Rachel Mazza – Advertorial 101
  • Rachel Mazza – Advertorial 101

Rachel Mazza – Advertorial 101

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Rachel Mazza – Advertorial 101 Course

What If You Never Had To Sell To Cold Leads Again?

Instead – what if you could make all your leads “ready to buy” before they hit your sales page?

Most of my clients struggled to convert cold traffic – spending tons of money on ad campaigns that barely broke even…

Until we made one simple change to their funnel that exploded cold traffic conversions immediately.

That’s why I created the Advertorial 101 Training Program.

It’s a step-by-step coaching program on how to research, write, and publish advertorial presale pages that transform cold or skeptical readers into eager buyers – before they even land on your sales page!

How I Use This Simple “In Between” Step To Quickly Convert Cold Traffic and Lower Traffic Costs. 

A few years ago, I was approached by a client who had a big problem. They had a fantastic offer that sold like hot cakes to their existing audience, but struggled to scale the offer to cold traffic.

They knew they had a product that people wanted…And they knew their copy and landing pages were proven to convert….

But they were spending an obscene amount of money on ads, and barely breaking even.

After losing money week after week, they were ready to give up…Until we decided to test a simple “in between” part of their sales funnel that we hoped would finally crack cold traffic.

As soon as we tested this “missing link,” their cold traffic conversions increased by 80%.

It worked so well, I decided to test it with other clients.

By changing this one simple thing about their sales funnels, all of them saw dramatic increases in click-through rates, conversions, and sales.

One client even increased engagement by 162% across our 12-day test campaign!

All from adding in this simple “in between” step in their funnel.

What was this missing link that finally made cold traffic “work”? These powerful pieces of copy go by many names, including driver pages, customer activation pages, and more.

I call them Advertorial Pre-Sale Pages. They’re so successful at converting cold traffic, that I was able to build a successful copy agency with a team of 15 writers who exclusively wrote advertorials for our clients.  Now I’d like to show you how to use these “in between” pages to lower your traffic costs, and dramatically increase conversions to cold or skeptical audiences.

By the end of this 4-week program, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an advertorial tailored to your specific industry and market
  • Craft a hook that grabs cold reader’s attention and keeps them engaged
  • Build the perfect balance of editorial and ad so your copy never comes across as spammy or ‘salesy’
  • Find and use true stories from your audience that build instant trust and familiarity with cold readers
  • Put cold leads in the “buyer’s mindset” before sending them to your sales page
  • Instantly overcome objections from skeptical audiences.
  • Learn where to publish your advertorial for best results
  • Design entire advertorial presale funnel from scratch that helps lower traffic costs
  • And more… all with plenty of examples

What You’ll Learn In Advertorial 101 Course?

Lesson 1 – Converting Cold Traffic 101

In Lesson 1 you’ll learn how advertorials work and how they’re used across various industries and business models. We’ll also deep-dive into the psychology behind advertorials and how they differ from sales page copy.

Lesson 2 – Million Dollar Hooks

In Lesson 2 you’ll learn how to create an engaging hook based on your audience’s awareness level so your copy never comes across as spammy or salesy. You’ll also learn my research system for finding true stories that make an instant personal connection with your reader – building trust and familiarity quickly.

Lesson 3 – Lighting Speed Advertorial Creation

In Lesson 3 you’ll learn how to design and structure an advertorial that works for your specific industry and business. You’ll learn how to choose from different types of advertorials, then build a clear outline so it’s easy to write copy that flows smoothly and naturally throughout the piece.

I’ll also share the same templates I used to build out a successful copy agency that exclusively wrote advertorials for clients across dozens of niches.

Lesson 4 – Advanced Advertorial Secrets

In Lesson 4 you’ll learn my simple process for creating advertorials quickly so you can test ideas for your new campaigns. You’ll also learn where to publish your advertorial, how to use content networks to expand your reach, and how to design an entire pre-sale funnel that transforms readers from cold leads to profitable customers.

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