just stand in your sexual power, but to share it with others.

Module 3: Empowered Sexual Expression

Discussion Topics include:

  • The Sex-Positive Mindset: Explore attitudes and beliefs affirming the inherent goodness of your sexual nature.
  • Balanced Gender Expression: In our wholeness we’re both masculine and feminine, and typically it’s shame that makes us reject one or the other. Find joy in your wholeness.
  • The Physical Body and its Energetic Matrix: Your body is a massive network of interconnecting energy channels and hubs. Learn how to manage the free flow of energy through your system for enhanced sexual performance and pleasure.
  • Neurotransmitters and Hormones: Become familiar with the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate your libido and your moods, and learn tips on how to regulate them.
  • The Power of Self-Love: Discover the joy of loving yourself as you are right now.

Module 4: Good Sex

Discussion Topics include:

  • The Principles of Good Sex: We’ll explore universal spiritual principles and how they apply to sexual expression.
  • Sensual Charisma: Charisma is the radiant energy that you exude at all times. Learn how to amplify it with confidence and self-love.
  • Empowered Sex: We’ll explore a list of crucial mindsets for empowered sexual expression.
  • Hot Sex: Sex is glorious fun, so let’s talk about ways to make it intensely satisfying.
  • Sexual Power: We’ll finish with a summary that draws together many of the themes we’ve explored in this course.

Meet Your Instructor

As the creator of Light Bridge Patrick Prohaska has helped thousands shine with personal power, joy, and authenticity. Patrick has a Bachelor’s degree in history of science and a Master’s degree in the religions of ancient India, and has studied countless healing systems, including Ayurveda, Reiki, Theta Healing, aromatherapy, and more.

Patrick is the author of Brain Cells: Escape Your Mental Prisons and the forthcoming book Dream Yourself Awake.

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