PUMA Skills Mastery Course by Brad Jackson
  • PUMA Skills Mastery Course by Brad Jackson

PUMA Skills Mastery Course by Brad Jackson


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Brad Jackson – PUMA Skills Mastery Course [20 Videos – FLV, 2 ebooks – PDF, 22 info – TXT]

Brad Jackson,December 29, 2009Dear Friend,You are about to discover SIMPLE, POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE skills for standing out as the only guy at the bar/club who can “do the impossible” and generate the attraction you need to date any girl you wantThese aren’t just magic tricks…combined with the principles of attraction, they arePick Up Magic Artist Skills.

* All the guesswork about which tricks you need to learn has been removed…

* Even a total clutz to do every single effect…

* You will see How to do it, When to do it and even Which words to use during each trick…

* You will NOT make the mistakes that other guys make when using magic…

* You will save serveral hundred dollars and counteless hours by NOT having to go out and learn these on your own and thus “re-creating the wheel.

“First, Understand That Magic Alone…Won’t Get You The GirlSome guys learn a few tricks from online magic stores and they spend good money only to realize that the methods are way too hard, or that they involve gimmicks that they would NEVER end up using, making it a waste of time and money. If You Act Like A “Magician” She’ll Treat You Like An Entertainer…Other guys make the MISTAKE of going out and approaching a girl with a deck of cards or something corny just trying to “entertain” her. There’s no consideratoin for the principles of attraction, seduction and the differences between being a clown and being cool.

But P.U.M.A. Skills Reveals How To Create “Attraction” With MagicBy fusing magic with the principles of seduction like the most famous Pick Up Artists in the world, using it to enhance your personality, display a unique and surprising talent and captivate a girl’s attention while you charm her with your mysterious charisma…then you become a P.U.M.A.