Pavan Podila – The Essential Guide to UI Engineering (Part 1)


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 Pavan Podila - The Essential Guide to UI Engineering (Part 1)

Pavan Podila The Essential Guide to UI Engineering (Part 1)

Sale page: Pavan Podila – The Essential Guide to UI Engineering (Part 1)

The Essential Guide to UI Engineering is a ground-up review of the most essential knowledge on the Art & Science of UI Development. Equipped with this knowledge, you can pick up any UI Framework or Platform and get comfortable quickly. Yes, literally any!

“How is that possible”?

Well, these fundamentals form the backbone of all modern UI technologies. It’s the tried and tested practices that underpin the most powerful UI platforms of today.

Learn these fundamentals once and profit everywhere! Be it on the web with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, or native with Windows, iOS, macOS, Android or even some esoteric ones out there!

These are the fundamental secrets” that the best UI Engineers in the world possess. This course is an attempt to unlock those secrets and make it more accessible.

Part 1: Under the Hood

In this part we take a peek at the nuts and bolts of any UI Framework or Platform. This will give you a ground up review of what it takes to execute your User Interface. These are the fundamentals that will play a big role as you go deeper into UI Development. For example, the Event Loop is such a pivotal concept that the performance of any UI depends on how you handle messages in an Event Loop.

Let’s explore the core concepts as we embark on this journey on UI Engineering. See you in the course!

Course Curriculum

Under the hood
PreviewGetting Started (3:22)
PreviewThe Event Loop, a beating heart (8:54)
StartRetained vs Immediate Mode, the two styles of Rendering (5:59)
StartEvents, the way to Talk (5:02)
StartThe Display Pipeline: how a pixel is born (8:58)
PreviewWhat Next?