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PiloTrades Premium

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PiloTrades Premium

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Ready to Join an Algorithm-based Trading System Development Team?

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PiloTrades Premium Includes…

Buy and Sell Signals

Buy signal: arrow-up in green.
Sell signal: arrow-down in red.
Simply follow the real-time buy & sell signals to make profits. Win rate is 72%.

Context Trends Alignment

Up-trend: cloud in green.
Down-trend: cloud in red.
Align the buy and sell signals with the price trend at higher time frames. Filter out the weak buy and weak sell signals at the sideways market. Boost the win rate up to 81%.

Context Reversal Zones

Identify the high-probability reversal zones. Filter out the weak buy signals close to the end of an uptrend and the weak sell signals close to the end of a downtrend.
Boost the win rate up to 86%.

PiloTrades Scanner​

Scan the market or your predefined watchlist, find all the securities that had a recent entry signal. Click the button to get the results in a few seconds.

Training Course

The training content includes: how to install and use the tools, basic and advanced strategies, trading rules and tips, etc. You’ll learn 10-year experience in 2 hours.

Start Trading with Buy & Sell Signals

PiloTradesTM is a complete suite of tools and strategies to help you make the right trading decisions regardless of your trading vehicle or time frame. Start trading with powerful buy & sell signals now.