Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le
  • Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le

Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le

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Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le – Instant Download!

Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le

A practical UX design course
Cut through the noise and hype. Learn UX design methods and principles that you can put to work right away on a variety of projects and work settings.

Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le


There is a lot of jargon and excess that is pervasive when it comes to UX Design. This course aims to cut through the noise and deliver on a clear cut process for UX Design and how to apply it. Methods that you can apply in as little as a few hours not months. The frameworks that fit into your projects — to get you designing better work that is user-centric.

Combining concepts from LeanUX, Google Ventures Sprint, Don Norman (ex-Apple) and my own 11 years of experience designing digital products for millions of users. This course will be your guide to effective and practical UX Design. Made for those looking to move into UX Design roles or those looking to add UX Design to their skillset.

Digital products are changing the world
The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology and digital products are reaching millions of people. The products we design are having more of an impact than ever — which are made for people at the end of the day. So how can we best service them?

№ 1. With so many definitions and methods it can get confusing – what should you actually learn to be valuable in the job market as a UX or Product designer?

№ 2. Most UX processes out there look like long drawn out processes heavy in documents and lengthy timelines. How can you use techniques for the kind of projects that you do? How do you know if you’ve spent too much time doing ‘research’?

№ 3. UX Design is not a nice to have method anymore, but is an essential skill in todays landscape. You want to upskill but there’s too much info out there and don’t know where to begin.

This course aims to solve these very questions. Cut through the BS and noise with something practical. From oh no! To fuck yeah!


Join the UX Design Masterclass

After the completion of this course you will have more confidence in applying UX methodologies to your design process. To use the available tools to create the best possible experiences for users, given a projects timeline and scope.

These skills will add another layer of proficiency to your designer’s toolkit. By the end of it and with practice, you will become a much more valuable and in demand designer. If you run a company this will be a great learning guide for your team. If you are a solo designer this is the UX course you’ve been waiting for.


Course Modules & Lessons

A snapshot of all the lessons that will help you achieve your goals and how you’ll add UX design and UX thinking to your skillset.

In this module we’ll get introduced to the fundamentals of UX Design.

  • Welcome
  • What is UX Design?
  • The UX Design Mindset
  • UX Design is collaborative — A holistic approach
  • The UX Design Process simplified
  • How UX fits into various organisations
  • The User Experience honeycomb
  • Hierarchy of User Experiences
  • The different types of UX Design roles

In this module we’ll understand various UX Design Frameworks and how to implement the best parts of each one.

  • Introduction – What are frameworks?
  • Design Thinking
  • LeanUX
  • Google Ventures – Sprints
  • UX, Psychology & Human Behaviour

We’ve learnt the high level frameworks. In this module we’ll learn the how, why and when? An exact step by step guide on how, why and when to use the following methods and how they all tie in together. And how these methods can be useful to your projects. You won’t need all these methods, but when you do this will be an invaluable and reliable guide to use.

  • Introduction to UX Design Tools
  • Conducting and running stakeholder workshops
  • Setting up a War Room
  • How to use dot voting
  • How to analyse data
  • Using existing Design Patterns
  • Creating Personas
  • Creating User stories, User epics & User flows
  • Creating Storyboards
  • Creating Prototypes
  • Conducting User Interviews
  • Creating Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Running a usability session
  • Creating a Minumum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Setting up observation tools
  • Setting up heatmaps
  • UX Design Tools — Guidebook
  • UX Design Tools — Cheatsheet

In this module we’ll run through exactly what you’ll need to know to achieve your goals

  • Introduction – Achieving your goals
  • How to apply and be UX Design job ready
  • How to effectively add UX Design to your existing skills (Product Design)
  • Implementing the UX Design Mindset for creative leadership & teams
  • Retrospective what have you learnt so far? Goals checklist & essential skills. Making sure you stay on track and achieve your goals. This course is about creating results for you.

In this module we’ll go through in depth project walkthroughs – See how UX design methods are applied to various project types. A full breakdown of which frameworks and UX Design Tools to use. We’ll also run through a deep project exercise and case study creation to apply all the concepts we’ve learnt. For submission and review.

  • Indepth case study walkthrough
  • Project exercise for review
  • Where to go from here & next steps

Process Masterclass (UX Design) By Nguyen Le, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-My Lesson