Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription By Rob Hanna
  • Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription By Rob Hanna

Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription By Rob Hanna


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Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription By Rob Hanna – Instant Download!

Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription By Rob Hanna

Quantifiable Edges Overview

Quantifiable Edges has been publishing quantitative research, systems, and trading ideas since 2008. We utilize technical analysis concepts and quantify them in a way that allows traders to determine the edge that was provided in the past. Breadth, volume, sentiment, volatility, Fed-induced liquidity, seasonality, and price action are all used to assess market conditions. Gold and Silver level subscribers are led through Rob Hanna’s interpretation of the data in a simple and complete manner via the nightly and weekly subscriber letters. Gold subscribers also have complete access to our subscriber area, which includes the Quantifinder, Seasonality Calendars, custom charts, trading systems (with code), special research, and more.

The Quantifinder

The Quantifinder is Quantifiable Edges original functionality. There is nothing else like it anywhere on the web. The Quantifinder was designed to automatically search through our database of published research and extract anything that is applicable to the current day’s market action. This includes studies based on price, breadth, volume, leadership, and sector rotation. It looks at both daily and weekly data across a wide range of indices. All applicable studies are then published on the Quantifinder page, where you can easily see their bullish/bearish tendencies and a description of the research. From there it just takes a simple click and the publication containing the research is automatically pulled up for you.
Quantifiable Edges Systems (for Gold Subscribers)
Quantifiable Edges has published several mechanical systems that can be used for trading stocks and ETF’s. The systems pages contains complete system rules, backtest results and Tradestation code for subscribers. Any tracked ETF or S&P 500 stock that triggers a system entry can be found on the nightly systems spreadsheet.

The Aggregator
The Aggregator chart has long been a staple of the Subscriber Letter. In a nutshell the Aggregator tool uses all the active historical studies and computes a single consensus output from them. It is a primary tool used by Quantifiable Edges to determine a short-term market bias. More information on the Aggregator may be found by clicking here.
Custom Indicators & Tradestation Code
Quantifiable Edges tracks a number indicators. These include proprietary indicators such as the Quantifiable Edges Capitulative Breadth Index (CBI), the TICK Tomoscillator, the QE Buying Power Index, Nasdaq/SPX Relative Strength Model, and more. This collection of charts and indicators can be found nowhere else. Many of them are available both on our Charts page to view, and to download as code for creating your own charts.

Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription By Rob Hanna

Rob Hanna, founder

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