Paul James – RequEstimate Bonus Training
  • Paul James – RequEstimate Bonus Training

Paul James – RequEstimate Bonus Training | Instant Download !

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Paul James – RequEstimate Bonus Training | Instant Download !


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Paul James is the #1 bestselling author of Reverse Engineer Your Future: Stop Waiting for Success — Go Out and Make It Happen Now.
He is a widely respected leader in the country’s new generation of Internet entrepreneurs with a passion for pushing the boundries of what’s possible.

Course Curriculum

Facebook Ads For Lead Generation
Start1 Picking A Niche And Offer (14:29)
Start1b What Not To Do When Picking An Offer (7:07)
Start2 Setting Up The Lander (8:29)
Start3 Configuring Your Thank You Page (3:04)
Start4 Pixel Placement (5:32)
Start5 Creating A Custom Conversion (2:45)
Start6 Creating Your First Campaign (10:17)
Start7 Optimizing For Conversions (1:39)
Start8 Duplicating Ad Sets (4:30)
Start9 Killing Ad Sets Too Early (2:39)
Start10 Scaling With Analytics (3:19)
Start10b The Two Most Important Metrics (3:47)
StartCase Study (7:22)
SEO For Lead Generation
Start1 Plotting Your Approach (16:16)
Start2 Maps Overview (16:52)
Start3 Search Console (2:33)
Start4 Niche And Keyword Research (9:22)
Start5 Creating A Site (13:52)
Start6 Website Optimization Part 1 (4:17)
Start7 Website Optimization Part 2 (23:09)
Start8 Website Optimization Part 3 (1:48)
Start9 Social Media (6:29)
Start10 Local Directories (9:01)
Start11 Backlinking (9:27)
How To Collect Payment From Your Clients
StartHow To Get Paid (5:10)
StartZoho Invoice (2:11)
StartFreshbooks (2:39)
StartPayment Processing (3:05)