Ref J – Building Your Business: A blueprint for your business success
  • Ref J – Building Your Business: A blueprint for your business success

Ref J – Building Your Business: A blueprint for your business success

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Ref J – Building Your Business: A blueprint for your business success

A comprehensive course taking you step-by-step from building, launching, and maintaining a profitable business.

In this self-paced e-course, you will take an in-depth look at your business from top to bottom. We will work together to establish a solid foundation for your business, and I will give you the tools necessary for continued success. You will walk away with improved systems to allow for maximum efficiency, thus enabling you to capitalize on the various opportunities to increase your revenue. Let’s create your success story together.

In just ten modules, you will walk away with all you need to know about growing your business, funding your business (including where to find money without taking on a loan), marketing your business, and creative ways to promote your business continuously without spending a fortune. I will also focus on your customer service skills and teach you a few of my secrets to building long lasting relationships with clients and other businesses in your niche.

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

I need to grow my business but I don’t have enough income to afford the automated systems or the staff to do so.

-Let me help you build systems to work smarter and not harder while establishing a path for continued growth and expansion.

I want to generate more income but I don’t know how.

-I absolutely love teaching business owners various methods for revenue diversification. Together we will work on creating revenue streams that are appropriate and scalable for your business.

I want my vision for my business to match the realities of my business.

-What if your vision didn’t have to be just a dream? Well, guess what? It doesn’t have to be anymore. Working together we will bring your full vision to life. No more wishing your business was the success you dream of.

How do I reach a boarder audience without spending a fortune in paid advertising?

-I have several creative solutions to this common issue for small business owners.


Your Instructor

Ref J

I am a football loving, charismatic, business consultant, who wants to help you realize the potential of your small business. I have helped several small businesses build their business via wholesale. I created this course to share what my years of experience have taught me. I look forward to engaging with you and helping you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Course Curriculum

Laying The Foundation For Your Business
  • Welcome to Building Your Business
  • Module One – Discovering Your Why
  • Module Two – Defining Your Business
  • Module Three – Creating Your Beginning
  • Resources
The Legalities of Business
  • Overview of The Legalities of Business
  • Module One – Business Structures
  • Module Two – Understanding Permits and Licensing for Your Business
  • Module Three – Understanding Your Insurance Needs
  • Module Four – Understanding Taxes for Small Business
  • Section Two – Quiz
  • Section Two – Resources
Writing Your Business Plan
  • Overview of Creating Your Business Plan
  • Module One – Components of A Business Plan
  • Module Two – Business Plan Outline
  • Section Three – Resources
Funding Your Business
  • Module One – Understanding Your Financial Needs
  • Module Two – Raising Funds for Your Business
  • Module Three – Your Funding Game Plan
  • Module Four – Understanding Your Accounting Needs
Branding and Its Affect on Your Business
  • Module Two – Crafting Your Website
Marketing Your Business
  • Module One – Marketing and Business Growth
  • Module Two – Social Media Marketing
  • Module Four – Establishing Your Community Ties
  • Module Five – Apps Worth Using
Revenue Growth and Brand Recognition
  • Module One – Understanding Wholesale
  • Module Two – Wholesale Opportunities
  • Module Three – Line Sheet Basics
Hiring Help
  • Module One – How to Interview
  • Module Two – Employer Resposibilities
Customer Service
  • Module One – Understanding Customer Service
  • Module Two – Improving Your Customers’ Experience
  • Module Three – How to Repair Customer Relations
  • Module One – Affiliate Opportunity
  • Let’s Work Together


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