Rob Lennon – AI Content Reactor
  • Rob Lennon – AI Content Reactor

Rob Lennon – AI Content Reactor

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Rob Lennon – AI Content Reactor

Use Breakthrough Techniques To Write And Create Authentic, Original Content At A Speed And Quality Level That No One Else Can Match.

A mind-blowing system to harness AI.Use breakthrough techniques to write and create authentic, original content at a speed and quality level that no one else can match. The ideas here are so powerful, when I first discovered the system, I became physically nauseous.

What You Get:

  • 1 hour of video — the materials in this course can be completed fast. Not because the info isn’t valuable. But because I’ve invested extra time into streamlining it for you.
  • No code — there’s nothing technical here. No training data models or writing code. Just follow a process, write in plain text, and you’re good. I show you how to do everything.
  • Multi-prompt cheatsheets — Get easy-to-copy text prompts to build out your own system. Just fill in the blanks or tweak to make it custom to you. It’s like MadLibs, but instead of a hilarious story, at the end you get content you can post and use.
  • Special Offer — While a lot of this system works with any GPT-based AI (both chat and non-chat), there is one tool that has a content model I really like. They’ve generously agreed to give a never-before-offered bonus to anyone who signs up for their free plan so you can fully explore that power for yourself. Requires an $8/month paid plan to access.


You’re a creator who…

  • Writes on similar topics often and needs new ideas
  • Needs tons of posts / scripts
  • Wants to cut research time by 95%
  • Wants to cut writing time by 85%
  • Wants to remain authentic and original and in control of the content

You’re a freelancer or content marketer who…

  • Writes articles, blogs, and newsletters
  • Wants to write at blazing speeds and yet have your AI assistant be undetectable

You’re an AI enthusiast who…

  • Has experimented with prompts and tools and sees potential
  • Is wary of the hype machine, and has a high bar for quality
  • Wants to use state-of-the-art prompt engineering without spending 100s of hours learning

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