Retirement Plan By Simon Dixon
  • Retirement Plan By Simon Dixon

Retirement Plan By Simon Dixon

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Retirement Plan By Simon Dixon – Instant Download!

Retirement Plan By Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan

Module 1 / Week 1: The Retirement Plan Bh.(tm) Financial Ladder

In the first module, prior to you begin building the retirement Plan Bh.(tm) In the first module, we’ll give you a fill-in the-blank spreadsheet. It serves as your map, and it will generate your own individual financial strategy. It will analyze your financial state and provide you with an exact sum of money required to meet your financial goals, so that you can decide on the most suitable traditional and Bitcoin investment strategy to attain financial freedom. This eliminates the guesswork about how much you should put into your investment, the risk you are willing to take, and which method of investing to employ. Let yourself be in control and know precisely how to reach your financial goals regardless of how much you envision even if you’re just starting out with no savings and an average wage.

In the first module, we’ll discuss:

The seven financial assumptions which comprise the Retirement Plan Bh.(tm) arederived from combining the fundamentals that have led to the greatest success of investors in the traditional and crypto markets. They let you cut through all the financial jargon and noise even if you’re completely unfamiliar with investing.

The 3 steps to beat traditional markets, so that you discover the advantages and dangers that come with traditional products like Stocks, Bonds, Bank Deposits, Fiat Currencies, Real Estate, Commodities, and Pension Funds and how they are all interconnected in conjunction with Bitcoin as well as other assets that are digital. We take out all the noise , and help you feel more confident listening to financial experts on traditional markets as well as Bitcoin understanding how everything is interconnected to allow you to stay focused on your long-term retirement plan Bh.(tm).

How to climb the seven rungs of the Financial Ladderto attain complete, financial independence over the long term by utilizing an investment strategy that is designed to be successful in times of inflation or economic growth, deflation, economic decline , or even bank failure by utilizing the most reliable conventional markets as well as Bitcoin created to ease financial stress and improve your financial security as you move closer to retirement even if you’ve yet started saving for retirement.

Module 2 / Week 2: The Retirement Plan Bh.(tm) Investing Principles

In the second module, we examine the investment principles that comprise what we call the Retirement Plan Bh.(tm). By applying these investment principles, we will take all of the decisions that are subjective from retirement Plan Bh.(tm) including the time to purchase and sell, what to purchase and sell, which means you can create it and then spend your time doing what you would like to do. Let Your retirement Plan Bh.(tm) function for your benefit instead of you having to work for retirement Plan Bh.(tm). These are the investment principles that let you spend your life doing what would like rather than constructing a new task for yourself to manage your investments.

In the second module, we’ll go over:

Learn how to apply seven tried and true conventional investing techniques employed by the most successful investors around the globe to enhance your Bitcoin and Crypto Investing method to help build and protect your wealth over the long term so that you don’t have to spend your entire whole life looking over prices, dreading every market crash, and trying to buy cheap while selling high.

– 7 Bitcoin investing myths that stop you from becoming financially independent using the Retirement Program Bh. ™. Since this is an product, we can enjoy the benefit of studying more than 150,000 investors, and knowing why some investors were succeed more than others. Because we were investors in Bitcoin since the beginning, we also know the reasons why many investors have stopped making investments in the best performing asset class in the history of finance. Don’t let these misconceptions get in the way of making and safeguarding your wealth, even when you’ve done well with traditional investment portfolio.

The seven steps that form the retirement Plan Bh. ™ Blueprint revealed. Let us hold your hand and guide you through each step step by step over seven weeks, with the blueprint and formula you can adapt to your individual financial plan. Eliminate all the confusion and frustrations you might have faced when beginning your plan earlier.

Module 3 / Week 3: The Retirement Plan Bh.(tm) Investing Blueprint
In module 3 , you’ll start to comprehend the dangers as well as the benefits and dangers of other crypto financial products. You’ll understand how you can make use of them to boost your retirement plan Bh.(tm) returns, while making sure you don’t blow up your Bitcoin wealth, while taking risks with confidence as a professional. You’ll be able to cut out the noise of those who want to promote opportunities that aren’t in your best interests in mind. Learn what you should be paying attention to and what not to pay attention to in the plethora of confusing jargons, distractions and noise that can come at you from Stablecoins, Ethereum, Mining, Staking, Private Equity, Altcoins, ICOs, IEOs, Crypto Lending, Security Tokens, DeFi, NFTs and the list is endless.

In the 3rd module we’ll go over:

The Retirement Plan Bh. ™ Bucket Allocations which allow you to completely separate and not mix the funds you use for individual security and traditional market investment, Bitcoin and Crypto Market Investments and money to help you achieve your financial goals. The majority of people combine the cost of spending with the investment and hope that they will someday afford everything they want to. With bucket allocations, we’ll guide you on how to decide when to purchase things that make your living worthwhile, without negatively impacting the value of your investments and your financial security. Everyday life can be a challenge to your financial goals and we don’t want you be the one who needs to sell all their Bitcoin or other investments during an economic downturn to cover their bills in a time of emergency situations due to poor financial management.

retirement Plan Bh.(tm) bitcoin and Crypto Investing Strategies as well as how to establish the retirement Plan Bh.(tm) Strategies Mixes. We’ll give you the tools and an online wealth management software to create your strategy mix using five Bitcoin & Crypto Investing strategies. We’ll assist you to calculate your expected results by simply entering a few numbers in our Excel spreadsheet (developed with our analysts and Simon Dixon). The spreadsheet will do all the heavy lifting and you are able to determine exactly how long you will need to meet your financial goals in various scenarios. Naturally, past performance cannot necessarily mean future returns, however we offer all the data needed to create moderate, conservative and historical forecasts for your financial goals.

– 5 Retirement Plan Bh.(tm) Risk Portfolios. Know the reasons Bitcoin plays a key role in the center in the Retirement plan Bh.(tm) investment strategy, and how you can avoid all distractions while keeping a balanced portfolio that incorporates five Bitcoin & Crypto Investment strategies that dramatically reduce risk, boost returns and eliminate the need to identify the bottoms and tops of the market, and bet on the next Bitcoin Killer’. Stop speculating on the crypto market as amateur traders, and focus instead on making and safeguarding your long-term wealth by investing in the retirement plan Bh.(tm) which incorporates the risk-managed return enhancement strategies that are based on sound investment principles.

Module 4 / Week 4: Maximizing Bitcoin & Crypto Growth

Within Module 4 in Module 4, we’ll teach you how to implement the seven classical investing strategies that were learned in previous modules that are utilized by the top investors around the world to increase the value of the value of your Bitcoin & Crypto Investing approach. This module was created to assist you in building and safeguard your Bitcoin wealth over the long run however, you can still benefit from Asymmetric risk opportunities.

In the 4th module, we’ll discuss:

The argument for Bitcoin The risks, and the reasons why Bitcoin should become the main aspect of your retirement Plan Bh. ™ strategy by using a stock-to- stream ratio study. How to utilize retirement Plan Bh.(tm) Portfolio Rebalancing to boost the size of your Bitcoin position. Learn strategies to avoid having to track the price every single day and still be able to recognize which time of day to invest and what to do, even knowing nothing about charts or technical analysis.

The need to invest in private equity. the dangers and the best way to get your share in the development of the entire sector to safeguard your investment portfolio, even when cryptocurrency markets are in a slump or are in a prolonged falling market.

The argument for Ethereum as a currency, its risks and the best way to utilize it as an Bitcoin portfolio improver. When to avoid or profit from ultra high-risk growth opportunities , and how to increase your Bitcoin position by taking the risk-managed approach of using products such as Security Tokens, Equity, Utility Tokens ICO, IEO, Trading, DeFi & Leverage.

Module 5 / Week 5: Maximising Bitcoin & Crypto Income

A life-long income is the goal of any retirement plan. In this course, we’ll explain the best ways to manage the risk of a counterparty to earn income through the Retirement Plan Bh.(tm) making use of collateralised crypto and equity in order to remain on the right side of the speculation. We’ll teach you how to manage risk and which risks to avoid and an approach to reduce the risk of retirement while maximizing compounded interest’s power to dramatically enhance your retirement Plan Bh.(tm).
In the fifth module we’ll go over:

– The argument for Bitcoin and crypto income, its risks and ways to use it to increase compound interest and increase. How to receive compounded Bitcoin and Crypto Staking and Interest income via centralised crypto finance and the best way to manage risks.

The argument for Stablecoins, their dangers and the use of them to reduce currency risk. How to receive compounded Bitcoin as well as Crypto Staking Income and Interest by using decentralised crypto-finance as well as how you can manage risk.

– How to utilize the rebalancing of your portfolio to boost the amount of compounded income you earn so that you don’t suffer and get the maximum benefit of compounding’s power to make you closer to your goal bucket in a quicker time frame.

Module 6 / Week 6: Investor Psychology, Becoming Your Own Bank, Security & Avoiding Scams

After you’ve built up your wealth, the focus will be on safeguarding your wealth. The difficulty is ensuring your wealth is much easier when you begin with the end goal in your mind. There are 10 safeguards which if you plan them in the beginning, will make establishing and safeguarding your retirement Plan Bh.(tm) much simpler.

In the 6th module, we’ll discuss:

7 essential Behavioural Financial Principles that are responsible for destroying Bitcoin and Crypto wealth and ways to prevent these.
The seven biggest frauds in crypto and how to safeguard yourself by identifying the warning signs.

– 3 Crypto Security Rules you must apply and the best way to implement even if you’re not a programmer or technologically proficient. You could be putting yourself in the position of a bank’ by implementing the appropriate combination of crypto custody, the best way to secure your wealth and create an all-generational strategy similar to the most successful family offices around the world.

Module 7 / Week 7: Tax, Inheritance, Banking & Fiat Off-boarding

When you transfer your currency from the traditional to crypto, we refer to it as fiat off-boarding. The method you use to do this, or transfer the crypto you have already acquired can affect the tax you will pay when you retire or the tax that your loved relatives pay when they get the wealth. Our final part we’ll help you to set up your retirement Plan Bh.(tm) tax efficient legal, legally and compliantly to provide you with peace of mind through an arrangement to pass on your Bitcoin and other crypto assets to safeguard your family, loved ones, or your preferred charities. We all know that two things are for sure the death of a person and tax consequences, so we’ll demonstrate how you can ensure that your money doesn’t get into the government’s control if it doesn’t require probate after your death.

In the seventh module we’ll go over:

how to calculate the right amount of crypto tax and stay clear of tax fraud by utilizing long-term tax planning. Also, when to seek out a tax professional. Know the structures of high-end and affordable crypto-friendly structures that won’t cost you a fortune.
Secure banking with crypto and how to make use of your crypto assets by distributing buckets without having your bank shut down as the majority of banks that do not plan this particular step.

– Establishing an efficient legal structure , and creating enough wealthto be able to afford a power account as well as a financial and legal advisory team to implement the strategies for wealth preservation that the top one percent of people use, of people, thus reducing the chance of becoming ill as retirement draws closer.

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