Peter Ragnar – The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility


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Peter RagnarThe Art and Science of Physical Invincibility

I once saw an old farmer lift the rear end of a pickup truck and push it off the ice where it was spinning its wheels. He had never touched a weight in his life. But that’s nothing compared to the little old ladies who have performed the same feat in an emergency!

Here’s another one for you to chew on…

A nine-year-old boy playing on a construction site had an 1800-pound cast iron pipe roll onto him. As he struggled in the sand, a passerby who was a 56-year-old heart patient ran up and lifted the pipe off the boy’s head.

These are amazing and true accounts of superhuman strength performed by ordinary people. You’ve got to be wondering, as I once did, how can you tap into the source of such power? Oddly, the creation of such a mighty force does not require bulging muscles. If you will for a moment, consider a fire hose…

When not in use, it is soft and pliable, but when water is flowing through it, not even the strongest of men can bend it. Actually, the body itself has twelve similar hoses, called meridians. You can consider these as internal rivers of energy that connect to your organs. Your internal water is an electrically and magnetically charged flow of liquid crystals on which the force of life travels.

The ancients called this force Qi (Chi). The stronger the flow, the healthier and more vital you become.

You probably don’t realize, but your body also has eight storage locations that act as batteries for this power. Can you remember a time when your car’s battery didn’t have enough juice to turn over its engine? That’s because you didn’t take time to recharge. And this can be done through a very simple ancient practice called Qigong.

How does Qigong work, you ask? It simply involves coupling your breath with certain time-honored body movements. By using your breath to lead your mind, you’ll recharge your biological batteries and revitalize your body. It is an ancient energy boosting practice that’s been passed down throughout the ages by wise martial artists who understand the extraordinary ways of cultivating unlimited amounts of Life Force Energy.

I’ve personally been practicing Qigong for many decades and can attest to the amazing amounts of energy I’ve cultivated in my body from this simple daily practice.

So, stay tuned as I explain more about this in future newsletters.