Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard
  • Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard

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Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard – Instant Download!

Ready to launch your Day of Voxer offer?
Meet your implementation guide to create, launch and sell your Day of Voxer offer.

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer
Launch a Day of Voxer offer that will blow away your clients and beef up your wallet
– without spending more hours at your laptop!

Up for a little daydreaming? 💭
Get cozy and imagine…

  • Receiving dreamy testimonials from clients who turned into raving fans after exactly one day of working with you.
  • Getting paid almost $5,000 to create and refine your next offer – before you’re even selling it at full price!
  • And all of that while spending less time on your laptop or chained to your desk.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, that’s exactly what happened when I launched my Day of Voxer offer.

If you haven’t heard of Voxer before, I’m sure you’re wondering…

“What the heck is a Day of Voxer? What even is Voxer to begin with?”

Voxer is a nifty walkie-talkie type of app that allows you to exchange voice and text messages with someone else.

It’s been used in the online business world for a while, often as a little bonus thingie in coaching programs or a way to get quick answers and sanity checks.

So ya’know, it’s no wonder nobody paid much attention to it… until now 😎

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard

“I really love how compact the course is. I could go through it and start to implement it right away. It covered everything I needed to know, from what to do, how to promote it and how to fit it into different business models.”

Linda Ugelow – Transformational Speaking Coach for stage or camera

“I found the course very user friendly. As someone who often gets overwhelmed by tech – not through lack of technical understanding, but due to struggles with linear thinking and processes, I actually sailed through the set up elements and putting together a quick sales page. Seeing everything come to life so fast made it exciting and real and that made such a difference! If this had been a longer course or with more complex structure, I’m not sure I would have dived in to the same degree.”

Jo Hodson – Wellness coach, designer & plant-based foodie

Meet your Day of Voxer offer
On a Day of Voxer…

  • You hang out with clients on Voxer over the course of a day, typically digging deep to unravel whatever they’re struggling with.
  • You’re exchanging messages throughout the day, but not in a nonstop kind of way – so you both can go on with your days while getting meaningful work done.
  • You get time to mull over things between messages, so you’re always giving your clients your best input.
  • Your clients get time to mull over things between messages, so they can process your ideas and how they feel about them – making them more likely to follow through and become the stuff of testimonial dreams.

Admittedly, I came up with this Day of Voxer idea to solve a scheduling problem. You see… as a busy new mum of two (twoooo!) little girls, finding time to sit down for multiple calls a day is increasingly difficult.

But then, it turned out that I had stumbled upon something really good!

People were raving about their Days of Voxer on Facebook, celebrating massive wins and shifts, booking a bunch in one go, and sharing some of the most amazing testimonials I’ve ever received.

Not only that, but within 2 months of starting my Day of Voxer offer, I made almost $5,000 from it – still at beta price, and without the slightest hint of exhaustion 💅

It is truly magic. And of course, it started turning some heads in the online space:

“Ooo, how does it work? How do you sell it? I want to offer this too!”

And if you’re over there holding your seat, saying “yeeeees, Lizzy – how does it work? How do you sell it? I do want to offer this too!” – don’t worry.

I’ve got just the thing for you ⚡


Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer

Meet your implementation guide to create, launch and sell your Day of Voxer offer.

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer is a 4-module online course where I take you behind-the-scenes of my own Day of Voxer offer – from the logistical details to the exact plan I followed to make $5,000 to create and refine it.

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer is all action and no fluff. It’s designed so you know exactly what to do – and how – to get your Day of Voxer offer out there now. (Seriously, past students have booked their first Day of Voxer within 2 days of going through this course – makes me giddy 🙈)

Why the fuss over a Day of Voxer? 🤔
Well… I’ll let my Day of Voxer clients handle this one for me:

💬 “It’s the perfect container to work out my struggles! You have hours to process and talk through things, instead of squeezing it into a call or stretching over several months. So many kinks worked out, questions answered, insights illuminated!”

💬 “It was wonderful to feel supported for a whole day with big and little things. I booked two Days of Voxer and they were brilliant! This was so inspiring and I loved it so much that I have the idea to offer something similar to my audience.”

💬 “It’s hard to believe how much value is in short 3-7 minute audio messages. I’m not even finished with my day yet, but I’ve already got so many insights and tweaks that will help me.”

(Yep, that’s legit a testimonial I received half-way through a Day of Voxer!)

And that’s not all.

With my Day of Voxer offer, I’m not only able to give my clients this kind of game-changing experience, but I do that without being chained to my computer the whole day.

I’m able to be present for my clients and my life in a totes seamless way – which is what I need as a busy mum of two girls running an online business while juggling chronic fatigue!

A Day of Voxer Offer is a great fit if…

  • Your business has a coaching, consulting, or strategy component to it – no matter the nice.
  • Your audience has problems they need a plan to solve, support to unravel or an expert perspective to overcome.
  • You’re not currently offering coaching, consulting or strategy type work but you feel the pull to. A Day of Voxer offer is a great way to get started – certainly easier than launching a 3-month program, right?

A Day of Voxer Offer is not a great fit if…

  • You only offer (and only want to offer) done-for-you services – ya’know, where you actually implement stuff for people or hold their hand over screen sharing. That’s definitely clunky over Voxer.

Oh, you want real Day of Voxer examples?
I trawled through the dozens of offers my students have put out and…

  • They’re typically launching their Day of Voxer offers at between $97-$497.
  • Days range between 2 – 13 hours.
  • The diversity of industries people are successfully selling Day of Voxer in would make your mind boggle!

“I love how diverse the concept is and how well it fits with my lifestyle and the way my brain naturally works. I realise it wasn’t that I’d fallen out of love with certain aspects of my business, but that I’d fallen out of love with how I was delivering them… so this has been a game changer!”

Jo Hodson – Wellness coach, designer & plant-based foodie

“Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer is completely action oriented. Don’t worry, you won’t be wasting the first few weeks of the course doing exercises that you find in every other business course. You’re so supported between the lessons, tutorials, days of voxer, and the facebook group. You got this.

I love how practical you are Lizzy. I have been resistant to trialling offers in the past because it would have taken so much time and energy to do so. Your trial process in the course was so practical, empowering, and necessary. It gave me the momentum I needed, quickly.

Prior to this course I didn’t feel that I had any one thing that I could offer my clients over and over again. I really struggled to package my knowledge. From my initial days I now I realize how much of a health and wellness expert I truly am. This seems like the best offer for me because it is adaptable to the needs and availability of the client.”

Michelle Stevens – My Body, My Queen

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside
Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer:

Module 1 – Day of Voxer 101

  • What exactly a Day of Voxer offer is and how it works – also, why Voxer to begin with?
  • Why a Day of Voxer offer is a thousand times more effective (and magical!) than typical “Voxer Access”
  • What kinds of work or topics are a great fit for a Day of Voxer offer – anddd what topics aren’t
  • How available to be during a Day of Voxer, and how to prepare your schedule for them

Module 2 – Setting up Your Day of Voxer Offer

  • The start-to-finish logistics that go into offering Day of Voxer in your business
  • Setting up your scheduling platform and reminder emails to provide a seamless experience to your clients
  • What is Voxer’s $3.99 paid plan, and when do you actually need it
  • Preparing yourself and your clients for their Day of Voxer to make it a magical, game-changing session

Module 3 – Rocking a Day of Voxer

  • My favorite strategies to ensure your Day of Voxer runs smoothly and efficiently, including conversation prompts
  • Maintaining your boundaries with pushy clients – after all, this isn’t a day-long call with you!
  • Handling tricky situations like tech troubles, misunderstandings, and unexpected stuff coming up in your day
  • Managing different time zones efficiently – including examples from real-life sessions in 3 different time zones!
  • What to do when the conversation gets off-topic or messy, so this is 100% a productive experience
  • The best way to follow up after a Day of Voxer session to get solid feedback and amazing testimonials – example copy included!

Module 4 – Launching your Day of Voxer Offer

  • My 3-step system to test, refine, and launch your Day of Voxer offer successfully – and profitably 💰
  • How to promote your Day of Voxer offer while you’re testing and refining it – including copy examples from my own promotion!
  • Pricing your Day of Voxer offer in a way that feels good and brings in the $$$
  • Creative ways to sell more of your Day of Voxer offer once it’s up and running

Bonus Module: Day of Voxer Tech Tutorials

Hey – I know the tech part is often the most intimidating. And truly, this Day of Voxer situation is too good to miss on because of tech fears.

Voxer tutorials
Super quick tutorials teaching you how to send messages, connect with your clients, and use it on both your phone and browser.

Scheduling tutorials
Everything you need to collect payments, book sessions, collect intake information, and email clients – using AcuityScheduling, Calendly, Dubsado, Book Like A Boss or MeetFox.

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard

Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer By Elizabeth Goddard